Ravens to propose revolutionary “spot and choose” overtime procedure

San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens
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The overtime rules are poised for a potential shakeup far more intriguing than a simple reversion to true sudden death.

Per multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, the Ravens will be proposing a pair of overtime procedures premised on the concept of “spot and choose.”

It works like this: One team picks the spot of the ball to start overtime, and the other team chooses whether to play offense or defense.

If the one team picks, for example, the offense’s own 20 yard line, the opponent would then choose whether to play offense from their own 20 or to play defense, with the other team having the ball on its own 20. This would minimize greatly the impact of the coin toss; under this proposal, the coin toss would be used only to give the team that wins the toss the right to pick the spot of the ball (along with the end zone to be defended) or to choose offense or defense.

Under one of the two proposals to be made by the Ravens, overtime would proceed in sudden-death fashion, with the first score by either team ending the game and up to 10 minutes of extra time. (If the game remains tied at that point, the game’s outcome would be a tie.) Under the other proposal (favored, we’re told, by Patriots coach Bill Belichick), the game would continue for another seven minutes and 30 seconds, without a sudden-death component. Whoever leads after the extra time has ended would be the winner. (Again, if the game remains tied after the extra session, the game’s outcome would be a tie.)

As one source involved in the development of the proposal pointed out to PFT, it actually traces to an idea articulated in 2003 by our own Michael David Smith, who at the time wrote for FootballOutsiders.com.

It’s believed that the break-even point would be the 13 yard line. For the 14 or beyond, the team choosing offense or defense will be more likely to take the ball. For the 12 or closer, the team choosing offense or defense will be more likely to opt to defend. Obviously, however, the final decision will hinge on a variety of factors, regarding offensive and defensive personnel, weather conditions, range and accuracy of the kickers on both teams, etc.

Regardless, the “spot and choose” approach replaces chance with strategy. One team picks where the first drive in overtime begins, and the other team picks whether it will take the ball or give the ball to the other team. It’s a fascinating wrinkle that would truly revolutionize overtime and — more importantly — make it fair to both teams.

Like all rules proposals, 23 other teams will have to agree with the Ravens before the rule changes. Count us as being in favor of the approach.

134 responses to “Ravens to propose revolutionary “spot and choose” overtime procedure

  1. Why a coin toss? Let the home team start overtime with the ball or choose to defend.

  2. True sudden death worked for years. There was no need to change it, until the ‘fairness’ culture took over. In fact, two of the greatest games of all time were true sudden death and lasted into a second sudden death quarter – the 1977 Raiders at Colts Divisional playoff won by the Raiders on a Stabler TD pass in the sixth quarter (the “Ghost to the Post’ game, and the 1971 Dolphins vs Chiefs Divisional playoff, won on a Miami FG in the sixth quartet)

  3. How about a tug of war from the 50 yard line with all 22 starters? That’d get more kids watching football.

  4. Give both teams the ball, 1st and goal at the opponent’s 20. You have to go for 2 if you score a touchdown. They’re making this too complicated.

  5. How about this. No overtime.. in the event of a tie during regulation. The home team wins.

  6. Stop the unnecessary rule augmentations Unless we go back to first point wins SUDDEN DEATH

    Do you see what happens when non-football people are in charge of the game? You get FINES for untucked shirts, suspensions for air pressure and equal rights overtime

    The defense gets paid too.

  7. Special Teams…eta for death ?

    Put every special teams coach and all the players who make the roster on notice.

    Participation trophies for having possession of the football…

    Safety is important, changing the game and losing a major transition moment isn’t worth these ticky tack troubles.

  8. Unless you’re a defensive powerhouse, wouldn’t every coach pick to be on offense regardless of placement of the ball?

    Think Andy Reid doesn’t trust Mahomes starting the drive at his 1 yard line on first and 10?

    If you want chaos and nonstop action.. Both offenses go against both defenses starting at the opposing 40 yard line AT THE SAME TIME. First team to score the 6 points wins. Action on both sides of the field.

  9. Too much thinking and things a coach could be criticized for and get fired over. Won’t happen. Much easier to “blame” the toss of a coin.

  10. College rules. It’s extra ad revenue after each OT. Why isn’t this a consideration?

  11. Why not adopt college football’s overtime process? Exciting, fair, and usually over fairly quickly.

  12. This is technically what overtime is supposed to be. Overtime is a continuation of play. Not a new kickoff or anything like that. Just continue play. I wouldn’t have thought of this as a fair way to do it but it works. Sorta sucks to have to be the team to ante up and say we’ll take the old pigskin at the 10, we don’t care.

  13. I don’t mind the spot-and-choose method. It would make for some drama yet still end OT in a fair way. And essentially, it is just a continuation of play with a twist.

  14. Well if we’re going simple then just flip a coin to decide the winner. No ties.

  15. Belichick proposed the change in extra point rule and it has proved to be an improvement.

    I trust Belichick to maintain the integrity of the game, respect its history, and propose common sense changes.

    The Ravens proposal has its roots in a financial provision called the “buy/sell” which settles disputes between partners by allowing one partner to offer buyout terms that the other partner can choose to either except or be a buyer at those same terms. It is a simple dispute resolution (but not as simple as it appears on its face because one side can exploit conditions favorable to it. In business, lack if liquidity would be an example).

    Belichick simply suggests an OT of half a quarter in time. It doesn’t allow the 4th quarter to be extended so it is similar to halftime in that regard. No gimmicks. Just football under time pressure.

  16. Just eliminate overtime completely in the regular season. Towards the end of regulation, coaches are forced to decide to win or tie so the decision becomes more strategic whereas in the old boring way coaches just play it safe and go to OT. And we don’t have to reinvent gimmicky rules so far removed from the normal game. Just say NO to overtime and accept the consequences.

    In the playoff, just play it like an extension of regulation in sudden death until a winning score. No coin toss needed. And no whining!

  17. Gimmick! The perfect overtime scenario is starring them in the face and usually happens several times every Saturday in the fall

  18. The nfl will fail in the next decade. Between the greed and unnecessary rule changes no one wants, this league is in its last days.

  19. How about just kick the ball after the coin toss and play a 15 minute period and see who is leading after it. You know, KEEP PLAYING. But I also like sudden death.

  20. Why don’t they just start with a 35 yard field goal by both kickers and work back. 5 yards at a time. First one to miss, that team loses. Puts a premium on kickers, keeps the actual players off the field and reduces injuries. And it would be exciting as hell. Kind of like a shootout in hockey.

  21. Just take out the rule that says game over with an offensive touchdown. Still end the game with a defensive or special teams touchdown but try this: Give each team a possession in overtime.. Each team gets one possession which starts from their own 35. If they get to fourth down, they must go for it, with the other team starting at their own 35 if they fail to pick up first down. After each team has a possession, the next period would start with each teams kicker having uncontested FG attempts starting at 40-yds (snap and hold only). Whoever makes the longest FG gets the ball on a kickoff and it’s sudden death from that point .

  22. In a league of parody, the Patriots and Tommy were wining too much, whining Harbaugh and then ‘the Chiefs never touched the ball in OT’ broke the camels back 2 years ago. Whining insisted.

    This wasn’t complicated for 50 years and still isn’t today. Leave it alone

  23. Just play an extra period like baseball and bball please. This sounds like an XFL move.

  24. I got an idea you heard it here 1st. Do like hockey does which by far is the best of any professional sports but with this difference. 10 minute overtime not sudden death, if the teams are tied after it is a tie. But teams play 7 on 7. In hockey by far the most exciting part of the game is 3 on 3 in overtime. I know this is weird but it wold be fun to watch.

  25. Disaster waiting to happen. Can’t wait for a team to accidentally place the ball somewhere or miss word where they want the ball and then it’ll turn into a huge thing. It will happen, what hasn’t in the NFL.

  26. Gimmick idea suggested by a gimmick offense. Ravens would be better served focusing on improving the design and execution of their passing game.

  27. The overtime coin toss winner wins 52.7% of the time as you pointed out in a 2019 article. Is it really necessary to insert this junk gimmick to fix a problem that doesn’t exist?

    Seriously, if the winning percentage was high like in the 60%+ range then sure, that’s an issue. But 52.7%-47.3% is as close to “fairness” as you’ll get.

  28. Th OT is fine. If you don’t want them to score on the first possession then stop them. Defense is a major part of the game.

  29. how about instead
    both head coaches meet at midfield
    and do Rock-Paper-Scissors
    best of 3

  30. Before criticizing any proposal we should all appreciate the fact that the NFL is not immutable. They are always looking for ways to improve the game.

  31. This is at best lame and should never even be considered. The statements that overtime is a continuation of play are true, but the actual game clock has expired with neither team a declared winner. You should then begin a second game with all the same rules as the first game and the first to score wins. That was the original idea behind overtime back in the 40’s on up to the late 80’s.

    The coin toss is still a fair and acceptable method of deciding who gets the ball first in overtime(or second game). Just as it is at the start of the game. To throw in home team as having a choice first aspect is also lame.

    Sudden death rules only changed in the last 30 years due to the field goal kickers being able to kick much further and more accurate than in the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s. When straight line up kicking was the norm and not soccer style. So I understand those rule changes because the players got better at kicking and everyone was crying “we didn’t even get a chance at with the ball. so then they changed the rules so both teams got a touch, and if they didn’t score…. you then went back to the good old normal old fashion overtime rules…. sudden death!!

    Any more changes will just water down a game that has morphed into a lighter hitting, less violent and a higher focus on skilled players.

    Leave it be…..please for the sake of the real game of football… don’t change the overtime rules any more than they already have been… so says an old timer…

  32. What, no extra bonus point for a kick off through the uprights?

    The 7:30 seconds of extra time played by the exact same rules as the rest of the game is the only logical thing to do. Everything else is a ridiculous gimmick.

  33. Just continue the game where the ball is when the 4th quarter clock runs out. Play an additional 10 minutes or the game ends after each team possessed the ball once, if one team scored. You would eliminate the kneeing down by a team who wants to go to overtime. There would be an added strategy for when an offense has a fourth down just outside FG range with under 10 seconds to go in the game. Would you go for the first down (to get in FG range), punt, or try a Hail Mary, knowing the ball will be turned over at that spot if you don’t make it or failed Hail Mary. Or do you punt your opponent deep in their territory to start the overtime.

  34. Football is already a game with so many obscure rules that it’s hard to understand even if you watch it all your life. Wedge blocking rules, helmet to helmet tackling rules, legal chop-block rules, etc., and those are before the interpretation rules. (e.g., what’s a “legal catch?”)

  35. Why are the Ravens even invited to these meetings… seriously they have nothing to offer and do not even know the current rule book, never mind suggesting silly rule changes like this….

  36. So… the Bills finally get a few playoff games under their belt after decades of ending the season in December and they finally get a taste of what wining teams have been going through year after year…. suk it up buttercup, when you’re good your coaches get hired away. Other teams, especially one right in your division, have had to deal with this every year for decades.

  37. This is asinine. The college model is a thousand times better than this lame brain idea. But in the spirit of expediency why don’t we just go straight to penalty kicks? And injury time – we definitely need injury time! While we’re making changes to sports, forget putting a man on second in extra innings. HOME RUN DERBY!!!!!

  38. It truly sounds like one of the worst ideas in the history of bad NFL ideas.

  39. Man the NFL over thinks things. There is a great model on how to do this well in college football now! The NFL would be even better with their model, let’s go!

  40. Can we go back to the old days and play another quarter no matter who scores. Winner at end of quarter.

  41. what i’ve never understood. why not just continue from where the ball or situation was in the fourth period. the difference would be the first team that scores in 5th period wins

  42. harbaugh, way to make a mockery of the sport, that’s not football- akin to 3 skaters in OT in the NHL- exciting? yes, anything to do with real hockey? no– or the new baseball proposal to start extra innings with a runner on second- -oh, don’t worry, you don’t have to earn it, we’ll give you a leg up, just dumb, if you want to make a new sport up fine, like that movie base-ketball, but can we leave the sports we love alone and stop making them worse please?

  43. Gimmicky, unnecessary, and seems susceptible to something teams would game to their advantage and win cheaply. Leave it as-is.

  44. If the break even yard line is the 14, doesn’t this simply reinstall the old sudden death rule with teams starting at their own 14 instead of the 20 yard line (typical starting field position)?

  45. I love my ravens but this is dumb idea. I’ll take it on the 20, the other team says I’ll take offense, takes a knee on 3 straight snaps and kicks field goal to win.

  46. I would rather see the game end in a tie then resort to this level of nonsense.

  47. Ravens : “We have another proposition. To win a game in regular time, a QB must have run 80 yards by the end of the 3rd quarter.”

    They don’t know the rule book, they always propose dumb ideas… and I’m pretty sure they would not have propose this overtime rule with Flacco as a QB.

  48. Imagine running a successful business for 100 years and people still had the audacity to try and tell you how to run it.

  49. Old rich owners wanna squeeze every penny out of the peasants before the Mint gets demolished.

    I love football but billionaires complaining & bargaining for better financial situations ( which the NFL is nothing to them since they have a team as a toy of their own) is crazy. Sell those sponsorships and overtime commercials…

    Stop trying to tweak the game for a better profit margin. Cheapens the game

    You dilute a product, people stop buying it.

  50. I think what we all want is a resolution that seems fair and feels like it fits into the game. To me, growing up, there was nothing more anticlimactic than OT where a team got a couple of first downs and kicked a FG to win.

    My main problem with sudden death, though, is that one bad defensive pass interference call can decide the game.

    I think the current system is fine. I also like the college OT system which is very exciting and is actual football – I don’t understand why so many are against it. I know that the NFL takes itself far too seriously, but college OT would be a lot of fun. Maybe start them at the 45 or 50, move them back a bit, whatever.

  51. That’s just stupid. It will end up being the same decision by every team every time. OT is as good as it can be the way it is, though a touchdown shouldn’t be sudden death. Each team should get at least one turn on offense no matter what.

  52. Why would you want OT with totally different rules from the game rules? That’s nuts. The Belichick proposal makes the most sense. If you’re tied in regulation, you keep playing for 7-1/2 minutes using the same rules. No sudden death; whatever the score is at the end of the extra half period is it. Clean, quick (relatively), simple and “fair,” since fairness seems to be the drumbeat of everybody who wants to change the current OT rule.

  53. How about a potato sack race by the team captains? Sounds just as dumb.

  54. domefieldadvantage says:
    March 4, 2021 at 12:33 am
    True sudden death worked for years. There was no need to change it, until the ‘fairness’ culture took over. In fact, two of the greatest games of all time were true sudden death and lasted into a second sudden death quarter – the 1977 Raiders at Colts Divisional playoff won by the Raiders on a Stabler TD pass in the sixth quarter (the “Ghost to the Post’ game, and the 1971 Dolphins vs Chiefs Divisional playoff, won on a Miami FG in the sixth quartet)

    Actually there is no ‘fairness’ culture. You will notice that the teams that want to change the rules tend to be the ones that came in second best. They can blame themselves or they can blame the set of rules that applied equally to both sides from the moment the game started 0-0. And then you realize that these folks running around crying for ‘‘fairness’ are really just sore losers looking for an angle other than the truth to explain their failure.

  55. I’m intrigued, but I think the article is missing a key detail. Can the team picking the spot of the ball select any yard line, on either side of the 50? Or is the offense required to go 50+ (meaning if you pick the yard line, it is assumed the team will be starting from its own end)?

  56. Why not have each team pick a champion and have the opposing champions battle mano y mano to the death, no rules other than no weapons?

    Kidding aside, I agree in principle with the old school sudden death format, except that the rules nowadays favor the offense so much that one can’t help but come away from an OT first possession FG win feeling p hollow and anticlimactic. It’s not in the ideal spirit of competition. I do like the ravens proposal and think it’d be compelling. Also fine with the current format fwiw

  57. Intriguing. But it also feels a little “circusy”. I simply like the college OT rules. First, each team gets the ball at the same spot. Second, its quicker so players aren’t playing a full extra quarter. Third, instead of the 2 point conversion during OT number 3, make 2 point conversions mandatory. No xtra points. Heck, you could even make the rule no FG’s allowed. But then we are getting back to the circus type rules.

  58. Going with Bill on this one. Hands down. The problem with sudden death is for me easy – luck of the draw. The kicking game might be shady sometimes but when I grew up a 50 burger was a sight to behold. Now you’re expected to hit them. Softer defensive rules making QBs and WRs looking all world…no. If you could justify the injury risk I’d go 10 mins or even a full quarter.

  59. Definitely some of the dumber ideas I’ve ever heard in football. Terrible.

    They already found the best system, they have it now. It’s fair, it involves risk, it doesn’t reward teams for not winning in regulation.

  60. I’d like to propose an Oklahoma drill from the one yard line. You score you win, you don’t then you lose. No more ties

  61. The main problem with OT is that teams don’t go for the win enough in regulation. Maybe after one OT period you do “kicks.” Team A kicks first at any spot on the field.

  62. It doesn’t matter what comments from the fans on what they want, they’re going to do what they want…let’s face it.

  63. The first proposal is unnecessarily complicated. I’m not sure the OT rules even need to be changed, but if they are going to change them the second proposal seems to focus more on football than some convoluted OT rules.

  64. I recommend changing the overtime procedure to using the kickers to decide the outcome. Start from a predetermined yard line and give each team a kick attempt with the defense able to try to block it. If each kicker is successful keep moving the yard line back until one kicker misses and the other is successful. This would create a new excitement and put a new importance on a good kicker.

  65. I like the college method to be honest! Action packed, and colleges have been testing it out for the NFL for years to see if it works… fair for both teams! Kinda like a shoot out in the NHL…

  66. The problem with sudden death is for me easy – luck of the draw.

    Can’t play defense? You deserve to lose. Period. End of story.

  67. What exactly is the argument against this? The only one I’ve seen is that the offense will take the field every time. Even if that were true (I don’t think it is), that’s what happens with the current kickoff rule. So wouldn’t it be more fair to back the offense up more? What am I missing?

    If this were a team other than the Ravens that proposed it, would everyone have the same adverse reaction?

  68. I think it should be an untimed qtr, start from the red zone, then it goes like college. First team kicks FG, second team scores TD, second team wins. Scoring becomes quicker and both teams get a chance

  69. I personally have always felt that ties shouldn’t exist in the NFL. If neither team can score enough points in five quarters of a regular season game, both teams should earn an automatic loss. This will force more aggressive play calls in overtime.

  70. Keep it the same but remove FGs from OT. 4th and 20 in FG range? Tough luck. Better find that jet sweep into a reverse into a flea flicker play deep in the play book and get your 21 or the game is over for you.

  71. J imagine explaining this weird spot and choose idea to somebody who wasn’t familiar with football and having them inevitably ask why they just don’t flip the coin again and play regular.

  72. Just imagine explaining this weird spot and choose idea to somebody who wasn’t familiar with football and having them inevitably ask why they just don’t flip the coin again and play regular.

  73. It’s insane how convoluted and straight up dumb this entire convo is. If it’s tied at the end of regulation, just keep playing a bit more. End of issue.

  74. I prefer to eliminate the coin toss, which is still required under Spot-Choice.

    Ball should go to team with most bad officiating calls against.

    If you want absolute “fairness,” then make it a free-throw, ahem, free-kick contest as in REAL footbal [American soccer]. Simultaneous, split screen.

  75. I love that if there’s anything with one ounce of strategy introduced everyone screams about it

  76. How about this? If its tied at the end of Regulation, NO OT. It goes into the books as a Tie. Takes politics and injury out of play

  77. RAVENS: “Our kicker isn’t good enough to put the ball inside the 10, if we lose the toss.”

  78. Change the onside kick rules to allow a 33% recovery rate, then see how many coin-toss-losers go for it.

  79. I hate to admit it but I like Belichick’s idea. Simple football without crazy complicated rules though I would add an extra OT if need be instead of just one. If his idea can’t be agreed on then I’d go with the college rules. That is exciting and fans love it

  80. I see comments like “defense is part of the game” and “defenses get paid too” and I agree. The defenses should earn their paycheck and play the game.

  81. Penalty kick shootout. Start at 30 yards, then move it back to the 40, then the 50…or have the team cheerleaders battle it out in a mudpit. Ratings will be huge.

  82. This proposal is like that old Friends episode where Joey had a game where you made up the rules as you went along and nobody could understand it.

  83. Seahawkcritique, you are just saying that, because you have Jason Meyers. No, what they should do is make it a drop-kick contest. Bring it back!

  84. If you’re tied after four quarters the game ends in a tie. Since ties are still possible after an OT what’s the point of even having one? Just throw out OTs all together.

  85. The idea is to draw interest to the sport. The nfl has been seeing a major decline in viewership over the past several years. They will probably do something this off-season to get people to tune in early and hope people stay tuned in. I doubt it will work. The nfl has lost too much of its die hard base and replacing them with the casual fan is a futile move. Ask Nascar how that worked out for them.

  86. Well, Duh, everyone is going to start on the 50, which is just a first down from field goal range for some kickers. Dumb idea!

  87. That is what my kids do when they want to share the last cookie, one will cut and the other chooses the piece they want

  88. For those who say “this is too complicated” this is really SIMPLE. It is simpler rules than deferring. The strategy is more complicated, but that is what makes football great. The game is still offense vs. defense. Team 1 calls toss, team 2 wins toss and says “10”, Team 1 says “defense”… good luck gentlemen, may the best TEAM win. First team to score wins. EASY

  89. People saying just continue the game as is from the 4th quarter are not understanding that doing so will totally eliminate the excitement at the end of a game when the score is tied. There would be no urgency whatsoever for the team with the ball. You wouldn’t have to throw. Lots of runs. More clock bleeding. Horrible idea.

  90. Overtime is horrible, this sounds way more entertaining. After all, it is supposed to be entertainment. Squash the dinosaurs and bring in some new thinking.

  91. Put the starting QBs on the 50 yard-line, and have them taking sudden death turns throwing it between the goal posts. You better sure your quarterback has a strong arm, is accurate, and doesn’t allow wind/rain/weather to screw up their throw!

  92. Every overtime would start with the team losing the toss getting it at the 50 then

  93. Tie after regulation and a random fan chooses the winner. If you don’t like that, then I’ll do it.

  94. Do it like basketball and just play another period. If it’s still a tie after the 5th period, call it a tie.

  95. Playing a non-sudden death extra period for 7.5 or 10 minutes sounds best to me, though the current system is fine in my opinion.

    The Ravens’ suggestion is horrible.

    Someone (maybe multiple people) suggested field goals of increasing distances until one team misses. I wouldn’t do that for anything more than a replacement for the coin toss. Using that to decide a game would be as awful as penalty kicks in soccer or shootouts in hockey in that you’re deciding the game by not playing the game. At least the college system (though I’d start at the 50 instead) is still playing football for the most part.

  96. Among the current rule, the Raven’s proposal, Belichick’s proposal, and the NCAA approach. the NCAA approach seems the fairest and the most entertaining. It also stays true to the play of the sport without becoming gimmicky. Of course the other two obvious OT choices are no overtime, or playoff overtime.

  97. This is not hard..

    **Team with better record or % gets choice to receive or defend..like always choose to receive
    **Eliminates coin flip
    **Rewards the team with the better record and reduces chance
    **FG does not win it, other team gets chance to respond if FG kicked
    **If Team 1 scores a TD game over as it stands now.

    In the event of same record or winnng % then invoke the coin to start OT.

  98. Sounds like they feel Lamar Jackson can throw for 5 and then run for 15 to win lol

  99. I think the winner of a 3-legged race should get the ball to start overtime…and the winner of water balloon toss should get to choose which direction to kick.

  100. I prefer a Rube Goldberg machine set of several things that must occur in order to win in overtime. Maybe the ball must bounce off the left, then right, then base bar on the field goal post for a field goal to count.

  101. Neither offering would stop the whining, sulking and mewling about fairness. I like the current way. Keep the opponent from scoring a touchdown and play on. Defense counts too.

    If you want to get rid of the coin toss, when OT comes, give the ball to the team that did not have the ball at the end of regulation. That alone would create some excitement at the end of tied games.

  102. No matter what they come up with it will still have whatever team that comes in second best complaining that its not a fair system.

  103. Option 1:
    How about you have a coin toss to see who goes first- no decline.
    Then each team kicks 4 field goals for downs/attempts 1-2-3-4 from the 50.
    If you kick 3 and the other team kicks 4 – you lose.
    If one team kicks 4 in a row, you have to kick 3 in a row, you can attempt to tie (so the game ends in a tie) or opt to try for a TD from the 20 to automatically win.
    If both teams miss more than 1 field goal, the final score is the final score- win lose or tie. NO timeouts- no icing-no special anything for rain, sun or snow, wind blows ball off the tee-that’s the breaks-no dice no do-overs etc.
    Game over in 8 OT plays -ether way. that’s 35-45 seconds per play-plus referees time to set the ball-blow whistle. 8 minutes tops.
    Option 2: Each coach has to eat 4 big macs, whoever finishes first wins.

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