Report: Jeffrey Lurie wants Eagles to support Jalen Hurts, not create a QB competition

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles have not declared Jalen Hurts their starting quarterback for 2021, but team owner Jeffrey Lurie is reportedly putting out word that he wants Hurts to have the job.

Lurie has instructed the team’s decision-makers to prioritize making Hurts successful in 2021, as opposed to creating a quarterback competition, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Mortensen also said that new Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni “understands that what the owner wants, the owner gets.”

Last month, Mortensen and Adam Schefter reported that the Eagles were likely to bring in competition for Hurts. But it sure sounds like anyone the Eagles bring in will be there to back Hurts up, not to compete with him for the starting job.

Carson Wentz will officially be traded to the Colts next week, and that will mean the baton is passed to Hurts. The Eagles might not be ready to announce Hurts as their Week One starter just yet, but it’s hard to believe he won’t be.

21 responses to “Report: Jeffrey Lurie wants Eagles to support Jalen Hurts, not create a QB competition

  1. I’m with Lurie. Adding a 2nd starter is only going to impede progress. give him one year to really see what he’s got, because he’s shown flashes to be the guy and the locker room seems to like him. Jalen is better than the QBs who would be available at #6 anyway.

  2. Jeff, please let your people do the jobs that they were hired and trained to do. Otherwise, I will not see another Eagles Supebowl anytime soon.

  3. This Golden Child qb decision with another smallish run-based qb is a bad idea.

    It’s just hilarious watching the arrogance as they sink into a period of outright collapse for years.

  4. Thank you! If they took a QB at #6 I think I would have had to reach for a 6 pack and down it all. Much better to take Chase, Smith, or even Pitts. Give Hurts a real weapon. Justin Jefferson would have been nice Howie. Way to be.

  5. When you’re in a division where annually 7 or 8 wins gets you the division title there’s no reason to not stick with Hurts.

  6. ‘Prioritize making Hurts successful’ is business-speak for Hurts is our QB or else…not a good message.

  7. I total agree with Lurie’s decision here. Even if they take a quarterback at 6, outside of Jalen Raegor (who has talent), they don’t have great receivers. Zach Ertz will be gone leaving you with just Dallas Goedert, and a banged-up, injury prone offensive line. Outside of Alex Singleton, the Eagles best defensive players are all over 30 years of age. Smart move.

  8. The Eagles are going to suck in 2021 no matter what. So, might as well give Hurts a year to see what he’s got. They’ll no doubt have a top 10 pick again in next year’s draft if they need a QB.

  9. This man was once a very hands off owner, however, he is injecting himself into the football side of things more and more often. And that is not a good thing.

  10. jeffrey turning into jerry?

    think the season would have been different with metcalf and jefferson in place of reagor and arceaga whiteside?

  11. Lurie is an owner who thinks that his team is a fantasy football franchise. He wants to make all the important calls when it comes to the personnel decisions. His GM is a yes man who is willing to take the blame for a lot of these calls. Lurie said that his personnel department scouts should all be future GM’s. If so when they leave, who would want their job with no satisfaction besides salary. I know money talks.

  12. What’s the matter? Is Hurts so mentally fragile that he can’t handle a little competition? He needs the job handed to him on a silver platter or he will wilt like a flower?

    The above was all said about Carson Wentz. How ironic that Lurie who was behind the drafting of Hurts all along and undermined Wentz, is desirous that the same thing not happen to his precious Hurts…

  13. Considering the story that came out after Doug Pederson left the Eagle, is anyone really surprised?

  14. Maybe he’s already tanking for the #1 pick in 2022 and hope to get a QB. The problem is there will be plenty of competition for that #1 pick–the Jags and Bengals don’t care about winning and they are better at losing than the Eagles.

  15. Now we get a little bit more clarity behind the former coach’s statement that he was getting tired of being told what to do all the time.

  16. I 100% agree with owner Jeff Lurie build around their young QB who has shown the ability to handle the starting QB position for the Eagles. Management is the one who put the Eagles in the position that they are in this season. They are on the books for $30 M in dead money for Carson Wentz who was a lockerroom cancer. Why draft a rookie QB unless he is the Clemson star build the OL and add some weapon on the outside and give Hurst the year to grow into the position and next season with an improved salary cap position and better draft capital.
    The Eagle will be in a better position with the possibility of two first-round picks in the 2022 draft and an increased salary cap to rebuild the team the right way…

  17. I understand what Lurie is saying, but the only reason the Eagles own a Lombardi Trophy is because they had a formidable backup QB on their roster. So while I understand what Lurie wants, I’d still sign the best backups available at every position, including QB. I’d definitely give Hurts every opportunity, and I’m not just talking about a few games, or even just one season. We always see where high draft picks get multiple opportunities to prove themselves, and often fail, yet lower draft picks rarely get one opportunity. And if they do manage to get on the field, they often only get a game or two to show something. That isn’t nearly enough time. Many HOF QB’s struggled for a couple seasons before putting it all together. If Josh Allen wasn’t a high draft pick, he’d have been cut last year. Peyton Manning, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, etc., would have never made it to year two. And the Kurt Warner story could have easily had a different ending.

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