NFL schedule release will happen later than ever this year

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Last year, the NFL released the regular-season schedule on May 7. This year, it’ll happen even later than that.

Via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, the NFL says that it currently is targeting the second week of May for the 2021 schedule release. As Fischer notes, that would make it the latest schedule release in league history.

The delay traces to the creation of a 17-game season — and uncertainties regarding attendance in the second year post-pandemic.

The NFL and its teams are optimistic that stadiums will be full this year. Political realities in some states could complicate that objective. Regardless, as the vaccines are distributed and (hopefully) as responsible and considerate mask wearing continues, the infections and illnesses will continue to subside.

The league’s schedule release typically dominates all sports news, even though the basic “who” and “where” of the schedule is known. The addition of the “when” becomes fascinating for football fans everywhere. We now roughly know when the “when” will come.

10 responses to “NFL schedule release will happen later than ever this year

  1. Has anyone thought to check with Russel Wilson to make sure he’s okay with this?

  2. Political realities in some states could complicate that objective.
    See, even Florio admits Covid protocols are based on political whims.

  3. The 17 game schedule is brought to you on behalf of a bunch a callous billionaire owners who greedily want still more money, secure in the knowledge that CTE will never visit them or their family. It is deplorable.

  4. If wearing a mask and vaccinations were actually helping, why are multiple states with the most people wearing the masks seeing no changes at all? Look at California, Illinois, and New York. It looks like Florida and Texas had it correct all along.

  5. Oh good I was hoping to see multiple scientifically unsupported claims about the virus in the first few comments. PFT commenters, you never fail.

  6. I already know who the Packers are playing during the 2021 regular season. The big release of days and times the games will be played is overrated and done for TV ratings.

    All I know is that the draft starts on April 29th and that will not change. That is the only important news so far this offseason.

  7. We all already know what teams we play. I just need to know what channel and time the games are on and I can wait for that. No rush.

    I’ll be on my driveway or couch as usual. No lines, over priced seats/food/beverages, or need for a mask.

    Go Bears!

  8. Still holding out hope that it’s because the 17 game season will fall through.

  9. But the Raiders will still have the toughest schedule in football like every other year.

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