Buccaneers raising ticket prices for 2021

NFL: NOV 10 Cardinals at Buccaneers
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The Buccaneers have several big-name free agents they hope to re-sign. They probably won’t re-sign all of them.

But the biggest-name free agent they signed last year is returning, and Tom Brady will attempt to win his eighth Lombardi Trophy in 2021.

The Bucs should prove a top draw this coming season.

They ranked third in home attendance last season but drew only 123,127 for eight games. They hope to fill the 65,000-seat stadium this season, and it’s going to cost those fans more to see Brady and his teammates try to win back-to-back titles.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports the Bucs are raising season ticket prices for 2021.

Season ticket holders will pay from 10 to 45 percent for the 2021 season, according to invoices mailed with a letter from coach Bruce Arians and General Manager Jason Licht.

After signing Brady in 2020, the Bucs raised season ticket prices 15 percent due to high demand.

“2020 was a magical season for our fans and organization that started with the arrival of Tom Brady along with Rob Gronkowski and many other top free agents and concluded with a history-making win in Super Bowl 55 at home in Raymond James Stadium,” Brian Ford, the Bucs’ chief operating officer, wrote to season ticket holders, via Stroud. “Over the past few seasons, we have invested more than $150 million in stadium renovations at Raymond James Stadium to ensure that it remains one of the country’s premier NFL stadiums. Along with those major improvements, we also routinely review our ticket pricing to ensure that our members receive unrivaled value and that we are aligned with pricing models throughout the league.

“Despite a marginal price increase for 2021, we still offer one of the most affordable average ticket prices in the NFL, with access to games starting as low as $40.”

9 responses to “Buccaneers raising ticket prices for 2021

  1. Uh, I’d rather watch the games on television. It saves time and money on food, beer, fuel, and it avoids traffic.

  2. “demand” allowed the team increase prices, but it’s not why the team did it; ownership wants to increase revenues. I doubt the team paid for all the stadium renovation or construction costs. It’s a business. Honest approach – we are raising ticket prices because our market research analysis shows that you you will pay for the tickets.

  3. Its called price gouging…those 40 dollar tickets are NOT available….and…if the seats were any good, they wouldnt be 40 bucks either…most all of season ticket holders will see an increase as we either werent permitted to attend or chose to ‘opt out’.

    In my own case….I was ‘offered’ single game tickets as the season progressed….however, the $75 ticket was suddenly $190….and the ‘handling charge’ was another ‘Jackson’ for 1 game as opposed to 4 ‘Washington’s’ for the whole season….

    Write a story on that !!

  4. Naturally, the team explains that prices do ultimately rise after winning……same will go for players who will rightly see this price increase as a confirming signal for their own pay increase. That’s how the business side of the NFL operates. Of their (technically) 34 free agent players listed by OTC, only one has resigned and one moved onto another team. You can bet with only $11M cap space that many won’t be returning.

  5. Let’s do the math: 65,000 seats x 8 games = 520,000 admissions. For the sake of argument, let’s say the price of each seat will rise $20 per. That’s $10.4 million, or the going rate for a decent safety. The principal owner is a multi-billionaire, as are all the owners in the NFL. Let’s put his net worth at a modest $3 billion. So the $10.4 million he would gain by raising the price per seat $20 is three-tenths of one percent of his fortune or $3 for every $1,000 or his net worth. In other words, bird seed. No need to do it. He and his fellow owners do it because they can. Makes them feel powerful, vital. A pox on them.

  6. I live in Tampa nobody really cares about the team. Florida has a lot of other stuff to do, go ahead and raise the prices it still wont sell out next year.

  7. Any game Brady is in is worth twice as much. Even away games are doubling the price for the Goat Show.

  8. I’m 20 minutes from the stadium and I’d still prefer to watch the game from my couch or a sports bar. Less expensive and a better overall experience. But, I love seeing a full stadium on TV and I’m glad others are willing to take one for the team. Go Bucs in 2021.

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