Raiders cutting Richie Incognito

Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings
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Richie Incognito will soon be a free agent.

The Raiders will release Incognito, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

The move will take Incognito’s $5.475 million cap hit off the Raiders’ salary cap. He will have no dead cap hit.

Incognito had season-ending ankle injury last year but is now running again.

The 37-year-old Incognito has had several off-field issues, but he’s still a player who will draw some interest in free agency from a team looking to improve its offensive line this year.

54 responses to “Raiders cutting Richie Incognito

  1. So you cut both guards, why is Mariota still here? He is due 10 mill. Gruden QB camp

  2. $5 million for 2 games? He’ll be 38. League minimum for his experience with bonuses.

  3. When Ingonito said there was nothing to do when he played in Buffalo. Being unemployed, now he has options.

  4. Buffalo needs to fix its running games, bring Incognito back would be huge. This guy wants to hurt someone’s feelings on every snap.

  5. Osman Dirie says:

    March 5, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    So you cut both guards, why is Mariota still here? He is due 10 mill. Gruden QB camp

    Hes there because theres no reason for him not to be. The Raiders are holding out hope for a trade but they know any deal likely comes close to last minute and as an organization you have plans going forward. You can still plan to cut Mariota and make or wait on decisions on others if you want. All this says is they didnt want incognito back at that price and they know theres no hope anyone would have traded for him.

  6. Hate the move. O well I’m just a fan. Good luck Richie. I wanted to see this o-line get a year to perform with everyone coming back healthy. Im sure Mike and Jon have something planned. I know the Vikings could use his help badly.

  7. The offensive line was once a strength of this team and now pffffffft

  8. Richie will not only be on a new team next year he will probably have a couple of choices.

  9. There’s a long way to go until the season starts. There’s free agency and a draft. After that, there are cut downs. If you know what you’re doing, you can find good players. I look back at last year’s free agent class, and there were a lot of guys that were signed at low numbers, but they ended up having great years. The same thing happens every year. It’s a lot cheaper to do your homework, than to go out and over-spend on guys. Just gotta do your homework.

  10. Ssshhh…. Let’s not talk about Richie’s huge mental health issues involving threats of violence and actual violence against innocent people. He has been paid millions while being an abusive jerk for years. Wiki him if you don’t believe it.

  11. So the Raiders wait until they see reports that he’s running again to cut him?
    I know football is a dirty business but this is over-the-top cruelty.

  12. Would love to see him come back to Miami. I know it would never happen but this dude is a mean road grader!!!

  13. So now both guards from last year are gone? Ah, Gruden personnel decisions! You gotta love them!

  14. He can smell the syrup before the snap. Hits people dead in the mouth. I love this guy as a player.

  15. I know he was the ring leader of the bullying scandal but we all want him on our team.

  16. Hopefully the Raiders have a good plan, because overhauling arguably one of the best offensive lines in the league is rarely a quick fix. LT and C are set. Both guards gone, possibly RT gone. If they resign Good, he could fill one guard spot. Do they have faith in Simpson to man the other already? Even if they do, depth is a glaring issue, not much there, Cotton maybe?

    Then if you have to replace the RT too, not good. Parker is not the answer, nor anyone else on the roster. IDK, it just seems odd to weaken the strength of this team, instead of keeping the familiarity/experience together and focus on the broken defense. I know they have cap issue’s, but the Chief’s have shown you can do pretty much whatever you want to do relative to the cap with creative accounting. (which I still don’t understand, and no one seems able to explain) But I digress, They are not paying a ton of stars big money, it should be fairly simple to get under the cap without gutting a strength of the team.

  17. If that ankle is healed he could at the very least add some depth for a team in case of injury.

  18. godkingskovald says:
    March 5, 2021 at 7:07 pm
    Come home to Buffalo? Feliciano and Incognito would be MEAN!


    Not very likely. There was some issues with him when he left that required security at the facility. He restructured his deal, fired his agent, and retired on a whim. Something went down.

    Then again, if you suffer from a mental illness and can get yourself back on track, maybe all is forgiven.

  19. Incognito is everything a pro football player should be: strong, mean, dirty and crazy

  20. The guy will be 38 coming off an injury. I get the fandom but he’s already played well past his prime and his performance going forward is uncertain. He can also always be re-signed if the team thinks it’s in their best interest. Not because they like the guy.

  21. This bullying bigot is still in the league but not Kaepernick. Says a lot about this country and what you can get away if your skin is pale.

  22. So he’s a Bully..who wants a nice guy offensive lineman. Say what you want but he instantly makes any line better.

  23. Come to MN and play for min + incentives and clear a path for Cook and be a body guard for golden boy Cousins…Skol!

  24. The man is a walking radioactive cancer cell. Good luck to anyone willing to “take the chance”… as if the Rams, Dolphins, and Bills weren’t lessons enough on this guy.

  25. AZ should sign Incognito and plug him at RG. Incognito can still ball out posting a borderline elite 81.4 PFF grade overall which would greatly upgrade the offensive line as AZ has built a very solid well above average OL in front of Kyler Murray as LT DJ Humphries has developed into one of the NFLs top 3-5 LTs posting an Elite PFF Grade of 88.3, an above average RT w/ a 70.1 PFF Grade in RT Kelvin Beachum who should be back but if not AZ will start PFFs best pass blocking LT from the 2020 draft who had a 1st round grade n can also play RT on the right side in 6”5/305pd Josh Jones who is an excellent pass blocker with unreal foot speed who should be a pro bowl caliber tackle. And at LG with a 66.4 overall grade n 84.1 pass blocking grade is 6”5/300pd LG Justin Pugh who’s one of the best pass protecting OGs in the NFL. Incognito and Pugh would make for A DOMINANT Interior Guard duo. At Center AZs 6”4/305pd Mason Cole possessing elite athleticism is an excellent above average Centet healthy as before he got banged up last year he had a PFF grade of 79.1 that fell to 54.4 . Now fully healthy and entering his 3rd NFL season as a starter he should take off in year 3 and play at a very high level. Cole has 3rd year 6th round pick C/G Lamont Gaillard who is extremely capable nipping at his heels to start which will only make Cole even better and keep him sharp. AZ could add to the OL on draft day to possibly drafting Pughs long term replacement.

    Kyler Murray will have an excellent offensive line starting in front of him in 2021 though as AZ has built n developed an excellent offensive line over the last few years considering where they were at just a few years ago.

  26. If he is incogito, will anyone be able to find him on the waiver wire? Lol

  27. Problem with Ritchie is this: is he short a few bricks up in his terrace…?? If the answer is no, you try to get him back to Buffalo…otherwise it’s good bye and good luck.

  28. I know people are going to roll their eyes, but I wish he could shore up one of the positions on the dolphins o-line on the cheap. We all know he’s still better than mostly everyone on that line, especially at guard.

  29. He will resign with my Raiders at a lower salary later. No worries if he’s gone thats okay too.

  30. Simpson was drafted last year. He was a 1st Team All American Offensive Guard at Clemson that now has one year under his belt. Denzelle Good is an underrated OG who has been a pleasant surprise filling in all over the line the past two seasons. And Andre James is a young G/C also still on his rookie deal who has been in the system now for a few years. If you want to improve that horrible defense in a year in which the Salary Cap has been lowered significantly by the league, veterans will need to be cut so that you can rebuild the defensive side of the ball. Side note, I remember watching NFL Network draft coverage, and Mayock’s Top 5 at each position would scroll along the bottom. The Guards and Centers would always still be on the board into Rounds 4. I can see Mayock getting his OG in Round 4.

  31. All former skinny kids are thankful they weren’t in elementary school with Incognito, My reckoning of him is that he’s an all-time lunkhead football player. Yet the money he’s made makes most of us blush in comparison. In his little world he’s an alpha male, someone to respect and fear. But in the real world he’s little Richie with the mind of an adolescent and a body wracked with pain. He’s not the only unlikeable player in the league but is one of them. He might consider retiring and writing an Act 2 in which he shows remorse for his buffoonery but that is not happening.

  32. A man who would be very useful scaring the bleep out of the other side in the front ranks of an old fashioned army staring across a field at the other side. He’s that snarling nasty thing that there is a place for in the top of football if skilled and harnessed. But I’d say if you dont have a proper OL coach and a veteran on scene already who can tell any young talent hey “do this that he does. But don’t do the other stuff he does that cost him” you shouldn’t bring that man in your building. Just my opinion

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