Mike Mayock: We would love to have Nelson Agholor back

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After what finished as a rocky tenure with the Eagles, Nelson Agholor found a home in 2020 with the Raiders.

Agholor caught 48 passes for a career-high 896 yards with eight touchdowns. He averaged 11.2 yards per reception in five seasons with the Eagles, and that mark went up to 18.7 with Las Vegas.

The wide receiver is slated to become a free agent in a couple weeks, as his one-year deal is over. But General Manager Mike Mayock extolled Agholor on Wednesday, making it clear he’d like the wide receiver to return.

“Nelly’s one of my favorite people in the whole world,” Mayock said in his press conference. “When I lived in Philadelphia, I did the Eagles preseason games and Nelly was an Eagle. I was familiar with his work ethic and appreciated him back then. What he brought to the Raiders last year was off the charts. He brought a work ethic, a toughness, he brought the young guys along with him, and he brought productivity and trust with our quarterback.

“So all of those things he brought, we don’t want to lose. We’d love to have Nelly back. That’s a guy that I can’t tell you how much appreciation I have for.”

Agholor did reportedly tell his teammates they sucked after the club suffered a stunning loss to the Dolphins in Week 16, so it’s yet to be determined how much Agholor would like to return to Las Vegas.

Still, he was undoubtedly productive for the Raiders in their first season in Southern Nevada, which means a reunion could make plenty of sense.

11 responses to “Mike Mayock: We would love to have Nelson Agholor back

  1. Best WR DEAL EVER! Raiders got him on the rebound. I doubt they’ll pay him but if they don’t….come back to Philly?

    Cris Carter needed to be kicked outta town to get his $#*+ together.

    Maybe wr 2.0 story is a happy reunion?

  2. His heart is set on Vegas! He sees the table turning in the AFC west and wants to be a part of it! Welcome back to Raider Nation Nelson.

  3. It would be smart for him to go back to the Raiders. He works in their system, has a good rapport with Carr, and is his best chance for success. No reason to go to another team where his stats may decrease greatly.

  4. I for one would much rather have Nelson and his tough love leadership back on a fair deal than give big money to a guy like Ju-Ju, who’s turning into a look at me dancing diva!

  5. It would foolish to let him go. He was a bona fide deep threat for us and obviously had great rapport with Carr. We can never have too many weapons on offense.

  6. Teams have no trouble picking up good wide receivers at bargain prices. They’re a dime a dozen.

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