Will the Bears be able to land Russell Wilson?

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears
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The Bears need to upgrade the quarterback position. They’re reportedly planning to make a run for the ultimate potential upgrade: Russell Wilson.

The mutual interest makes plenty of sense. The Bears haven’t had a true franchise quarterback since Sid Luckman. Wilson, in turn, wants to be the Patrick Mahomes of an offense, with the attack running through him and built around him. Who better than Matt Nagy, who spent 2017 in Kansas City as offensive coordinator while the Chiefs quietly prepared to unleash Mahomes, to do it?

Even if Wilson can’t quite reach Mahomesian levels, Wilson becomes better than any other option the Bears have at quarterback. The Bears will fully appreciate his abilities and try to maximize them with the offense constructed around him.

But first, the Bears have to be able to pull off the trade. When spitballing the possibility in the aftermath of the Bears making it to Wilson’s four-teams-to-which-he’d-accept-a-trade list, we suggested on PFT Live sending Khalil Mack to Seattle as part of the package. Unfortunately for the Bears, a pre-June 1 trade of Mack would trigger a cap charge of $21.4 million. With the Bears currently close to $7 million over the 2021 cap, it would be challenging to say the least to include Mack in the package.

Given that the Seahawks likely need to wait until after June 1 for a Wilson trade in order to convert a $39 million cap charge into $13 million this year and $26 million next year, the Bears would benefit from that, too. A post-June 1 trade of Mack would limit the 2021 cap charge to $9.4 million.

The Bears also would have to absorb Wilson’s base salary of $19 million. That obligation would mostly be balanced, however, by avoiding Mack’s $17 million salary.

The Bears would still have to do some heavy lifting to make it work from a cap standpoint, looking for veterans whose contracts could be dramatically restructured or flat-out jettisoned. Cornerback Kyle Fuller could be released, creating $11 million in 2021 cap space. As a post-June 1 release, pass-rusher Robert Quinn would clear $11.6 million.

Creating cap space is only part of the problem. Indeed, there won’t be a cap-space problem at all if the Bears can’t get the Seahawks to bite. Would Seattle want Mack? What more than Mack would it take?

Chicago holds the 20th pick in the 2021 draft, along with the 20th selection in rounds two and three. Future first-round picks could be in play as well.

Would Mack plus a pair of first-rounders get it done? Without Mack what would it take?

Whatever it takes, the Bears are crunching the numbers. As explained in the aftermath of TheAthletic.com article that fully explored the rabbit hole of dysfunction between player and team, if the Seahawks don’t view Russell Wilson the way Russell Wilson views Russell Wilson, the Seahawks should trade him to a team that does — since that team would make an offer for Wilson that the Seahawks would regard as way too much, and thus more than good enough.

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  1. if Bears had to give up too much, how is that any better than what Wilson has in Seattle?

  2. Bears could get Wilson if they jettison their key players on defense and once again trade future talent on rookie deals for a 33-year old QB. Their defense will suck, Wilson won’t have anyone to throw to, and the OL is still shaky at best.

    Ryan Pace continues to grasp at straws and throw away the Bears’ future.

  3. I’m sure it’s a bare minimum of 3- 1st rounders plus Mack as the starting point. An absolutely insane haul for one player. In this day and age, all it takes is one correct draft pick (ex. Mahomes, Herbert) to turn a team around. I don’t think that roster has enough talent that Wilson is the only thing stopping them from the next level up.

  4. Seattle could ask for 4 years of 1st and 2nd round picks and Chicago will do it in a heart beat.

  5. The only teams that would make any sense for Seattle is a team with a Top 2 or 3 draft pick (Jags, Jets, Dolphins) or a disgruntled superstar QB (Texans, Packers) because they would need a QB who is ready to lead or WOULD be ready to lead.

    Otherwise the Seahawks just ended their franchise. The Bears have none of these things.

  6. Ridiculous to give up the farm for an aging, egotistical QB who will just end up running for his life every passing play, ala every other Bears QB.

  7. Must be the off-season again.

    Just like the Bears were “reported” making a run at Carson Wentz, yet actually never even made an offer.

  8. As Pace has nothing to lose, the McCaskeys need to fire him before he mortgages the future of his soon to be former team for a rapidly aging 32 year old victim.

  9. The Bears shouldn’t do this. Russ thinks it’s bad now, but he’d be wanting out of Chicago by the time his deal is up.

  10. That’s the problem. The Bears, or any team that wants Wilson (or even Watson) would have to give hp so much that they rest of the team will suffer for years.

    If the Bears trade Mack, then Wilson is worse off in Chicago than in Seattle. He’s have fewer weapons (Robinson is the exception, if they keep him) and he’ll have an average, at best, defense.

    As a Niners fan, I hope that Seattle trades Wilson.

  11. This is about one thing. Control. Russ wants the keys to the offense, he wants input on coordinators, and probably wants input on play-calling. Pete Carroll isn’t providing any of those things, and Pete just got a 5-year extension. So Russ is staring at being 38 (minimum) before he can get all those nice things.

  12. If they land him, they’ll end up like the Vikings. A high priced QB and not able to afford anyone else…..

  13. Mack straight up for Wilson? Why not. Do it. Nothing to lose at this point

  14. Once a player (especially a starting QB) lets it be known he wants to be traded, it’s as good as done. So, I am enjoying watching the Seattle fans in denial squirm with the delusion Wilson will stay. Bears or Raiders or wherever… just enjoy watching the train wreck. Everyone enjoys laughing at the Browns or Jets, but now some new teams are entering the realm of the dumpster fire. Welcome Texans, New England, and Seattle.

  15. Makes zero sense. If you are Wilson, you are heading into a Mcvey/Rams offense w/ new OC. If you are Seahawks, Bears have no compelling offering, players and terrible picks.

  16. The Bears haven’t had a true franchise quarterback since Sid Luckman.

    How do you forget about Cutler?

  17. Russell is not afraid to Bear his feelings.
    He may turn out to be an unBearable situation that the Bears may not be able to Bear for long.

    Imagine being told to just ‘Grin and Bear It’

  18. Why would Wilson agree to go to the Bears. The Seabags have a better chance of winning than the Bears, especially after what they would have to give up to get him. Maybe Russ cares more about his numbers than winning though. I can’t fault the Seabags for wanting to get rid of a “me” guy though. He whines too much.

  19. This article is a reminder of why you don’t let a desperate GM put your franchise in a more desperate situation. Pace treats every offseason like the Bears are just one move away. They haven’t been one player away since the Urlacher, Briggs, and Tillman years.

    The Bears are already among the oldest teams in the league. Trading Mack (one of the few elite players on the team) AND picks would set this team back another 5-10 years. With luck, the Bears will just sign Alex Smith and use their picks on building roster depth…

  20. As others say, this makes no sense. Wilson would flounder on such an incomplete team.

    Feels like a power play to get more from Seattle. His short list of teams seems too weird to be real.

  21. Of the 4 teams Wilson picked the Bears would be the worst choice for reaching Mahomes like levels. Wilson is great and all, but the Bears are so devoid of talent offensively. Offensive line bad, skill positions bad, coaching/system…..? And then theyre out their top picks for the foreseeable future to put talent around him. As bad as he thinks Seattle is his numbers will drop in Chicago. He will be handed the keys to the offense, but it wont take long to realize he downgraded, but the only noise coming from the 4 teams seem to be from the Bears whove hinted they wont be outbid.

    I get why Pace/Nagy want/need to do something like this. They are on borrowed time and landing Wilson might be the reset button. Ok we got Wilson now we need more time to build up around him.

    For Wilson it would probably just be a speed bump in between Seattle and his final team, once he realizes he wants more rings.

  22. The Bears have no viable receiver targets. Robinson is FA, and wants big bucks.

  23. The only teams that would make any sense for Seattle is a team with a Top 2 or 3 draft pick (Jags, Jets, Dolphins) or a disgruntled superstar QB (Texans, Packers) because they would need a QB who is ready to lead or WOULD be ready to lead.

    Otherwise the Seahawks just ended their franchise. The Bears have none of these things.

    Packers aren’t trading Rodgers even if he’s disgruntled. Their front office will just throw more money at him to keep him happy. If they trade anyone it will be Jordan Love.

  24. Trading quarterbacks rarely works out for the team acquiring the QB. The team that is losing the franchise QB will want enough first round picks and players that the team that gets the quarterback is left with the husk of a team.

    The only successful trade of a franchise QB, that I can remember, is Drew Brees going to the Saints. Luckily for the Saints, the Chargers thought that Brees was too injured to be very good in the future.

    The only way to get a great quarterback without selling the rest of the team is through the draft.

  25. Bears should draft the kid out of Texas A&M in the 2nd round….younger cheaper version of Wilson

  26. Really like how this is setting up for the Hawks. Reminds me of when we shipped Ric Mirer to da’ bears, used the draft capital to draft a pro bowl CB and HOF LT that fueled our first Super Bowl run. All the pressure is on Pace to save his job by making something happen. Schneider is not a GM you want to give any negotiating advantage. Could be real, real ugly for the second city…

  27. Haven’t had a franchise QB?…..come on, Rudy Bukich, Bobby Douglas, Virgil Carter, Jack Concannon, Jim Miller, Vince Evans, Eric Kramer, Jim McMahon……. and the great Bob Avellini

  28. Why would any player ever want to leave a Dynasty like the Seahawks? All of those championships? The long and storied history? Just ask the 2012’s, they’ll explain it. Russell must be nuts to even consider going…

  29. Typical, MISERABLE Bears fans. Dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t. The McCaskey’s could sell this franchise today and somehow you’d still find a way to complain about the new ownerships decisions. AND only after a decade of screeeeeaming for them to sell in the first place.

    First Wentz rumors.. “he’s a insecure diva who’s washed up, we’d be better off with Mitch”.
    Then Watson rumors.. “he’s a bratty child trying to get his way, we shouldn’t give up draft picks for that”.
    Now Russ rumors.. “he’s an aging crybaby, shouldn’t mortgage our future on that”.


    So what?.. now you’ll be stuck with Alex Smith and Nick Foles and a blown first + second round draft picks? THEN start all over again the next year after Pace and Nagy are gone and Ted is STILL running the show? This team needs to make a bold move, and soon. It’s alllllmost like none of you ever looked back at draft results from years past.. Picks are lottery scratchers you win rarely and lose often. At best you get some noble contributor to the team. Giving up a pair of 1’s plus some for a Super Bowl winning, future Hall of Famer in his prime or a budding Superstar like Deshawn Watson is a NO BRAINER.

    Make the move Pace. Bear DOWN!

  30. if Bears had to give up too much, how is that any better than what Wilson has in Seattle?

    Totally agree. They gave up picks to get Mack, lost cap space in giving him a big deal an then didn’t have as many picks to build around Mitch. Giving up what you will have to for Wilson creates the same problem, plus you take on Wilson’s salary. The Bears O-line is not viewed as dominant and the top WR is a free agent. Wilson had better receivers in Seattle than Chicago has. Wilson is way better than what Chicago has but what you have to give up to get him blocks you from building around him. Careful what you wish for Wilson and Chicago… you might get it.

  31. Russ is all crabby on a 12-4 division winner. Imagine the temper tantrums he will have on the Bears.

  32. Have the Bears even said they were pursuing Wilson? This sounds like speculation at best like the Carson Wentz trade where the Bears never even pursued him.

  33. radar8 says:
    March 6, 2021 at 11:39 am
    As a Niners fan, I hope that Seattle trades Wilson.


    Just as the Bears would suffer the loss of draft picks and talent, Seattle would benefit long term. That is not good for Seattle’s divisional opponents.

  34. Seems like you’ve outlined pretty convincingly why the Bears shouldn’t trade for Russell Wilson. The Bears need to find their own Russell Wilson. If they can’t this year, then get one of the more than capable free agent QBs and keep trying in another year. Honestly, the Bears were pretty competitive with the QB they had. They did just as well as the Seahawks- first round of the playoffs.

  35. This is Ryan Pace (AKA: Dawber fromm”Coach”) that were talking about here.

    Of COURSE Bears will not land Wilson. Or Watson.

    They’re gonna land Cam Newton or Ryan Fitzpatrick LOLOLOL!

  36. manderson4150 says:
    Haven’t had a franchise QB?…..come on, Rudy Bukich, Bobby Douglas, Virgil Carter, Jack Concannon, Jim Miller, Vince Evans, Eric Kramer, Jim McMahon……. and the great Bob Avellini

    – – – – – –

    The fact you needed to throw out so many names just proved their point.

  37. On the one hand, Schneider got fleeced on the Jimmy Graham and Jamal Adams trades. On the other hand, Pace got fleeced on the Trubisky and Mack trades. This should end up a fair deal.

  38. The Bears haven’t got it right since firing Lovie…He made it to the Super Bowl with Grossman. I think too much is being put on the QB.

  39. If this move comes to fruition, it would lock our Vikings in the NFCN cellar.

  40. Star QB: Makes obscene amounts of money
    Same Star QB: Gets pummeled because team can’t afford elite OL
    Wants to be traded: To not get pummeled
    Trade would require: Obscene draft picks/money to acquire
    End Result: Getting pummeled, just for a different team

  41. With the heavy short-term hit on the draft capital and their roster, mentioned above, for Wilson. I would think it better to spend all that capital for Watson.

  42. New England needs a QB.

    They have more than 60 million in cap space.

    Just sayin’

  43. packerbacker1987 says:
    March 6, 2021 at 1:22 pm
    Star QB: Makes obscene amounts of money
    Same Star QB: Gets pummeled because team can’t afford elite OL
    Wants to be traded: To not get pummeled
    Trade would require: Obscene draft picks/money to acquire
    End Result: Getting pummeled, just for a different team
    Now imagine if you have a bad OL, yet your team goes out and trades away two 1st round picks and some big money for a safety. Don’t blame it totally on Russell’s contract.

  44. I am still uncertain why Wilson is considered a mega super star. What has he done, actually? Heck, even Trent Dilfer has a ring. Big deal.

  45. I’d love to have Wilson on my Bears. If he wants to have more input, cool. He’s earned that. But if we have to empty out the team to get him, what’s the point? he’s not young enough like Watson to build around him in the long term.

  46. Chicago’s offensive line found its groove in the second half of the year after a slew of injuries. Montgomery was the 5th leading rusher in the NFL.

    Next season, Chicago gets back Tarik Cohen, Eddie Goldman, and Hames Daniels to add to an 8-8 team that underachieved. Throw Russell Wilson in the mix? They’re suddenly one of the 3 favorites in the NFC next year no question. 3 1s, 2 2s, 2 3s, a 5, Roquan Smith, trade it all for Russ in a second. It’s worth it.

  47. You could sign Our Lord as QB with Mahomes as his backup. NOTHING is happening until that O line is fixed!

  48. its smoke… bears cant give what Seattle would demand.
    this is just to up the price for the raiders or cowboys

  49. mlhigh77 says:
    March 6, 2021 at 2:19 pm

    I am still uncertain why Wilson is considered a mega super star. What has he done, actually? Heck, even Trent Dilfer has a ring. Big deal.

    Ahem – Think you’ll find Russ also has one, should’ve been 2. See Superbowl XLVIII

  50. Nagy and Pace are fired after this season anyways. So its time to go all in.

    If they can trade a away a bunch of picks and no current players, then I say do it.

  51. They must trade Khalil Mack, if the offers are fair for his services.

    They need those assets. They can’t unload all their draft picks and expect to be any better than where Seattle is right now.

    Maybe this happens after June 1st. That’s just so hard to believe though that both sides would wait til a month after the draft.

    Conclusion: Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere in 2021. Revisit next year.

  52. The history of the Seahawks recent top picks has been spotty at best so not sure a great haul of mid- to late round 1sts is worth a whole lot. It would be nice to see them get a top 10 player for a change. Wonder if they’d still draft a guy most see as a 2nd day player up that high (makes me think of Mayock’s drafting).

  53. There isn’t a Division I QB that can throw the screen to the running back/receiver play that Nagy favors. I don’t know why you’d give up the future of the team to tread water or regress.

    Draft a couple of the best QBs available in this upcoming draft and let them battle it out for the job. If Nagy is as good as he thinks he is, one of them should be up to the task.

  54. As a Seahawks fan and John Schneider admirer, I see the franchise selling Wilson at his peak value. That means “NOW”. Keeping Wilson is poison, so I see a trade of: (a) three #’1, (b) two #’2, and; (c) Kmet & Johnson (two 2nd year “economy” starters).

    The Seahawks then plug in an affordable, younger QB they can develop into the Pete Carroll-desired format (low turnovers, ball-running play action, deep ball, etc.). I see Trubisky or Mannion fitting the bill. They use the draft to re-stock the defense and offensive line.

  55. Wilson will have the same problem in Chicago that he’s had in Seattle: no offensive line.

  56. We all know how the NFL works, if Watson and Wilson are successful in forcing their way out of their respective towns, the number of QBs trying it next year will grow exponentially. The Bears should hold off for a year to see if their options grow.

  57. What in the world could the Bears offer that would put them in contention for Russ? Mack and 1st rounders? No shot at all. That’s not even close to enough.

  58. This isnt happening the Bears would be fools to try and get Wilson. The Hawks are not trading him period.

  59. ariani1985 says:
    March 6, 2021 at 12:42 pm
    This would be like the packers, good QB but an absolute garbage defense.

    Meanwhile, your team is garbage on both sides of the ball, not to mention their entire franchise history is garbage. You sure would know garbage when you see it.

  60. Wilson will get traded if Carroll insists on trying to recreate the D of 2012. If the coach believes the Seahawks can make a deep playoff run by switching over to an offense-based team, Wilson may stay. To do that, the Seahawks would let go 1-2 expensive defensive starters to sign some quality o line help, and give Wilson some input into the playcalling. My guess is the Seahawks brain trust realizes their mo of skimping on the o line is unsustainable, and that Wilson leaves, the Seahawks get a qb in the draft, a free agent bridge QB, the team fixes its cap woes in 2021, and becomes competitive in 2022.

  61. The Bears can’t put an offer on the table that gives the Seahawks either a starting QB or a guaranteed chance to draft one of the top 3 QBs this year. Same thing with the rumors they were trying to trade for Watson. The Jets and Dolphins are the two teams that could.

  62. Russell will have the same problem no matter where he plays. Offensive lines cant hold their blocks for as long as he holds onto the ball. His style of play contributes greatly to the sack numbers.

    That’s what “hurting his brand”!

  63. Let’s see, dump several defensive starters to get under the cap, trade away the future, lose most of your team’s depth with no cheap draft capital to replace it, and put the franchise QB behind a worse O-line than he critiqued with his old team – that oughta work.

  64. Why would the Seahawks want Mack? They already have Bobby Wagner at 18 mil and they have KJ Wright at 10 mil. Both at 31 years old. They also have second year Jordan Brooks at SSL that looks to be a real stud and will be on his Rookie deal for 4 more years. Taking on a 31 year old OLB that is probably a step down from what they already have and for more money is silly.

  65. If the Bears really want a “Wilson” they should trade up for Zak Wilson not and overpaid deva. I’d much rather have a young gunslinger than an old one..

  66. I hate the “if they don’t view him the way he views himself” take. Is Chicago gonna let him pick his scheme and teammates? No one is so no one views Wilson as he views himself.

  67. Love Russ, but if I’m giving up a ton, I’d rather take the younger QB in Watson.

  68. I call this Subtraction by Addition. Give up good players to get Wilson and you are not any better than before you got him.

  69. Let Wilson and Watson sit and pout. Toll their contracts and collect the fines. Wilson at least won a Super Bowl. Watson is responsible for one of the worst mid-game collapses in NFL history. Why do you think all those RBs got huge deals last year? The game is changing and $30 million QBs may not be part of it in the future.
    The problem in Chicago is the play calling.

  70. I sure hope so.

    Then when they go 6-10 he might finally realize how cushy he had it in Seattle.

    Maybe he’ll revert back to normal Russell Wilson and not Mr. Unlimited

  71. More importantly, should they ? This lame-duck coaching regime could (further) sink this franchise into irrelevance by giving up capital that could be used by the new regime to come in 2022.

    So given the Bears unfortunate history and the desperation to try to save their jobs, Pace/Nagy will try hard to make it happen. And George M. (we know what the M stands for) looks on passively as the Bears continue to auger in…

  72. Not a Bears fan here, but if your GM puts you in a position where you either have to start Nick Foles or give up massive draft capital and incur a huge cap hit to get a QB, he probably shouldn’t be your GM anymore. As a Eagles fan, I can understand GM dysfunction.

  73. He’s not going anywhere. He doesn’t want to really, unless it’s Dallas, but he can’t just name 1 team.

    Notice that the other 3 teams on the list have the best qbs in the game in their respective divisions (Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers). By coming out publicly with that list he got to take a punch at those three qbs without actually having to enter a fight-he let them know through his fake list he thinks he could win their division because he’s better than they are but never actually intended to show up. Talk about transparent insecurity.

  74. The bottom line is no player is loyal to any team and the owners are not loyal to any player..they talk a good game about loyalty but it’s all about the money.they don’t care about playoffs or Super Bowl win…just money and ticket sales…one person in the league cares about winning and that Brady…7 rings to prove that!

  75. This should not be allowed, either by ownership or the NFL. In no way should Pace be allowed to deal with trade capitol in the either the form of players or future draft. Doing so will kneecap the next coaching/GM team when ownership finally realizes these two are not winners.

    Best Bears bets for 2021 is sign either Cam, Fitz or Smith – if they can do something with one of those bets, it make make a case to keep them – but do not mortgage the future with these losers staring at the hot seat.

  76. Seems laughable to me… we can get KJ back for peanuts and not even sure Macks contract has positive trade value, if it does it’s extremely minimal.

  77. Trading Wilson to the Bears makes no sense. With WIlson, Seattle makes the playoffs almost every year. Sure, Seattle could use a better O-Line and defense, but the Bears would even be worse off with what they would have to give up to get Wilson.

    History shows us that it almost never works out when a team gives up everything to get one player.

    Wilson is staying in Seattle. The writers have nothing to discuss, so they invent these silly “what if” scenarios.

  78. Seattle has a great receiving group. Chicago doesn’t.
    If Carroll really understood football players, giving Wilson a bit more autonomy would help. Chicago, in the modern era, stinks.

  79. I don’t know what’s worse: a cap clogging player who complains he doesn’t have 10 other All-Pros on offense, or front office people who get so drunk on acquiring a known name they will give away any draft capitol they have (and don’t have) and then act shocked when it doesn’t work out and they get canned for setting a franchise back 5 years with their stupidity.

  80. Bears fans just got pulled into some serious after school middle school drama…Seahawks fans are disgusted this conversation is still happening….

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