Seahawks will release Carlos Dunlap

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles
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Word last month was that the Seahawks were likely to cut defensive end Carlos Dunlap before a $3 million roster bonus came due early in the new league year and that move will come on Monday.

PFT has confirmed multiple reports that Dunlap will be released. The move will clear over $14 million in salary cap space for Seattle.

Dunlap was acquired in a trade with the Bengals last season and had five sacks in eight games with the team. He reworked his contract to convert around $3 million of 2020 salary into the bonus that he won’t be receiving.

The Seahawks traded a seventh-round pick and offensive lineman B.J. Finney for Dunlap. Finney was released by the Bengals last week.

Dunlap had six sacks overall last season and has 87.5 for his career. He’ll look to add to that total by catching on with a new team.

41 responses to “Seahawks will release Carlos Dunlap

  1. A little bogus to ask a guy to re-work his deal, and then after he does, cut him anyway.

  2. Unfortunate because he did perform so well, but the Hawks need that cap space more than anything. Hope they draft well and find a suitable replacement on the cheap.

  3. Good thing they need to deal Wilson, lost 2 1st rders and one dimensional Jamal Adams has them bent over a barrel for 20 mil per.

  4. They must have tried to rework his contract, longer term, but it didn’t work out. They then figure he might be resigned later after testing the market. His contributions in his short stint would indicate that just cutting ties makes no sense. He is worth the money pending.

  5. Wow. This is why many players aren’t interested in reworking their contracts. Yes, it’s a business, but this is just a bad-faith maneuver, and teams shouldn’t be allowed to “rework” contracts in ways that ultimately allow them to dupe players out of their salaries.

  6. Wow. Classy move by Seattle , just shows players not to trust Carol etc. Basivly screwed him out of 3 million . Seeing as he played so well have to wonder if that was their plan all along .

  7. Business as usual for Penny-pinching Mode. They are sending draft picks to other teams for one year or less rentals and then cut them loose after the season. The result is a predictable early exit from the playoffs each season.

  8. I imagine the Seahawks can just turn around and sign him to a deal with a lower cap hit. Seems likely unless another DE hits the market that fits better.

  9. So, getting out of Cincinnati cost him $3 million. Probably worth it! However, this would be a stone cold move by the Seahawks if they promised him he’d get it back next season.

  10. So when the players complain, and what to get what they can, here’s the perfect example why. Pretty d bag move by the Seahawks if he is out that $3 million

  11. Look for Urban to bring him to Jacksonville. He was a beast for him at UF and still has a lot left in the tank.

  12. Wonder why players go after every penny they can; read this. He works as a favor to the team and then they cut him and he won’t get the bonus.

  13. BS on the rework and then stiffing him on the payment. Get it that it is a business, but he didn’t have to rework his deal when he came over.

  14. Are these releases by various teams about the reduced cap numbers for this year? How many of these players will get hired back?

  15. So, the reworked his contract and by doing so, ended with 3 million less? WTF?

  16. I can’t remember what Seattle gave up for 1/2 a season of football and a playoff loss. Whatever it was, it wasn’t worth it right?

  17. Pretty crappy move by management. I understand it, but it’s still crappy.

  18. That’s a low class move that will build trust between players and management.

  19. The window has closed in Seattle. It’s time for a new regime to build around Russ.

  20. Really disappointing that we cut the one guy and only guy who helped our D-Line actually do well last year… after he already took a pay cut. Seahawks really did him dirty with this move.

  21. I hear Zim needs some D-line help and he has a thing for his old players…

  22. Come to L.A. for cheap decent shot at Super Bowl . Plus you can show Seattle how much they miss you win /win

  23. Dunlap isn’t the first guy to regret leaving his old team for greener pastures that are often full of thorns.

  24. Gave up 14 mil for 21’ in cincy to chase a ring for a few games
    Good ridance

  25. I hope they find a way to bring him back. He made everyone around him better. THAT is a big deal.

  26. Dunlap wanted out of Cincinnati because he was being fazed out for younger players. He became a situational pass rusher on a team rebuilding. He took the pay cut so the trade could happen, and became a key contributor for a team making a playoff run, and showed he has plenty left in the tank. Chances are the bengals were going to cut him after the season was over, his playing time had diminished week by week, only played 12 snaps in his final game against Cleveland. He earned himself one more contract. Had he remained on the bengals, he gets cut anyways but gets far less in FA. Unfortunately with the current cap situation, 14.3 was just too rich for the Seahawks. If they can afford to bring him back after he tests the market, I’m sure they will.

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