Seahawks’ letter to season-ticket holders doesn’t mention Russell Wilson

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Well, Russell Wilson won’t be traded to the Cowboys, not with Dak Prescott doing a four-year deal. But that doesn’t mean the situation in Seattle is under contract.

Case in point: Via NBC Sports Northwest, the Seahawks recently sent a letter to season-ticket holders. The letter makes no mention of quarterback Russell Wilson.

It mentions receivers DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. It mentions new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron and new run-game coordinator Andy Dickerson. But it doesn’t mention Russell Wilson.

Some will pooh-pooh the omission, but it’s significant. Presumably, the Seahawks don’t want to be accused of promising that Wilson will be playing in the games for which the recipients will be buying tickets. That’s an acknowledgment, implicitly, of the broader situation between player and team, one that still could result in a trade.

While the trade won’t happen to Dallas, a trade can’t be ruled out. Is a trade likely? No. But the possibility is strong enough to get the Seahawks to exclude Wilson from the effort to get fans to re-up for another season.

9 responses to “Seahawks’ letter to season-ticket holders doesn’t mention Russell Wilson

  1. Breaking News, I will be the first one to say it. The new GM in Carolina came from Seattle and he is working on a trade for Russell Wilson. Just remember I told you so.

  2. And the “since 2012’s” collectively begin the process of unloading their season tickets and rediscovering their hobbies prior to jumping on the bandwagon in 2012… like drinking coffee and buying the latest Gore Tex rain gear available lol

  3. The letter simply focusing on the positive – and RW’s self sabotage isn’t positive. But…..

    Make no mistake about it – he can whine all he wants / but RW will be there for 5 more years….3 contract and 2 Franchise tags.

  4. The mantra in Seattle is “All In.” Someone on Wilson’s end has suggested that’s not the case; and Wilson himself hasn’t cleaned this up.

  5. The Seahawks, in a statement about keeping the season ticket prices the same amount, haven’t guaranteed Russell Wilson will be our QB this coming season…….oh, wait a minute……he is actually under contract for the next two seasons. I’m not sure if he will ultimately play for the Seahawks this season, but I’m betting it’s almost 99% likely.

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