CEO says FOX and NFL are “still apart on a number of issues”

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The NFL’s next round of TV deals, which have been inching closer to completion in recent weeks, are not done yet.

Lachlan Murdoch, CEO of FOX, said Thursday that his network and the NFL are “still apart on a number of issues,” according to Variety.

However, Murdoch also said he believes FOX will keep its Sunday afternoon package of games but give up Thursday night games after its current contract for Thursday games ends after the 2022 season. Thursday night games appear likely to be split between NFL Network and Amazon Prime, starting in 2023.

FOX may pay up to $2 billion a year for Sunday afternoon games.

These are big dollars,” Murchoch said, but he added that NFL TV contracts have proven to be worth the money: “Historically, they’ve gone up, not down.”

9 responses to “CEO says FOX and NFL are “still apart on a number of issues”

  1. Overall, Fox is the best network to watch an NFL game (including pre-game and halftime shows).

  2. I would love to see Fox get shut-out of the NFL and watch the NFC Sunday Games on another network.

    Worst pregame/postgame show in the biz.

  3. seems to me that the NFL may not be as attractive of a TV contract as it was. With all the articles that come out about how the negotiations for new contracts not really going as well as expected. I for one haven’t watch a game in about 5 years but do like to read about the sport. Just don’t like a bunch of social justice warriors that hate the country but get paid a lot of money to play a kids game.

  4. At what price level do the networks start losing money?

    How much will this increase the sports surcharge on cable tv?

  5. One thing Lachlan didn’t say, his dad paid 400 mill in 93 and his network has literally taken over the country.
    Business savvy at its sharpest.

  6. Just as the NFL on Fox was a breath of fresh air in ’94, Now it has become stale & predictable. Slow motion video of players face as he walks to the sideline, cut to commercial. Repeat 30 times per game.

  7. The fallout to all this will be the networks passing costs on to cable providers who pass it on to you-know-who. How many (few) people still get TV via over the air transmission?

  8. I’d love to see the NFL crash but i doubt this switch will cause that

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