Lions won’t tag Kenny Golladay

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Wide receiver Kenny Golladay may be hitting the open market next week.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the Lions will not use their franchise tag on Golladay. Unless they reach agreement with him on a contract by next Monday, Golladay will be able to start talking to other teams about moving on from Detroit.

Golladay is coming off a season marred by hamstring and hip injuries. He only played five games and was limited to 20 catches for 338 yards and two touchdowns.

When Golladay was healthy in 2018 and 2019, he posted 135 catches for 2,253 yards and 16 touchdowns. Teams considering Golladay will be banking on a return to health and that form in 2021.

Golladay is ranked No. 7 on our list of the top free agents. With Dak Prescott signing with the Cowboys and franchise tags being handed out elsewhere, Golladay would be at or near the top of the list of players who actually make it to the open market.

12 responses to “Lions won’t tag Kenny Golladay

  1. Hate seeing him go but honestly its a smart move for the Lions. Way to many holes to fill to be handing out 16+ million to a WR at this moment of a rebuild. When healthy he is a monster but not worth the $18-$19 million a year average contract he turned down last year. Its good to add another 3rd round pick via compensation next year to for sure

  2. Welcome to Washington. Scary Terry + Kenny + Fearsome Foursome 2.0 = Super Bowl Championship. Everyone else is playing for second place.

  3. One of the few bright spot during one of the darkest and most perplexeing eras in Detroit Lions football history.

    A 3rd round pick and an absolute stud. Not sure if he can level up to the money he’s seeking but there was really no place for him here after hurricane Quinntricia completely destroyed this team.

  4. Golladay is kind of like the Marilyn Munster of the Lions. She was the good looking blond from the series and the only Munster who did not have a Ghoulish appearance.

  5. Best news he’s probably ever gotten from the Lions. He will be a great WR add to one of the many title-chasing teams.

  6. Made no sense to tag him unless there was a tag and trade at play. They weren’t getting more than a 4th round pick in a trade unless a team worked out a deal for him before the trade. Considering they are getting a 3rd round comp pick next year, it is a no brainer.

    You can’t start a rebuild by tagging Golladay to play in a non-competitive year. You can’t start a rebuild with 10% of your cap tied to a WR when the rest of your roster is in flux.

    If Golladay did turn down 19 mil last year, he did the Lions a favor. I highly doubt he gets offered 19 mil a year in FA considering the Salary Cap decreasing, but you never know… there are some dumb GMs out there. He was never a guy that got a lot of separation. Stafford is elite at placing the ball on contested catches where only his guy can catch it. I am not sure Golladay could be effective with a mediocre QB…

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