No franchise tag for Aaron Jones

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Running back Aaron Jones may not be leaving the Packers this offseason, but he won’t be staying with the team under the terms of the franchise tag.

The Tuesday afternoon deadline for teams to use the tag passed at 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday and the Packers opted not to use theirs on Jones. That sets him up to hit the open market next week, although the Packers will maintain exclusive negotiating rights with him until next Monday.

Jones is the top ranked running back on PFT’s list of 2021’s top free agents. He ran for a career-high 1,104 yards in 14 games last season and has scored 30 touchdowns over the last two seasons.

The Packers also have Jamaal Williams on track for free agency in their backfield with 2020 second-round pick AJ Dillon set to return.

39 responses to “No franchise tag for Aaron Jones

  1. The RB franchise tag was cheap this year, just 8m bucks. If the Packers didn’t want to spend even that on Jones, that means he’s gone.

  2. Hoping the Packers can find a way to keep him. Aaron Jones is the real deal.

  3. He is gone. Signing RBs to big 2nd deals is always a mistake and they just drafted a guy in the 2nd round. You don’t make that investment in the draft then spend against your cap, not at RB.

  4. Pretty much expected. The Packers still have exclusive rights until the 15th, but it would be surprise if they work out contract with Jonesy before then.

    Jones and Linsley were/are probable to be only major losses this offseason. Others let go won’t be huge issues. The Packers will be in good shape when all is said and done. Very good depth on the OL and Corey is fairly easily replaceable.

    Gute doing work. Let the master work his craft.👍

  5. No….it doesn’t mean he’s gone. They could sign him to a long term deal at a much more cap friendly price. I’m not saying they will, but they could. $8M for a quality back is about right, but when it all hits your cap at once, it limits you elsewhere. GB needs to think about signing a offensive tackle, maybe a defensive tackle, maybe an ILB or a corner. The need Jones to be cap friendly, or they’ll move on and draft one in the first 3-rounds.

  6. The best running back the Packers have had in decades … it would be a shame to see him leave Green Bay.

  7. I honestly don’t see the Packers locking up Aaron Jones for the long term, not without an easy out.
    It’s just bad business.
    The tag would have made more sense to me.

    Moving on, losing Jones will smart a little bit, he was an absolute pro, on and off the field.
    He’ll be missed.

    AJ Dillon has all the makings of an absolute beast at the position.
    Looking forward to him growing into his role on this team.

    Jamaal Williams is still a possibility, in my opinion.
    Cheaper option, stability and knowledge of Matt LaFleur’s offense would be a plus with this move.

    I like the idea of signing James White.
    He’d be an immediate fix, especially in the passing attack.
    Regardless of what transpires in free agency, you can count on GB selecting a RB on day 3 of the draft to battle for a roster spot with a few UFAs
    Big picture, Folks. Big picture.

  8. If they hand the keys to Dillon AKA Feastmode 2.0, it will be a MAJOR mistake.

  9. Seahawks not tagging Carson seems to mean they just might make a run at Jones. That would be an interesting backfield asset for Russell to use in both the run and passing game.

  10. VERY sad to see him go.

    But thrilled at the idea of Dillon doing a Derrick Henry impersonation.

  11. The best running back the Packers have had in decades

    I’ll take Ahman Green 100 of 100 times.

    Ryan Grant was grossly underrated also.

  12. I understand that paying running backs is a risky business, but the Packers should be going all out trying to win the Super Bowl and you can’t tell me they are a better team without Aaron Jones.

  13. Guessing Jones thinks he is worth far more than $8 million (probably wants to be in Zeke’s range) and Green Bay isn’t going to bother with that headache. Not to mention 2nd contracts for RB’s generally don’t go well with the rapid drop off of talent at they get closer to thirty. Modern NFL’s RB’s are simply not worth much anymore.

  14. I don’t understand why they hate Jones so much in greenbay. Kid is both good on and off the field and was fun to watch. Did nothing but out perform his contract for them.

    mccarthy just about ruined him, then as FREE likes to say a lot “gutey” lowballs him on the only contract offer they made with little to no guaranteed money.

    Guess they are rolling with dillon, maybe williams – karma is a fickle mistress

  15. Come to Seattle, give Russ a new weapon! Carson is grest but too often hurt or playing hurt.

  16. He’s a good, versatile back with skills well-suited to today’s NFL offenses, particularly the Pack’s offense (moreso than Williams or Dillon). It will be interesting to see what he can get on the open market with RBs devalued and the cap set so low. Under those circumstances, him re-signing with the Pack shouldn’t be ruled out just cause they didn’t tag him.

  17. Packers are playing a dangerous game with a major part of their offense. Jones really matured in that offense and got better every year. Replacing him won’t be easy. Neither backup was ever close to usurping Jones at any time during the season, so if Jones leaves the backfield becomes a huge question mark and those aren’t good to have when the QB is in his late 30’s.

  18. “Corey is fairly easily replaceable”

    Easily replaceable?? It’s hard to believe that any packer fan agrees with free. Corey was first team all Pro in 2020. The last packer center that was first team all Pro was Jim Ringo in 1963. Yeah they grow on trees.

  19. I hope he re-signs with the Packers. If he doesn’t, then it will be Jamaal Williams they bring back.

  20. So we are going to lose a proven commodity and roll the dice with lacy 2.0. What a disaster, they fire McCarthy and hire a skinny McCarthy. neither one can stand up to Rodgers and his ego. Rodgers in his mind does not need a RB, he refuses to hand off from the one yard line. This was all his decision

  21. The Packers are perfectly capable of tweaking one or two or even three key positions and still maintain their status as a top-tier conference contender. It all starts with their own division. The biggest difference among all NFCN teams and their expectations for success is still Aaron Rodgers. Nothing has changed. Can you imagine if the head coach was on a long overdue hotseat and the entire team was just getting started on a bottom-to-top rebuild, and your off-season began at Thanksgiving! That would be tough. The Packers’ problems aren’t that bad, in comparison.

  22. The Packers are indeed now working on re-signing Jonesy. That would be great, but as I said above it would be surprising if the Pack can get a deal worked out with Jones that quickly.

    A lot of moves being made all over the league. Nice to be able to check in here a couple times a day when I get a free minute.

    The articles have been great. I have the comments section blocked so I can’t read or see any of the comments, but that is a positive as well.

    Nice work PFT!

  23. Our Vikings should make a run at him. Then we’d have a solid performer at the RB position.

  24. Easily replaceable?? It’s hard to believe that any packer fan agrees with free. Corey was first team all Pro in 2020. The last packer center that was first team all Pro was Jim Ringo in 1963. Yeah they grow on trees.

    My suspicion is, they are going to slide Jenkins over, and start Runyan @ G.

    Regardless of what tehy do, I am confident they will be able to replace him in pretty short order.

    No team has been better with interior lineman; Jenkins, Sitton, Lang, Linsley, Tretter, College, Wells.. just an embarrassment of riches.

  25. So we are going to lose a proven commodity and roll the dice with lacy 2.0.

    Lacy had 3000 scrimmage yards and 24 tds his first 2 years.

    If that is all we get from Dillon, I’m totally, 100% fine with that.

  26. What a disaster, they fire McCarthy and hire a skinny McCarthy.

    LaFleur has a fraction of the talent Mac had to work with the bulk of his tenure. And look at the results.

  27. Say it aint so, sounds like the kiss good bye. BUMMER, I love me some Aaron Jones. DAMN

  28. The $8 million tag made it at least possible, but it was never very likely.

    Frankly, between lost free agents, the impending cap massacre (Green Bay’s still $10 million over–would have been $18 if they’d tagged Jones) and Bakh’s ACL tear, it feels like the Packers’ Super Bowl window has closed. There are too many holes on the team.

    Jones is a luxury they can’t afford.

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