Cowboys franchise tag Dak Prescott

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The Cowboys have already locked up Dak Prescott with a four-year, $160 million extension. But the club has exercised a procedural move to protect Prescott in the future.

Dallas has franchise tagged Prescott for a second consecutive year, which is exactly what the quarterback and his agent Todd France wanted. It is the exclusive tag, which would mean no other team could negotiate with Prescott — were he on the open market.

While Prescott’s contract is expected to have a no-tag clause, Dallas tagging the QB in 2021 means a subsequent tag would be Prescott’s third. And a third tag would require a 44-percent increase from the cap number in the final year of his deal.

Prescott also has two years in his contract that void the day before the start of the 2025 league year, which is after the franchise-tag deadline. So even if the Cowboys wanted to tag Prescott that year, it would be too late.

All this is to say, France has negotiated a deal for Prescott that has made it very difficult for Dallas to ever franchise tag the quarterback again.

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  1. They clearly feel he either meets their needs at QB or they move on from him after 3-4 seasons. No tags, no trades, nothing but performance based reasons for his next contract going forward. Concentration on his performance & resulting Championships the next few years will dictate what everyone thinks about the current contract. As it should be.

  2. First of all, this feels like a bad faith use of the provision. They have already “agreed” to a contract, so now they are going to tag him for the player’s future protection? Secondly, there’s no danger of Dak ever getting tagged again. After this contract and four more 8-8 years, he won’t have to worry about that. Take a look around…teams saddled with a QB and huge cap hit aren’t winning. They all talk about wanting to win but it seems there’s only one guy (TB12) that actually leaves money on the table for their team to sign other players. Dak isn’t even an elite player and he’s eating $40 million?!?? Unreal. What a mess this turned into.

  3. It’s gonna be funny when they don’t make the playoffs for the next four years due to no cap room for needed defensive players, and Dak leaves after 4 years, with Dallas left to rebuild. Again. Dak is way over rated….

  4. I’m not a Dak fan and don’t put him in the top tier of NFL QBs. He’s definitely in the second tier and I believe better than he gets credit for at times. This deal still makes zero sense to me. It would be different if everything else was in place for Dallas and they had a window over these next few seasons to get to a Super Bowl but it seems like a lot of the roster needs turned over and while Dak is good, he’s not good enough to change an 7 or 8 win Cowboys roster to 11 or 12. In fairness, most QBs aren’t, which is why this move just doesn’t make the most sense.

  5. I’m confused… They franchised a guy that’s under contract? Guess Prescot is requiring a “we’re not doing this stuff again cause it will cost you a 44% increase clause”.

  6. wasn’t this in the long explantion of Prescotts contract yesterday? Pretty sure it was. Prescott want’d the Cowboys to tag him this year to remove a possible future tag

  7. That’s odd. So why the who hah over the contract (which I believe has just been done)?

  8. The only Cowboys quarterback worthy of a franchise tag the last 20 years was Tony Romo. And, keep in mind that Jerry Jones neglected the offensive line throughout Romo’s career.

  9. The sound you hear is the final nail going into the coffin of what the franchise tag was originally intended for.

  10. Dak has pictures of Jerrah doing something unseemly. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

  11. So Dak not only gets $40 Million a year for 4 years, but Dallas won’t be able to put a franchise tag on him after that since it will cost them almost $58 Million dollars, for one year.

    I never heard of a team doing that, but it sounds like Dak and his agent have Jerry Jones by the short ones.

  12. bradytrainersellsfakecancercures says:
    I’m so tired of hearing about TB12 this, TB12 that.
    ….just because Brady believes in socialism and giving away his money doesn’t mean anyone else should. I will ALWAYS support a human making as much money as they can possibly get because at the end of the day that the ONLY thing that matters.
    Brady doesnt believe in socialism. Brady doesnt squeeze every dime from the team, because building his brand makes him more money.

    I am really surprised that Jerry caved, considering how bad Daks ankle looked.

  13. It looks like Jerry’s “the deal maker and we will never set the market” being a “Dallas Cowboy” should be an automatic discount contract means absolutely nothing. It clearly looks like Jerry “the deal maker” caved to everything and gave Dak and his agent exactly what he asked for, just like Zeke and Emmitt.

    Just hire a GM, between poor coaching choices and market setting deals for players this team will be forever mired at 8 and 8.

  14. Backing up a fellow connector I too am tired of TB12 did this and does that. While I support the overall argument that tying up so much in a QB is ignorant, especially a barely above average QB like Dak (wins, not stats count and he’s had some pretty good lines and supporting casts before this year) other teams have won. Mahomes could have exercised for more, he didn’t. And frankly I still think a non Covid impacted Pats team is a better SB bet than the Bucs. Because of BB. The Cowboys are just not a smart organization and haven’t been in a long time. Let’s talk about that instead of Tom Brady. Plus pretty sure the dude got paid in that shady organization.

  15. Jerry only has 3-4 years left, he doesn’t care past that, just wants one final ring so bad that all reasoning has left him.

  16. This will most likely be Jerry’s last huge mistake before he is turned out to pasture.

  17. The Cowboys will have one of the easiest schedules in the league. Besides playing in the NFC East, they will play the lower tier teams in their cross over games.

  18. “And frankly I still think a non Covid impacted Pats team is a better SB bet than the Bucs.”

    You’re comparing the current Super Bowl champs to a team with no QB? They played 3 quarterbacks this season, all looked absolutely terrible, and the older way-past-his-prime one was still BY FAR the best running threat on the entire team. Outside of Edelman they are practice squad level at every skill position. That isn’t fixing itself overnight. “Next man up” finally failed.

  19. Idiots. This is ridiculous.

    I absolutely cannot stand when fans try and play pretend GM like it is their real job. What sucks for Cowboys fans is that is legit what Jones & Jones Jr. are.


  20. #1. you gotta have a QB in this league to have any real shot to contend, although he isn’t elite which 80% aren’t he is more than up to the challenge to lead a playoff capable team, decent defense and coaching, scheme can beat any great QB just Pat Mahomes.
    #2. Dak has played the 5 yrs including last years tag for 39 million or less than 8 mill per year, so he has more than given Dallas a great ROI, The problem was not locking him up the same time Wentz and Goff got their deals at 33 per, shame on Jone’s for playing a game of chicken and losing, however he did get the 5 yr deal with Dak he was looking for because in essence last year was the first of paying a reworked deal.
    #3. I feel Jone’s knows a bit more about the TV contracts and cap situations moving forward as he has a big hand in those talks, 3 yrs from now Dak money could be the floor of what were talking about today, and in 4 years if Dak proves to be upper echelon then he will cash out again.
    #4. They better get better on defense or all this is moot anyway

  21. What this tells me is that Jerry jones believes the salary cap is going to be significantly higher than it is now (even without the COVID reduction) after the new tv deals are signed.

    If I am right, you’ll see a lot of players get paid this off-season despite the cap going down, by taking large, fully guaranteed salaries in Y2/3 with a smaller signing bonus and a minimal salary this year.

    It’s risky, especially for older stars, because an injury might mean you eat qb-type money in Y2 or 3. But for teams that can manage the risk (excellent drafters, comp pick gainers), it could be a way to leverage some risk acceptance to add a lot of talent at a low price. (LOOKING AT YOU, LIONS)

  22. imaduffer says:
    March 9, 2021 at 6:46 pm
    The Cowboys will have one of the easiest schedules in the league. Besides playing in the NFC East, they will play the lower tier teams in their cross over games.


    There are 2 cross over games. The Cowboys get the Vikings and Cardinals. 2 teams that are better then Dallas.

  23. I’m confused. Wasn’t this guys ankle pointed in a 90 degree angle a few months ago? What am I missing?

  24. objectivefbfan says:
    March 9, 2021 at 6:11 pm

    And frankly I still think a non Covid impacted Pats team is a better SB bet than the Bucs. Because of BB. The Cowboys are just not a smart organization and haven’t been in a long time. Let’s talk about that instead of Tom Brady. Plus pretty sure the dude got paid in that shady organization.


    You should change your name to subjectivefbfan. You will never give Brady credit for anything that he accomplishes. but will be quick to throw him under the bus for any reason, especially when he loses once in a blue moon.

  25. Well, it takes two to make a deal. They did one. But, I don’t see what dallas gained from signing instead of letting the market set his price. Seems like this deal is the equivalent of dak getting everything he wanted. Fair enough. But, this deal would seem to have been the worse case scenario for dallas. Why not wait and see if someone would have ordered this? Then match.

  26. Good agent? Bad owner/”GM”? Both? It’s an interesting deal, that is fairly straightforward as far as the years/money goes, despite being so convoluted.

  27. Suppose Dak does not have anyone to throw to? Suppose Dallas does not have much of a Defense? Good Bye Cowboys.

  28. Yeah because there were other teams willing to match Dallas’ offer…yeah right no one was paying him over $35m max.

    Dak and his agent just fleeced the Cowboys.

  29. So give a guy a big contract that you wasn’t sure about last year but give it to him now after a bad leg injury? You sure showed them Jerry.

  30. The franchise tag thing is weird. Dak apparently wanted only a 4 year contract (smart on his part) and by asking Dallas to tag him this year, the team can’t turn this 4 year contract into a 5 year by tagging him at the end. I don’t know why the team would agree to this. As others have said, this goes well beyond the original intent of the tag. All the “favors” in the deal appear to go to Dak – so his agent earned his money, apparently.

    However, we’re all viewing this through the lens of the current COVID-stricken cap. I heard on the radio the other day (so you know it’s true*) that with the upcoming broadcast deals the cap will likely be over $300 million in the next 2-3 years. Dak’s deal won’t be so crippling to the team at that point.


  31. Jerry was apparently a consultant on the writing of “the art of deal.” Proof that intelligence is not a prerequisite for being a billionaire.

  32. justsaying says:
    March 9, 2021 at 7:16 pm
    Dak is a stud QB. That’s the going rate for a top ten NFL QB. Let’s go!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    The stud QBs all have one thing in common, at least one SB ring. Garbage time stats that catapult you into the top-10 don’t make you a stud QB.

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