Sunday Ticket’s future remains uncertain

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As the NFL closes in on a new way of media deals, there’s one specific deal that has yet be discussed in significant detail.

Sunday Ticket.

The satellite and streaming deal for out-of-market games runs through 2021 or 2022 (the precise duration of the contract is one of the great mysteries in football). As noted by Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, no negotiations have happened regarding the next home of Sunday Ticket, a property held by DirecTV since its inception in 1994.

It’s widely believed that Sunday Ticket will end up elsewhere. It remains possible that the satellite component will stay with DirecTV and that the streaming portion will go to a new home. Some have suggested that ESPN+ will acquire it.

Whatever the final form of Sunday Ticket, it will continue. Even though the deals with other networks will include a streaming element, Sunday Ticket will survive as a standalone property.

In this regard, it remains possible (although far from probable) that the NFL will retain the streaming rights Sunday Ticket and sell them directly to consumers. Typically, however, some other entity is willing to pay a premium for NFL content. For 27 years, DirecTV has done just that.

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  1. There is no other business entity I despise more than Directv. In the 20 or so years I have had the season ticket they have kept their word a total of one time. Unfortunately, they have something that I can’t get anywhere else. I hope they lose it. Then I hope the loss of revenue will shut them down for good.

  2. The only thing worse than Disney buying SW was AT&T buying DTV. Cord cutting continues and I am next as soon as SUNDAY Ticket is anywhere else.
    AT&T is the worst customer service in the world!

  3. As a fan abroad, we get nfl game pass and excluding certain technical difficulties is pretty good, the NFL totally could sell it themselves and getting rid off the intermediary.

  4. The year is 2021 and I still have to put a metal dish on my roof if I want to watch a desired NFL game…madness

  5. Thank goodness. I have tried to buy the streaming service for years. They won’t sell it to me because there is satellite service in my area. I do not want their spotty satalite service just my out-of-market games.

  6. After many years of lurking, I finally made an account just to type this.

    Until the NFL meets the fans in the middle, you will have people like me finding streams online to watch their team’s games. There is a clear demand the consumer is providing. But, I have to be eligible to get DirecTV, commit to a two year contract (hundreds to over a thousand dollars), pay an extra several hundred for Sunday ticket per year, just to watch my favorite team. I don’t care that much about the rest of the NFL.

    Give me an opportunity to purchase the game(s) I want in an on-demand format. You would get my money! It seems so ridiculous.

    Oh yeah, there’s the TV contracts, I guess. I know it’s a very significant revenue stream. But, I’m willing to bet there’s a good opportunity to get many fans’ revenue by finding a way to provide that service; even if it’s just online.

  7. Since people can get any game off the internet, and cast them to their tv, why would they pay for this?

  8. I cancelled my Sunday Ticket a couple years ago. It’s (in theory) the greatest thing in the world. But there were too many issues. First was bad reception. It was terrible at times, but I could live with it. But then they don’t really have a company. Everyone is an independent contractor. You call with a problem, but they can’t help you. And the independent contractors all work for themselves, so they just do whatever they want. Oh well. I’m not expecting everything to be perfect, and I’m one of the easiest guys to deal with, but zero customer service. Zero! No thank you. I’d have stuck around if they had really bad customer service, but they have none whatsoever. Lol.

  9. I find it so perplexing that none of the NFL/Media executives have clued in on the VAST new source of revenue they would get if they would just split Sunday Ticket into a “per-team” package. The $300 per year for all or nothing has a consistent following, but I’m willing to bet that $100/season to get all of YOUR team’s games alone would triple the subscriber base, at a minimum.

  10. I still have Directv, and in general I like it, but I won’t have it much longer. Sunday ticket is an awesome service, but I’ve NEVER had it during a season in which I couldn’t haggle with Directv and get it for free. I’ve always refused to pay upwards of $300 or more to watch 5 or 6 games a season that aren’t locally or nationally broadcast, especially after my teenaged son “educated” me on the different ways of viewing those games. Within 10 years or so there will no longer be any cable or satellite companies, except maybe for niche programming.

  11. I’d gladly play for the streaming service DirecTV has but they won’t let me because they want me to sign up for satellite service so I just find a free stream online. It’s not the greatest and I get disconnected a few times per game but it’s better than paying for DirecTV every month on top of what they charge for the Sunday ticket

  12. For years I was a DirecTV customer primarily for the access to Sunday Ticket. I live in a market where I was unable to enjoy my favorite team live other than once or twice a year depending on when the networks would decide to broadcast the games. So, for many years I actually enjoyed the service enjoyed the content and enjoyed the games. Then along came AT&T. I got slammed with add ons, bills went up and service hit the ditch. So I cut the cord. I’m back to viewing the handful of games a year that I am really interested in, and finding other stuff to do when they are not locally broadcast. I am transitioning from an avid follower of my team and the league to a more casual fan that can take it or leave it unless there happens to be a weekend where my team is on the local broadcast. How about making it easier to spend good money on the content I prefer, and give me the choice? I can’t be alone, isn’t there someone with vision in the NFL front office that can find a way to serve the fans that are willing to pay good money for their product without ushering them into business with a horrible company like AT&T and sour them on the whole rotten enterprise? Come on man.

  13. Will be on Amazon I would bet 10:1. Don’t need it anyways since you can stream live TV from almost any major market these days. Just get a VPN.

  14. I had directv for about 15 years. I had the ticket for about half that time. I was told my an employee of DTV how to get the ticket for free every year. In the off nfl months they would jack the rate to ridiculous rates. I said goodbye. It’s 2021 not 1994. The world has passed DTV bye.

    I think a pay per (view) game option would be great.

  15. i stream every game.. and cheap.. you guys should do some internet research… the hunt isnt even hard of your internet saavy

  16. It’s time to get rid of this way of doing things. If you are all about the fans, LET THE FANS WATCH THEIR TEAM. Whatever it takes, do it. And yeah, less than an expensive service every month (over $100) and a $300 a year sub for Sunday Ticket. It’s just to much money.

  17. I had direct tv for several years, I cancelled it due to the price increasing every 6 months or so. Eventually I was paying $170 a month for just tv. It got out of control and the customer service was horrible, they still call me every few days saying “your account qualifies for a discount”… get outta here

  18. I prefer Redzone. Don’t have to keep turning channels to see different games when Redzone shows all the action that matters most. And there is no extra cost for it

  19. I stream on DAZN because NFL football is the only thing on TV I watch. Will that stay the same?

  20. I’ve subscribed to the baseball service for years. $125/year or so — I get every mlb baseball game all season long from spring training games to the World Series. There are blackout rules based on geography, but those games become available on the service two hours after they are over and would be available live on over-the-air broadcast anyway.

    Sunday Ticket, beyond all the DirectTV issues, is a costly rip-off.

    Include me out.

    In renewing service for this 2021 season, mlb even applied a credit for over half the annual cost because last baseball season was shortened by covid. I do not see the NFL or DirectTV ever doing that.

  21. I subscribe to MLB.TV, single team option. Costs far less than subscribing to the entire package. I have no desire to watch the Seattle Mariners. I can’t get Sunday Ticket because I’m not a DirecTV subscriber anymore but, if I were, I’d want a “single team” option before I subscribed to Sunday Ticket.

    I canceled Sunday Ticket because it was too darn expensive for me when I only wanted to watch my team and 16 games not the other 240 games. Then I canceled DirecTV because I didn’t like having to climb up on the roof and sweep the snow off the dish. I had at one time or another subscribed to Dish, Spectrum, UVerse, or DirecTV. Of the 4, DirecTV was the best quality. I just got tired of the ever increasing cost and watching new subscribers getting Sunday Ticket for free while I was paying through the nose.

  22. Or, instead of lining their pockets, buy a house in between 2 or 3 TV markets and put up a bunch of antennas. You might be able to get 4-6 games every Sunday.

  23. Well if the days games are played is expanded the nfl ticket becomes even less valuable. Most weeks there is a thursday night, sunday night and monday night game which you dont get with nfl ticket and with talks of expanding either an additional monday game or another day of the week means when there are NO byes at best you get 9 extra games since each market has 3 sunday games already. When you factor in byes running roughly 8 weeks and average 4 teams on bye each week that takes 2 more games away so now your paying for an extra 9 games for 4 weeks, extra 7
    games for 8 weeks and then after that you is when you start to have holiday games, overseas games(if any depending on travel restrictions) and then the last week if the year doubleheader on sunday on both networks. It’s just not worth it when you can find other ways to watch cheaper.

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