Mike Mayock: We’ve expended resources in secondary, players have to step up

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The Raiders changed defensive coordinators after fielding a unit that General Manager Mike Mayock said in January had no dynamic players during the 2020 season.

Mayock has expended a fair amount of draft capital in trying to find those players. He’s picked nine defensive players in the two drafts he’s overseen and the lack of success doesn’t make for a great review of his work.

The secondary is a particular sore spot as the Raiders have used two first-round picks and six overall selections on defensive backs without much return on the investment. Mayock said this week that the team is looking for a lot more from those players in 2020.

“We’ve expanded some resources in our secondary,” Mayock said, via Vic Tafur of TheAthletic.com. “We’ve got a first-round safety in John Abram; we got a second-round corner [Trayvon Mullen] who we think is going to be a very good football player. We’ve got a fourth-round corner in Amik Robertson, another first-round corner in Damon Arnette. . . . So, really, what we need more than anything is for all those players to take it up a notch or two. I’m talking about commitment to the game, work ethic, perseverance, being in the locker room working with your brothers.”

The Raiders have several other areas to address outside of their defensive backfield, so growth from within would be the best way for the team to progress toward the kind of defense that’s been missing throughout Jon Gruden’s return to the Raiders sideline.

31 responses to “Mike Mayock: We’ve expended resources in secondary, players have to step up

  1. In other words, players you drafted need to step it up? No brainer of the week award

  2. And the NFLPA president JC Tretter wanted less OTAs. How do you expect young guys to “make the jump” without proper coaching during the off-season?

  3. With the change at defensive coordinator to Gus Bradley, it will make a huge difference. They’ll be ready to roll!

  4. Just because you’ve invested in the Secondary doesn’t mean you invested wisely Mike. That “1st round Safety” can’t cover, and that “1st round Corner” was maybe a 3rd round caliber talent. The Secondary is performing to the level of it’s talent, they aren’t going to magically become better players than they are just because you overpaid for them.

  5. I can only hope a different coach can wring some talent out of these guys. They are certainly good athletes but Guenther either misused them, didn’t coach them well or had stupid schemes in place because the only team they played particularly well against was the Chiefs.

  6. You better hope Gus Bradley can fix them because you’re the one who drafted them

  7. Is he insinuating the players don’t have a “commitment to the game, work ethic, perseverance, being in the locker room working with your brothers”?

  8. The things is, Mike Mayock was hired way too late. He should’ve been a GM 10 years ago. But considering it’s his first GM job, he will make mistakes. I believe their offense is more of a problem than defense. They always publicly talk about trading Carr, and never do it. How is that productive when your QB knows you have no confidence in him?

  9. They need a veteran leader who will smack these young kids around a little bit when they screw around. Remember that game when Justin Tuck had to yell at the two Raiders to get back on the line after a big sack when they stayed in the backfield flexing and celebrating while the game continued?

  10. The Raiders spent a first on Arnette, but that doesn’t make him a first round talent. Same with their other reaches such as Henry Ruggs over Jefferson, Lamb, Jeudy, Claypool, etc. Stop reaching for projects!

  11. Stop picking MAYBES in the draft and go after PROVEN free agents, your welcome

  12. Translation: we drafted poorly

    The Jets spent resources on corner backs: see milliner, kyle wilson, dexter mcdougle

    And they took quentin cooked ahead of chandler jones

    Bust, bust, bust, bust

  13. It doesn’t matter who your secondary is if your pass rush is non-existent.
    The Raiders had the fourth fewest sacks in the league last season, and only one player had more than 3. You could have a collection of all-pros in your backfield and they’ll still underperform if the quarterback has all day to pass.

  14. The Raiders used the Bears pick from the Mack trade to take Damon Annette. The Bears drafted Jaylon Johnson in the second round, a much better corner.

  15. What would Howhiff do?

    I ask this just for Mayock… learn how other GMs fleece their boss from the best!

  16. They has a proven all pro in Mack. Instead of paying him, they carelessly assumed every 1st rounder they drafted would be an all pro. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that simple? Draft picks and cap space doesn’t mean anything if you can’t evaluate or develop talent.

  17. Mayock said this week that the team is looking for a lot more from those players in 2020.
    Maybe he should look for a lot more from those players in 2021.

  18. But Mike you allowed Joyner to be played out of position and always get burnt. You drafted Abram that is never in the right position for coverage and then misses tackles because he thinks he needs to blow everyone up instead of just wrapping them up.You kept Nevin Lawson who should legally change his last name to Burnt-Toast.
    Amik Robertson rarely saw the field.
    You and your coaching staff need to accept the blame for taking the wrong players or putting them in bad situations.
    Sounds like Mike is making excuses for their next 8-8 season.

  19. Overdrafted Ferrell and Arnette, he’s just not very good at drafting defensive talent it seems.

  20. It’s a team sport. If the defensive line isn’t doing good, the secondary suffers. You can’t continue covering wide receivers when the other QB has too much time. It all starts and stops at the defensive line.

  21. With the exception of Josh Jacobs and a few others, the drafting has gone down significantly since Reggie McKenzie left the Raiders (although the 2014 draft was the only truly great draft Reggie had). But the problem is even more the coaching than the drafting. Gruden simply is not the type of HC who is capable of coaching up players and his assistants leave a lot to be desired too.

  22. Reaching on players isn’t exactly spending those resources correctly. So Mayock should look in the mirror. And he should also look Chucky’s way, gotta coach these guys up too. Abram and Arnette were 1st round reaches.

  23. It’s tough on a very young secondary when you have no pre-season, and a bad defensive coaching staff. The year of experience, and a new staff will help a lot, but even Willie Brown and Mike Haynes wouldn’t be able to prosper without a pass rush. I think this secondary will be fine. Clelin Farrell might develop into a solid player, but when you pick at #4, you need to get a game changer. Maybe they’re putting too much emphasis on the school instead of the player. And I don’t blame them for getting rid of Khalil Mack. He joined a very good Bears team and hasn’t had an impact. He’s not a 100% motor guy the way Howie Long was, yet he wanted to be paid like one. You have to save the big money for the difference makers, and the guys that set a good example for the youngsters. When Gruden got hired, Mack basically quit on the team. As a team leader, you’d expect him to be the first guy to come in and meet the new staff and get to work. Show them you’re worth the money. But no. He quit on the Raiders. Good riddance. The Bears are very sorry they got him. They’d undo that deal in a minute. They sold their owner on Mack being the final piece to the puzzle, and that entire organization has been under pressure ever since. That was one of the biggest blunders in recent NFL history.

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