Let the top-10 quarterback misdirections begin

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Success in football is premised on successfully lying. As the draft approaches, the lying often reaches a fever pitch.

There are plenty of reasons for lying in the top 10 this year. If, as expected, quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson become the top two picks, the next guy on the consensus list of top quarterbacks — Mac Jones — will be there for the taking.

So how far will he fall? And will someone trade up to get him?

The Dolphins, at No. 3, could go with a quarterback or trade the pick to the Texans as part of a Deshaun Watson package. Houston then would possibly take Jones.

If not Miami, the Falcons would have to decide whether to use the fourth pick on a quarterback, on some other player, or to trade down.

Then come the Bengals, who have both a starting quarterback and a history of trading down.

These dynamics potentially explain the recent report that the Eagles don’t want competition for quarterback Jalen Hurts. That report could be aimed at throwing other teams off the notion that the Eagles would go quarterback at No. 6.

In contrast, if the Eagles truly don’t want a quarterback at No. 6, they should create the impression that they do, in order to enhance the possibility that someone will spring in front of the Eagles to take a quarterback, pushing farther down the board a player who better fits with Philly’s draft objectives.

Here’s the bottom line — the last thing the Eagles should be saying or leaking is the truth. Instead, they should leak the opposite of it. (Unless, of course, they’re trying to deploy some sort of Jedi mind trick.)

The same thinking applies to the Lions. They’re not running from the possibility that they’d take a quarterback at No. 7. That could be an invitation to another team to cut the line in front of the Lions, take a quarterback, and leave behind someone else whom the Lions would want.

These are basic themes that come up every year as the draft comes around. No team should ever disclose what it plans to do in the draft, unless it holds the first overall pick. Even then, there’s wisdom in keeping cards close to the vest. If the team trades down a spot or two, it can then claim it got the guy it would have taken at No. 1, plus other stuff as a result of the trade.

Discretion is easier said than done. People like to talk. The question is whether the talking being done is the truth. For teams that understand how to play the game, it never should be.

13 responses to “Let the top-10 quarterback misdirections begin

  1. the next guy on the consensus list of top quarterbacks — Mac Jones — will be there for the taking.

    The majority of talking heads have had both Fields and Lance ahead of Jones. I think it will come down to the style of offense that the head coach and team are running. There is a style that favors the traditional drop back guy, and there are those that require the more athletic runner/passer style of QB.

  2. I subscribe to the idea that less is more when it comes to that big hole on the lower part of everyone’s face. Let the schemers scheme and the writers write. Save your integrity & allow your actions/inactions do the talking. Too many enjoy the way they sound to the detriment of everyone that can hear them.

  3. This story makes me feel a lot better! I was worried the Eagles were intent on rolling with Hurts and winning 4 games, (if they’re lucky).

    But, if all of this devotion to a 52 percent passer is all just a bluff to ensure no other teams jump the Eagles to take the QB the Eagles want then that makes a ton of sense!

  4. Way to go, Eagles. Worst smoke screen ever. Are we to believe that the owner suddenly turned in to Jerry Jones and will be the acting coach and GM? Not that it matters, they will reach for someone with a second round grade at #6 anyway.

  5. Dolphins, Falcons, & Eagles should all have a QB at the top of their draft board. Tua & Hurts have proved nothing yet and Ryan is on the back nine.

  6. If Mac Jones falls to the Patriots, Bill should draft him and let him compete with Stidham for the starting job.

  7. In hindsight, The Bears taking Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson was a heck of a misdirection.

  8. The fact that you even mention Miami taking a QB at 3 is laughable. They will either trade for Watson or roll with Tua; those are the only two options and I’m guessing the latter is the more likely scenario.

  9. I say trade Wilson to Miami for Tua and a couple of 1sts, that would make everyone happy no?

  10. Trey Lance is the plum of this draft after Lawrence. Cool and confident under pressure, physically gifted, good size. The Falcons should trade down and get this kid, then let him learn under Matt Ryan for a year or two.

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