Tim Patrick: Drew Lock is doing the small things to become a great QB


The Broncos have been the subject of several quarterback rumors this offseason. Head coach Vic Fangio even said a few days ago that Drew Lock should expect to have some competition for the upcoming season.

But one of Lock’s teammates thinks the quarterback is taking things in stride and focusing on improving.

“I love Drew,” wide receiver Tim Patrick said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “Going forward I think he understands what he needs to do. And he understands it doesn’t have anything to do with his football skills. And it’s good to see. I’ve been in Denver for a couple weeks and his approach to the game has been 100 percent different than it was during the season. He’s one of the first guys in the building. One of the last guys to leave. He’s doing the small things to be a great player in this league. And understanding what you’re not good at and getting it up to where your talent is.

“I think he understands it. I think this talk about bringing in other quarterbacks has motivated him. And I think he should have a big season this year.”

Patrick has developed some chemistry with Lock, catching 51 passes for 742 yards with six touchdowns.

Lock started 13 games in 2020, finishing with 2,933 yards passing and 16 touchdowns. His 15 interceptions tied four the league lead with Carson Wentz. But his passer rating of 75.4 ranked 32nd, ahead of just Dwayne Haskins, Wentz, and Sam Darnold.

Patrick noted he hasn’t asked Lock what he thinks of the trade rumors, saying, “I kind of let it like nothing’s going on.”

Lock may be doing the right things to become a better quarterback, but he still has plenty to prove in 2021.

14 responses to “Tim Patrick: Drew Lock is doing the small things to become a great QB

  1. Great. Now how do you get him to start doing the big things like throw fewer interceptions?

  2. the broncos will have a great offense if lock can put it together. jeudy, patrick, hamler and fant with sutton coming back is a fantastic group of pass catchers

  3. Yep, and if trying hard were the only key, he’d be a great one. But……probably not.

  4. Many fans forget that football is a team game. When the Bronco’s defense lets the other team drive deep into our end of the field either they score or leave Lock with a very long field. That has happened a lot since Lock has become the starter. At that point he grows impatient and throws into tight coverage when he should simply look for an outlet or throw the ball away. Then there is the O-line. They’ve been allowing defensive teams in the backfield no matter who the QB has been for the last three years. If Lock weren’t so nimble he would have been injured even more. Then there’s the idea of reading defenses, Manning had it. Others get it too. If you throw the ball soon enough you catch the other team playing catch up and the QB cuts down on sacks. All of that is determined by a coach’s play calling, not Lock.

  5. “…his approach to the game has been 100 percent different than it was during the season…”

    Is this supposed to make you feel good about him?

  6. Lock is physically talented but mentally immature. He would have benefited sitting behind a veteran for a year or two but that’s not the NFL of today.

  7. I think Lock will be fine. He, and many other players were at a disadvantage last year with no training camp or preseason. He was also without a “#1” Receiver. This season, is the one I want to see before I give up on him. As for now he is Denver’s QB and has my full support.

  8. Tim Patrick: Drew Lock is doing the small things to become a great QB
    Like tying his own shoes.

  9. “First guy in the building, last guy to leave” is probably the stupidest of all the cliches. Patrick Mahomes works hard, but he also has unique natural ability. A mediocre QB will still be a mediocre QB no matter how many hours he puts in.

  10. Drew Lock is SOL in Denver, its just not gonna happen. He needs to be a QB2 somewhere else and learn the game. Less pressure…more mental reps. He isn’t a starter right now but his NFL career shouldn’t be over entirely.

    Seattle ?

  11. Pittsburgh or maybe the Jets ?

    QB shuffle this year. No idea, I say he does a “multi team back up job deal ” all for the same division. Haha

  12. He looks exactly like he did at Missouri. When it comes to big games and moments he shrinks under the spotlight. Until he fixes that he will be middling.

  13. “Patrick Mahomes works hard, but he also has unique natural ability”- Also having in the better wr corps, maybe the games best right end, a decent oline, and one the better offense minds in the game may have something to do with his success to.

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