Steelers website suggests Chase Claypool has “diva” tendencies

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The Steelers know how to find great receivers. They also seem to know how to handle diva receivers. A recent article on the team’s official website suggests that they perhaps have another one.

Consider this excerpt from Bob Labriola of regarding 2020 rookie Chase Claypool: “Claypool didn’t need very long to establish himself as a difference-maker, as a receiver capable of making plays down the field, and he was the offense’s primary deep threat throughout the season. If there was a negative, it was that it seemed as though Claypool’s diva quotient increased consistently over the course of his rookie season. Whether that turns into a problem or comes to be viewed in the future as growing pains will develop over time.”

Diva quotient? Claypool? He seemed to be anything but a diva in 2020, especially since the Steelers endured years of Antonio Brown. Also, it wasn’t Claypool but JuJu Smith-Schuster who was riling up opponents last year with his pre-game logo dancing and his gratuitous (and ill-advised) “Browns is the Browns” comment before a playoff loss to Cleveland.

As noted on Sunday, Labriola has a different kind of access than most media members covering the Steelers. Thus, if Labriola is saying it publicly, it’s likely that other team employees are saying it privately.

So has Claypool privately displayed diva tendencies? It’s impossible to rule it out, given that the Steelers managed to keep Brown’s diva tendencies under wraps for most of his career.

It’s definitely something to watch, given Claypool’s performance in 2020, his potential for the coming years, and the possibility that he’ll eventually be on the brink of free agency — like Smith-Schuster currently is.

46 responses to “Steelers website suggests Chase Claypool has “diva” tendencies

  1. “They gon’ get slapped next week tho.” – Chase Claypool…

    Right after his team lost for the second time in two weeks to the same ol’ Browns and shortly before the same ol’ Browns barely failed to upset the reigning Superbowl champs.

    Yeah….I think Chase has got the Divabug in him.

  2. Do ya think maybe the primary problem is some teams allow players to act out more so than other teams?

  3. What do we want from our NFL players? Every single player in the NFL has been whittled down from an extended pool of football players that have all been told they were the man probably since pop warner. I played on a not-very-good team in HS and our star players were mediocre at best but were still coddled and given preferential treatment by the coaches.

    So what does “diva” mean? He has an ego? He wants more targets? He’s not afraid to speak his mind? He’s competitive and doesn’t like to lose? WRs get paid based on stats, so of course every WR wants the ball.

    Aren’t these all things we expect (to some degree) from a top NFL talent?

  4. I don’t think Chase Claypool is a diva, but I think the writer was referring to his “Losing, never heard of her” tweet and his “The Browns are gonna get clapped (by the Chiefs)” comment.

  5. I guess divas gonna diva, but the Locker Room plays a big role.
    Funny how the Bucs don’t have a diva problem.

  6. Claypool had a few great games and you could see that the attention went to his head in interviews. This season will be different for him with more defensive attention than he had his rookie year. Steelers seem to be WR diva magnets!

  7. He is a young kid and is immature and acts like it on the sidelines too. Doesn’t make him a diva yet. A diva is a player that ignores criticism and coaching and does whatever he wants on and off the field without considering his teammates. Claypool is not there yet.

  8. Whining about getting double teamed, tweeting nonsense, sour grapes after losing to Cleveland. Yeah.

  9. Well when you learn from a Diva,work with a Diva,live with a Diva.

  10. Ever since the AB thing, Steeler fans and media are quick to label WRs as divas for anything. First it was JJSS, now it’s Claypool. Diontae Johnson’s probably next. The only one that won’t is James Washington because the guy has almost no public presence at all.

  11. Lately wide receivers seem to be turning into divas earlier in their careers. Look at Justin Jefferson, and now this guy.

    At least Terrell Owens waited until he actually accomplished something before alienating every team he’d been on.

  12. Pitt sure knows how to pick em! Priceless. As opposed to Belichick ‘s WR choices, yeah they do

  13. If.a “diva” produces multiple touchdowns and assist in winning, I can live with them … once the injuries hit, and
    the contracts more important than the team, get rid of him … what’s the problem:??

  14. He’s a Pittsburgh WR so of course he’s becoming a diva. Juju rode his bike around town when he started there and look what he’s become. Antonio Brown may have started the trend but they certainly haven’t done anything to stop it in that clubhouse.

  15. On this episode of America’s next top diva, whoever Pittsburgh drafts to play WR.

  16. Labriola is wrong and needs to stop saying nonsense. You don’t have to like what he said about the Browns getting clapped the next week, but the Browns are our rivals. Also, he was the best receiver on the Steelers team in 2020, and Tomlin, in his infinite wisdom, said he didn’t want to over-use him but had him play gunner on special teams. How many other teams have their best wideout play gunner? Oh yeah, he is a diva, alright.

  17. Let’s review…Ben diva, Le’Veon diva, AB diva, JJSS diva. Now Claypool is a diva? Must be something in the water in Pittsburgh that produces all these divas.

  18. I don’t get it why WRs have an ego the size of the universe. It does seem as if this is a problem with the organization, namely Tomlin letting his players get away with anything and everything. He accepts undisciplined players and lets them run amuck.

  19. Some teams think character is an important trait and try to weed out the bad actors with bad attitudes before the draft. Other teams seem to collect them.

  20. He did more in half a year than Harry did in 2. Lol. Maybe even a quarter of the year.

  21. Divas are a dime a dozen in the NFL. That doesn’t bother me. Just don’t go publicly disrespecting other teams. Every player in the NFL was a star player before they got to the league and obviously many become or remain stars when they get there. The lowliest 3rd teamer on the worst team in the league was a star player in high school and almost certainly one of the top players on their college team. There’s pride, ego, and talent on every roster. Respect that.

  22. didnthearwhat says:
    March 8, 2021 at 11:28 am
    Pitt sure knows how to pick em! Priceless. As opposed to Belichick ‘s WR choices, yeah they do

    11 8 Rate This


    Edelman, Meyers and Olezcwlewski (All Pro) say hello. lol

    Divas don’t get drafted in NE and they develop into one (Moss, Welker), they get sent packing.

  23. Quite the pattern. Mike Wallace is perceived as a diva, compared to the scrappy Antonio Brown kid out of Central Michigan.
    Then Brown became the diva facebooking live, while this rookie JuJu is getting love for his unselfish play.
    Now JuJu is the diva dancing on logos, while Chase Claypool is the rookie.
    And it continues.

  24. It’s weird how the Steelers organizations seems to have a slow steady drip of negative PR about all of their offensive players

  25. I didn’t have any exclusive access, but his diva tendencies seemed pretty obvious as the season went on

  26. The writing is on the wall. It’s Claypool’s call on how he wants to act moving forward. JuJu told him to work on his “Brand”. He is a rookie and shouldn’t be worried about his “brand” and doing TikTok dances. And he hit a rookie wall that hurt the Steelers and his play. Be a diva when you play like a star. I can handle that. Not three good games and … squat.

  27. Young WR, if you want to be a success in football and in life all you need to do is model yourself after Larry Fitzgerald. Class act all the way and a HOF player.

  28. People blame Pittsburgh and Tomlin for allowing Divas to emerge on their team. I’ll take the opposite approach and laud their front office for consistently finding so much WR talent. Tomlin controlled AB better than anyone save for the most recent half season in Tampa.

  29. Ok, he’s a diva and if he keeps it up, he will exhaust his welcome in Pittsburgh like his predecessors and leave in a huff.

    In the meantime, if he’s like his predecessors, he will put up some great numbers. Most other teams (among them NE) wish they had that king of WR draft skill.

  30. shocker… he acted after the disastrous playoff loss, what did you expect? He has the brand expert Shuster mentoring him.

  31. Everyone since Hines Ward that has played WR for the Steelers has had brain damage.

  32. Let’s face it: The Swann and Stallworth days are gone! Love it or hate it, football is now a totally different game played in a totally different world.

  33. I have a question – do you think all the comments which make reference to “race” as being a factor in yet another Black players being branded some negative term are deleted by White editors at Profootballtalk. It’s interesting how the conversation here never sounds like a Black sportsbar or Barbershop but rather a Trump rally for sportsfans

  34. Labriola writes on the Steelers website. He must have the go ahead to call Claypool a diva. He’s a young kid and if he wasn’t an ego problem I don’t see somebody that works for the Steelers throwing him under the bus. I mean A.B. going diva was kept in house for a long time. Sounds like an intentional public branding. If he’s actually not a problem then Labriola should apologize to the kid for branding him a diva.

  35. Satan says:
    March 8, 2021 at 11:26 am
    Lately wide receivers seem to be turning into divas earlier in their careers. Look at Justin Jefferson, and now this guy.


    Jefferson a diva? Pack fan jealousy

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