Michael Brockers on J.J. Watt joining the Cardinals: “We all know who the real 9-9 is”

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In his recent remarks to TMZ.com, defensive lineman Michael Brockers didn’t simply comment on his team’s eventual new quarterback. Brockers also was asked to name the best defensive line in the NFC West, given the arrival of J.J. Watt in Arizona.

“You already know that question, bro. It’s all about consistency, what the Rams been putting out. Not per se myself, but we all know who the real 9-9 is.”

The Rams No. 99, obviously, is Aaron Donald. And he continues to be the cornerstone of the defense in L.A.

Of course, Watt and Donald have one very important thing in common. They each have won three NFL defensive player of the year awards. (It’s not the first time that one division has had players with a combined six NFL defensive player of the year award. In 2012, the AFC North also had six DPOY trophies in it: Ray Lewis (2000, 2003), Ed Reed (2004), Terrell Suggs (2011), James Harrison (2008), Troy Polamalu (2010).)

If nothing else, Watt’s presence and the hype associated with it could give Donald and the rest of the Rams’ defensive linemen even more motivation to continue to show that they’re the best in the division.

Of course, the 49ers could have something to say about that, too. Which only underscores the reality that Arizona likely will need a lot more than J.J. Watt to get to the top of the best quartet of teams in football.

22 responses to “Michael Brockers on J.J. Watt joining the Cardinals: “We all know who the real 9-9 is”

  1. Brockers is vastly underrated. Solid and reliable. Just keeps his nose to the grindstone. JJ Watt needs to learn some humility. One more thing he can learn from Aaron Donald.

  2. When Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay, probably the first thing he did was call his new teammates and tell them we’re going to win the super bowl. Then he told them to spend more time in the gym, and less time on your phone. Obviously Matt Stafford hasn’t made those phone calls yet.

  3. Really, there’s only one 99 – The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. His legacy in hockey is such that his claim on the number transcends his sport. That’s not to say that players in other sports shouldn’t use it, but they’ll have a hard time claiming it over the long term.

  4. By all indications Watt is a good teammate and person. I can’t recall any incident where he’s done anything to embarrass himself so I don’t understand some of the comments. Oh, and by the way, Watt would probably agree that Donald is better than him, especially at this point of his career. They are different players though. Watt is a speed rusher while Donald just bowls them over. Frankly I’d take either of them if I was a player.

    Something in this thread made me think about the DLs in the NFC West. They have some pretty darn good ones between the Rams, Niners and Cardinals.

  5. The NFC West will be fantastic on D again. Even if they lose John Johnson III in FA, Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey will make the Rams a powerhouse again. The 49ers, while not even close to as formidable as they were with Bruckner at DT, will still have a superb unit. Pete Carroll will somehow manage to get the Seahawks defence to play above their talent level again and be a good D line.

    Their is no way the Cardinals are in any sensible conversation for best D line player, best D line, best D or best team in the NFC West. Maybe if Watt can rediscover his form and fitness from a few years ago they might, but it would require a tremendous comeback that I see little reason to expect he is capable of.

  6. Brockers sure talks a lot for a guy who once her hit free agency, because of a bad ankle couldn’t latch on anywhere and had to go back to the Rams or be out of football.

  7. I have to say hands down it is Donald and then Garrett, at this point in his career I am not sure if Watt is in the top 5 anymore

  8. Umm Mark Gastineau anyone?? – Jets fans entering the chat ๐Ÿ˜‹

  9. Yeah, we know, and it isn’t you Michael.

    Seriously, who brags about other people’s accomplishments like it’s a self-win?

  10. The one who shuts it down and cries like a baby losing four straight to SF. And one with Mullens. Yeah Donald is amazing.

  11. J.J. Watt and Aaron Donald will forever be teammates when they’re both inducted into the HOF on the first ballot. Who was better, Bruce Smith or Reggie White? Does it really matter? When you’re a first ballot HOFer, you’re good. Maybe none of them are as good as Deacon Jones. Who cares. They’re all still HOFers. They’re all getting gold jackets.

  12. Another player who has something to say about everything. Luckily he’s good at football or he’d just be that annoying loud guy at the bar everyone avoids.

  13. Thank you all for the kind words and providing the reason for JJ to stay motivated to prove everyone wrong….

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