Allen Robinson gets the franchise tag


Wide receiver Allen Robinson has been frustrated in the past by the lack of a long-term commitment from the Bears and that lack of commitment left the use of the franchise tag on the table for the team this offseason.

According to multiple reports, the Bears have opted to use that tag ahead of Tuesday afternoon’s deadline. Because he had a $15 cap charge last season, Robinson would make $18 million if he plays out the 2021 season under the terms of the tag.

There are two ways that the Bears and Robinson could avoid that. One is by reaching agreement ahead on that long-term deal ahead of the July 15 deadline and the other is by Robinson signing the tag to pave the way for a trade to a team that would presumably give him the kind of contract he wants.

The latter option is said to be on the table, so there may be more twists to come before Robinson knows where he’ll play in 2021.

17 responses to “Allen Robinson gets the franchise tag

  1. Allen Robinson, 2 first round picks and more to the Jets or Dolphins for 2 or 3? Bears draft Wilson or Fields.

  2. Tagging a WR is such a waste of cap space. They are a dime a dozen. Good job Bears, you never disappoint.

  3. They can’t commit to a receiver if they don’t have a viable option at QB.

  4. Good move. This allows the Bears the flexibility to retain an asset with any number of moves after this including a potential for a trade that exceeds a comp pick.

  5. Could be worse Bears fans, you could be a Cowboys fan and the GM (if you want to call him that) just ruined your team for the next 4 years. Then again we (the Cowboys) have not been relevant for 20+ years

  6. Because he had a $15 cap charge last season


    What a steal!

  7. Not sure where this ends up, but the bears can’t just let him walk. Look at the WR corps without him in it!

  8. This poor guy may never get to play with a decent NFL QB. I’m sure he’s thrilled about this move.

  9. I am actually shocked that Pace did something smart by not letting A-Rob simply walk for nothing in return. At least Bears can at least tag & trade him for draft picks. They aren’t going to have any left if they give away the farm trading for Russ…

  10. Sadly a no brainer, no matter how you view the team and rest of the off season. Keep working from a point of weakness.

  11. Well at least he’ll get paid well for one season.

    The only thing I can think of is 2022 Bears have a ton of projected cap space. Possibly Pace is going to defer cash to next year and beyond.

    Still, no QB or OL. 2021 will not go well.

  12. Poor guy, I feel for him, he has to play for $18M. He wants a long term contract for security, he has been paid at least $50M in his NFL career. That should provide him with security.

  13. If they trade for Russ they will need a WR for him to throw to. If they dont, they can trade him.

  14. All this Bears trading many picks to get a decent QB should have every Bear fan worried. You won’t trade your future and get anywhere near the SB with the fellows on the market now.

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