Cowboys announce new contract with Dak Prescott

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys announced they have agreed to terms on a new contract with quarterback Dak Prescott on Monday.

The team said it will announce further information and details at a formal press announcement Wednesday.

The Cowboys had hoped to complete a deal with Prescott before the deadline for using a second franchise tag on their franchise quarterback, and word came last week that the sides were “progressing” on a deal.

Placing the franchise tag on Prescott would have resulted in a $37.7 million cap hit for the Cowboys.

The sides couldn’t agree on length of contract a year ago, with Prescott wanting four years and the Cowboys five. He played 2020 under the $31.4 million franchise tag.

Prescott was leading the league in passing yards with 1,856 before the compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle in Week 5 against the Giants. He underwent immediate surgery and a second surgery in December.

The team expects him to be healed in time for training camp.

28 responses to “Cowboys announce new contract with Dak Prescott

  1. Yes!
    A 4 year deal for $160 million.
    Definitely guarantees us 8-8 until 2025!

  2. And now, they will have no money to sign needed positions on Defense, will need to Gallup to free up cap space…. for a guy that was 1-3 last year before his injury, lost to the Jets the season before, and has no playoff pedigree…. sheeesh

  3. Anything over 20 million a year is a rip off. Teams will never learn. In 2 years they will be trying to trade him just like Goff and Wentz

  4. Good lord. Tell me you can’t get the same results with Andy Dalton at $3 million per year

  5. I love how totally inept and lost the NFC East has become. This division was the standard and all at once became tbe biggest collective gong-show. Dak is going to Dak just as Jerry’s always going to pump his fist and Jerry.

  6. Great, now we are stuck with a barely mediocre, salary cap hogging QB1 for the next 4 years – plus a defense that can’t stop running water and a head coach that can’t coach, 8-8 would be overachieving

  7. Good to see all the armchair GMs chiming in. If only the Cowboys’s management team knew what you all know . . . .

  8. Who knows how Dak’s going to look after he comes back from a horrific injury ankle injury, but let’s give him a massive contract!

  9. In a few years teams are going to wake up about overpaying at the QB position. For years they did it with RBs until teams with good and modestly paid RBs showed the folly of overpaying. In the salary cap era, how many teams have won a Super Bowl with a QB making more than 15% of their team’s cap? Now we’ve got QBs getting into the 20% range. It won’t turn out good for those teams.

  10. Good for you Dak, you picked Jerrah’s pocket. But seriously, this is a mediocre football team.

  11. I would celebrate this but my NFC east team is a mess. It HURTS to talk about them.

  12. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JJ screws it up again! Another decade of mediocrity for “America’s Team” (yeah right)!

  13. Once again Jerry allows emotion and sentiment to cloud his judgement. Either that or Jerry truly cannot evaluate players.

  14. So that’s what 2 division titles and one playoff win is worth now? Pretty sure Fitzpatrick or Dalton could those results for a lot less money. The world is laughing at the Cowboys.

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