Is Daniel Snyder using bots to boost his case with the NFL?

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As Washington owner Daniel Snyder waits to learn his fate with the NFL as a result of an investigation into the culture of the organization and his own alleged involvement in it, Snyder could be trying to use social media to boost his case.

Via Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, someone has purchased Facebook ads that promote an article touting Snyder’s charitable activities. The article appears on, a sporadically-updated website that (among other things) currently asks the question, “What’s for Dinner this Valentine’s Day in NYC?”

Then there are the bots. Via Phillips, “A number of new users also appeared on Twitter — all female, all accounts created in October 2020, that have been tweeting out praise of Snyder’s efforts over the past week. The accounts appear to be ‘bots,’ which means they don’t represent actual people.”

PFT Commenter (both my Internet son and the brother of the late Eric Sollenberger) has noticed, and written about, these bots. His article includes many of the suspicious tweets.

If Snyder or someone who works for him is engaged in a clumsy effort to enhance his standing with the league, it’s hard to imagine it working. Ultimately, the league office will make decisions based on the findings of Beth Wilkinson, who initially was hired by Snyder to investigate the team. Eventually, the league commandeered the probe.

Eventually, the investigation will result in findings, conclusions, and consequences. Whatever those may be, no amount of Facebook ads or Twitter bots will change it.

35 responses to “Is Daniel Snyder using bots to boost his case with the NFL?

  1. Though most will not comprehend the comparison, but this can be correlated to Censorbook’s usage of “fact checkers” to keep truth hidden.😂

  2. My money is on the NFL doing something like this before Snyder. It’s an ugly look and messy nightmare to navigate for the NFL. I’m sure they’d like to get ahead of their unpopular decisions by fluffing the narrative.

  3. I checked into the bot accounts and almost all of their other tweets are pro-WFT… it’s kinda ridiculous that this is what it has come to

  4. Some of you folks are living in an alternate reality. The advent of Middle Class humps advocating in defense of billionaires is the most prominent indicator of this country’s decent into oligarchy.

  5. I hope Snyder owns the football team forever and never dies

    – eagles fan

  6. Seriously? Politicians, Companies, Media members do this all the we are shocked?

  7. I’m 33, so I’m technically in the age of all of this social media junk. With that being said..what in the hell is a bot?!

  8. Well, he’s in Washington, D.C. He’s had a great role model over the last few years.

  9. It’s hilarious that some people are upset about fact checkers who exposed the constant lies of someone they blindly supported

  10. I cannot stand the guy, but really? Every other day another story??????? Leave him be NFL

  11. And eventually, if the league tries to strip his ownership, he could defend (and win) therefore halting professional football in its efforts to conduct business as it proceeds thru our country’s court system.

  12. Mr. Snyder has the right to run his business any way he wants! This is freedom! You do not take team it is not freedom.

  13. Snyder said he would not change the name, he did so he deserves to loose the WFT

  14. He’s a Billionaire and I’m not, but Snyder is one creepy little dude. Unfortunately, people like Snyder think that their status and money allows them to treat people, especially women, like dirt. Unfortunately, that’s usually the case and they get away with it. If Snyder is guilty of all of the lewd creepiness He’s accused of, then its nice to see him get knocked down a peg, status wise, money be damned.

  15. bmorepositive123 says:

    March 5, 2021 at 8:21 pm

    I hope Snyder owns the football team forever and never dies

    – eagles fan


    I love Howie is the Eagles GM and hope he will be the GM forever and never die. How is the $33M dead cap from the Wentz contract?

  16. Honestly I couldn’t give a damn about the WFT or the “R*_$kin$”, but Snyder has a unfair target on his back from haters and league members it seems.

    The league has owners like Jerry jones and Bob Kraft, etc running around doing or saying things worse then players. Yet nobody is busting their foot”balls” about forcing sale of their team or giving him hell for overpaying free agents.

    Let the man live for god sakes!!! Nobody is perfect!!!

  17. 1) Snyder is an idiot
    2) Snyder is a vile pig
    3) Snyder is still an idiot

    The NFL needs to pull and NBA and bounce this guy out of the leauge as soon as they can. He’s an embarrasment to owners…and that’s saying something!

  18. As a WFT fan, we all HATE Snyder. We all know Bezos lives in DC, owns the Post, and wants to own WFT. Here is the problem: it’s never going to happen. There is no way owners allow a vote (no matter how much they hate Snyder and want Bezos) because it would open pandoras box for the NFL to force out owners when they want. Lets be honest, many of these NFL owners probably have SOMETHING shady in the past. Unless you are squeaky clean, your not allowing this vote

  19. Regardless of whether it be a politician, company or NFL team using “bots” to enhance their position, it is rather quite pathetic. I’m sure most would rather follow someone, some company or organization that is original, inspiring & forward thinking while also being humble and empathetic. Feeling sorry for WFT fans amongst others this beautiful March morning.

  20. I’d be ok with a compromise punishment that lets Snyder own a minority stake in the team, but not have final say in team decisions. It woiuld be a win-win: He gets to be an owner, but not THE owner. I don’t want Bezos though. He would just try to make gameday ticket holders buy Prime memberships.

  21. WFT is a franchise of the NFL …if he is running his franchise opposite of what the league says a franchisee can do they have the right to pull his franchise

  22. Mark my words. Goodell will eventually find something that will force Snyder to sell. And Jeff Bezos will be the new owner.

  23. This is precisely the type of thing that Snyder would do, rather than, you know, actually doin the right thing in the first place.

  24. Denis McCormick, Bezos refused to buy the Seahawks after Paul Allen died. I do not thing he is in the market for an NFL team.

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