Report: Eagles have discussed Brandon Brooks trade

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There was word over the weekend that the Eagles are close to trading tight end Zach Ertz and he may not be the only one of the team’s veterans to leave in that fashion.

Albert Breer of reports that right guard Brandon Brooks has also been the subject of trade discussions recently.

Brooks missed the 2020 season after tearing his Achilles, but he was able to return to practice before the year was out. He is signed through the 2024 season with a guaranteed salary of $10.4 million for 2021, but there is no guaranteed money left on the deal after the coming season.

The Eagles have already parted ways with head coach Doug Pederson, quarterback Carson Wentz, and wide receiver DeSean Jackson since the end of the 2020 season. Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery is expected to be released as well and the reports about Ertz and Brooks make it clear that the changes in Philly are going to keep on coming.

12 responses to “Report: Eagles have discussed Brandon Brooks trade

  1. It’s still hard to believe they decided to “go for it” last year instead of rebuilding. It is a long overdue house cleaning but about 2 years to late.

  2. This is the year you get rid of whoever you can, get as many draft picks as possible, and clear space off the cap. Anyone who you don’t project to be a part of your team in 3 years can be moved for a pick. The Eagles will not be good this year, even in this division, so you restock, cut the fat, and rebuild.

  3. The Eagles are the best in the business at finding fools to trade with. I have no doubt they’ll find a chump.

  4. I wouldn’t like this move. All of the other moves im ok with. We need this guy.

  5. lol

    who is going to trade for a guard during a falling cap? cap hell has most of the league reeling

  6. This roster is getting obliterated. But, it needs to. Gonna be a rough few years in Philly as they rebuild.

  7. eagleswin says:
    March 8, 2021 at 7:30 am
    It’s still hard to believe they decided to “go for it” last year instead of rebuilding. It is a long overdue house cleaning but about 2 years to late.


    File under “2020, Hindsight is.”

    2018 ended with them driving for the game winnning score in a game versus the Saints that found them ahead for much of the time.

    2019 ended with Wentz carrying the team on his back, playing out of his mind for the last 5 games of the season, despite having nobody to throw to, and then getting concussed on an obviously dirty play. They *still* almost won that game with Josh McCown at QB.

    Why on earth wouldn’t they “go for it” after being competitive?

    And besides, what does ‘going for it’ look like in your mind? And how different is it from whatever you’d recommend instead? Would that entail “not” going for it?

  8. So now you have a young unproven QB in his ‘show me season’ and you are going to get rid of your best offensive player and one of your best O linemen.

    Yeah, this will go well.

  9. They really are intent on tearing down the entire team aren’t they? I had high hopes that the Eagles would be the team of the 2020’s decade at the dawn of the decade but now I doubt they will even be a playoff team until mid-decade at least!

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