George Paton: Drew Lock does have all the traits you look for in a quarterback

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If and when the Texans decide to entertain trade offers for Deshaun Watson, the Broncos are expected to be one of the teams who will pursue the quarterback.

But until that time, Denver has Drew Lock — a quarterback who just finished an up-and-down 2020. A second-round pick in 2019, Lock completed just 57.3 percent of his passes for 2,933 yards with 16 touchdowns. He ended the year with 15 interceptions — tied with Carson Wentz for the league lead.

When General Manager George Paton was hired in January, he said he needed time to properly evaluate Lock. Now that he’s had it, Paton sounded like most when discussing the young QB.

“Very talented, was inconsistent at times, has a lot to work on,” Paton said during his Thursday press conference. “But I’ve spoken with Drew, I see him every day. He’s here early. He’s working. He really wants to be great. And we’re always going to try to bring in competition at every position, and quarterback as well. But I like the track that Drew’s on.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but it also isn’t, “He’s our quarterback at this moment.”

Paton went on to say that there’s plenty he hasn’t been able to evaluate from Lock because he hasn’t watched the QB play a live game.

“You like to see them in critical situations. You like to see the accuracy. How is he with his teammates? What’s the leadership like?” Paton said. “There’s so much involved when evaluating the quarterback. So I look forward to evaluating Drew further in person. But he does have all the traits you look for in a quarterback.”

Lock has shown promise at times, particularly when he threw for 309 yards and three touchdowns in an upset 38-24 victory over the Texans as a rookie. And then he tossed four touchdowns in a 32-27 victory over Carolina in 2020.

But as Paton said, Lock has to be more consistent to settle in as Denver’s franchise quarterback.

5 responses to “George Paton: Drew Lock does have all the traits you look for in a quarterback

  1. I don’t know George. Have you seen him dance?

    I was embarrased for him when he did that sad little jig last year in the endzone. It was worse than Elaine and her “little kicks.”

  2. Only one full season with limited off-season due to covid is not enough to bail and pay a ton of cap on a me first qb that quits on his team.

  3. Not sure why watching the tape or maybe just asking the coach is not an option. Plenty of information available to assess his performance. Stats – weak. Shows up early – great, but normally that translates into better performance. Is that taking him from way below average to below average? He is often injured because he is not enough to protect himself at quarterback either by getting into right play, protection calls, or getting the ball out to avoid sack.

  4. Football is a team game. He could be better if he didn’t have to run for his life so often, I say fix the right side of the line and he’ll get better. Also the receivers have to hang on to the ball. Too many drops and no Courland Sutton.

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