Tom Brady rookie card sells for record $1.32 million in online auction

Tom Brady Announces He Will Leave The New England Patriots
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Tom Brady continues to set records even in the offseason.

The quarterback’s rookie card sold for a record $1.32 million on Thursday through an online auction house, Tom VanHaaren of ESPN reports.

The 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket card was autographed and graded an eight with a 10 grading on the signature by PWCC Marketplace, an online auction house and repository for cards.

“The highest sale for a football card. Ever,” PWCC Marketplace said on its Instagram account. “Only one of 100 cards in the world, even less if you consider grade.”

James Park, a known card collector and Brady fan, purchased the card.

“I lived in Boston for 10 years and so am a huge fan of Brady,” Parks said in a statement. “I’ve also had a love of collecting cards since I was a kid. Given Brady’s uncontested status as GOAT in football, this card is an important piece of sports history and of any collection.”

An autographed Patrick Mahomes card recently sold for $861,000, which set the previous record for a football card, according to VanHaaren. A different Brady card sold for $555,988 in January.

Another Brady card currently is being sold at Lelands auction house and has a current bid of $707,565.

22 responses to “Tom Brady rookie card sells for record $1.32 million in online auction

  1. Card market is hot… Brady, Mahomes, Manning, Jordan, Lebron, Zion and Trout to name a handful. Big money being thrown around

  2. Man, Brady keeps beating mahomes at everything, championship games, superbowls, and even football cards.

  3. Guess Tom could make a good living making animal balloons at toddlers birthday parties.

  4. You gotta e kidding me. All the good that money could do and someone spends it on a stupid Tom Brady card? The world doesn’t make sense anymore.

  5. Maybe its time to cash in those Drew Bledsoe rookie cards I’ve been hoarding.

  6. If you are in the card/memorabilia world, this should not come as a surprise.

    For those of you who don’t collect, go find a hobby that you love that actually costs money and see what the value is in what you would literally want or consider as the pinnacle of said interest.

    Don’t hate the buyer. And no, I don’t own a business.

  7. I got nice signed rookie cards of Mahomes, Kaepernick (not a fan) & Pat Tillman…taking them to Beckett headquarters in Dallas to get certified on Monday…CHA-CHING!!!

  8. Does anyone know what an Aaron Rodgers rookie card sells for? (asking for a friend).

  9. I have a fairly large collection of football cards, including a number of rookie cards. While $1.32M is a good price, you have to assume that the prices for the real superstars of today’s game will top that in a few years. The best qb in the game today plays for Minnesota, as does the best rb (possibly of all time!) and one of, if not the, greatest wide-receiver tandems in the history of the league! Jefferson’s card alone should net me enough to retire on, but once the Lombardi trophy comes home to Minnesota (odds-on favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl and will likely dominate the rest of the decade!), I will be set for life!!!

  10. Everything is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay, that’s the free market in action.

  11. Whats crazy about this; what if there is a 9 out there? or even an 8.5?

    This thing PLUMMETS in value.

  12. Does anyone know what an Aaron Rodgers rookie card sells for?

    The most expensive eBay listing I saw was $100k

    No idea whatsoever whether it would sell at that price..

  13. So if you’re a QB coming in, buy a truckload of your own rookie cards and sign them. Heck, Mahomes could sell 600 cards and retire with the same amount as his contract would pay. Dumb.

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