Joe Douglas: You get to where great teams are through the draft

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One of the storylines that the NFL world is watching this offseason is quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s push to be traded from the Texans.

The Jets are one of the teams frequently mentioned as a place Watson could wind up because they have cap space, four first-round picks over the next two drafts, and a need for a clear franchise quarterback to lead their offense. General Manager Joe Douglas can’t comment directly on Watson, but he did field a question about trading draft capital for a veteran player at his Wednesday press conference.

“Obviously we have a lot of different scenarios and a lot of different rabbit holes we can go down,” Douglas said. “Not to get so much into a hypothetical question, but I just go back to the same thing I said before about our philosophy. Ultimately for us to get to where the great teams are, the most consistent teams are, you do that through the draft. It’s the most team friendly market in sports. For us to really be that team that’s consistently competing for Super Bowls, we have to hit on our draft picks.”

As Douglas noted, it was a hypothetical question and the answer is one that most, if not all, General Managers would give when asked about trading high-value picks for players. Watson may be a player that is he exception to Douglas’ general rule, but the Texans will have to start answering calls about the quarterback to know if that’s the case.

7 responses to “Joe Douglas: You get to where great teams are through the draft

  1. Truly is refreshing to hear a great football mind not show his cards and allow the media to constantly speculate. The Jets have been plagued with media leaks and numerous toxic articles for many years.

    Joe Douglas has stepped up and kaboshed all of that noise and in my opinion, already has began to elevate the Jets to becoming credible. With all that said, I give Watson a 5% chance of happening, too many holes on this team to go all in on one person. Joe won’t make a deal that isn’t beneficial to his team.

  2. Yes. Just don’t draft another QB in the first round and expect him to fill all the holes on your team. It doesn’t work that way.

  3. Great to hear! Douglass is exactly right. If you want to envision Watson on the Jets next year, just watch a replay of the Superbowl and replace Maholmes with Watson. Poor guy would be running for his life, getting hit on every pass play, only to maybe, make the Jets a 500 team.

    Instead, draft the T from Oregon. Pick up the best Guard available in free agency. Draft top TE available or get best one available in FA. Pick up the best RB coming out of the backfield for outlet passes.

    In short, build the best O line in the NFL for the next 10 years. Your 1/2 way there with Becton. Solidfy with Oregon T. Give Darnold good mid-range receivers with plenty of outlets with good ball catching RB’s. Primarily run the ball behind that O line. Ball control and eating clock with the run game will take lot of pressure off Darnold. Focus on offense this year. D wasn’t bad last season and Saleh will be a big help without even upgrading players. Build D next year.

    Big things down the road for the Jets but it all starts with the O Line.

  4. If the Jets drafted Josh Allen they wouldn’t need Watson… And that’s why the Bills are finally competing again and the Jets are still looking for a QB.

  5. Trading 3+ first round picks for Watson would definitely give the Jets more wins over the next year, but they’re more likely to get more wins over the next 10 years by using those picks themselves. JD has job security, so I’m guessing he’s thinking long-term

  6. You can’t build a team around Watson if you don’t have the $$ because you spent it all on him. Build with a new draft QB and get an offensive line that is worth a damn for a change. Or keep Darnold without an extension and build!

  7. Well Joe, you’re on the clock because looking at Jets history, they’ve really never built a team through the draft…maybe a couple of players here and there, but to build a competitive team? Not that I recall.

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