NFL could still investigate, discipline Von Miller

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The news that Broncos linebacker Von Miller won’t face charges ends the involvement of the criminal justice system. It doesn’t mean the matter conclusively and completely has ended, however.

The NFL still has the power to investigate and to discipline Miller under the Personal Conduct Policy, if the NFL sees fit. In the aftermath of the Ray Rice fiasco of 2014, the NFL beefed up its in-house ability and willingness to explore allegations of misconduct on its own, ignoring whether and to what extent the authorities prosecuted the player — and whether and to what extent he was found responsible in any way for the behavior.

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, for example, was neither arrested nor charged. The NFL nevertheless suspended Elliott for six games in 2017 based on information obtained through multiple interviews of a former girlfriend who claimed he assaulted her on multiple occasions.

The allegations against Miller, if any, aren’t known. All that’s known is that there was some sort of investigation, that the police eventually referred the matter for consideration as to whether charges should be pursued, and that charges won’t be pursued.

Often, charges aren’t pursued because the prosecutor believes it will be difficult if not impossible to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The NFL, however, used a lower standard of proof.

Miller also could be subject to a civil lawsuit. Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown was sued in 2019 for sexual assault and rape, even though he was never arrested or charged. (The league has deferred action under the Personal Conduct Policy pending the outcome of the litigation.)

For Miller and the Broncos, the more immediate question is whether the team will pick up his $18 million option for 2021 or, if not, whether they can reach an agreement on a reduced deal.

13 responses to “NFL could still investigate, discipline Von Miller

  1. I don’t want to hear anything about the NFL investigating Von Miller, until I hear an official statement about and investigation into Chad Wheeler..because they have been incredibly irresponsibly silent about what he clearly did to his girlfriend at the time.

  2. I can listen to the entire arrest of Chad Wheeler though. Somehow the words Domestic Violence and Von Miller have been somehow scrubbed from the internet. Who’s privileged now?

  3. Which this is what I tried posting in the 1st story about Miller that they didnt post…hmmmm no surprise why

  4. Which this is what I tried posting in the 1st story about Miller that they didnt post…hmmmm no surprise why now

  5. Given the recent history, it would be very surprising if he wasn’t suspended.

  6. Doesnt the NFL having “lower standards” and the ability to take millions from a player w/o actual evidence bother anybody else??

  7. The NFL acts as it chooses to, when it chooses to. It seems quite often that what is required to act is a certain degree of bad noise and bad press about an incident or a player, not necessarily a truly bad action. I’m honestly not sure if they found out about a violation of a truly awful nature, but they knew it was a secret and wasn’t coming out into the public view if they really would care at all. Roger sure seems to have his morals appear and disappear depending on if they are convenient at that moment or serve the current narrative being projected by NFL headquarters. Perhaps im being cynical.

  8. He has nothing to worry about look at Brown and the league turning a blind eye even this year when he went after a guard with a bicycle. Different rules in the NFL and the judge spends more time at the coffee shop than cleaning up the league

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