Saints create more cap space with Wil Lutz contract restructure

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears
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The cap-strapped Saints have created some space by restructuring kicker Wil Lutz‘s deal.

Lutz, who has three years remaining on his current deal, converted most of his base salary into signing bonus to save $1.74 million in cap space this season, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

That means Lutz will count more against the cap in future years, but the Saints will worry about that problem later, when the salary cap is increasing again after this year’s decrease.

Lutz had a strong season on kickoffs but a mediocre season on field goals in 2020.

The Saints are still well over the projected 2021 salary cap and need to make several more moves to get under the limit.

8 responses to “Saints create more cap space with Wil Lutz contract restructure

  1. Sure, this helps. But, it is basically like a single payment toward your mortgage. Not much of a dent to an astronomically bad cap situation for the Aints.

  2. Not trying to be nitpicky, but having a hard time with the term “they’ve created more cap space” when they literally have none to start with. The only thing they’ve done is reduced their cap overage, and still have a ways to go to create space “under” the cap, though they def have time. Just a rant.

  3. Creating more cap space applies to the affected year which is this upcoming season. This happens by restructuring which involves reducing the player’s cap number by turning a portion of it into a signing bonus which is then prorated over multiple years.

  4. Year after year this team as well as a few others have the same huge cap issues. And year after year they’re still good. Unless there is an actual penalty to teams who just throw money around like it’s nothing it’ll always be this way.

  5. Isn’t pushing the cap hit down the road how they got in this mess? Look at Brees who counts about a jillion dollars next year even if he doesn’t play. Good move for now but will prolong the agony. However the window is open before they need a full rebuild. So no point worrying about tomorrow I guess.

  6. The saints do cap magic every year and every year y’all say the same thing, “the Saints are gonna have to gut the team.” And brees took a 24 million cut 🙄

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