Salary cap likely to be no more than $183 million

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The floor for the 2021 salary cap has been set at $180 million. As expected, the ceiling won’t be much higher.

As one source with knowledge of the dynamics has explained it to PFT, the fact that the franchise-tag deadline wasn’t extended by the league and the union can be interpreted as an indication that the cap won’t significantly exceed the $180 million floor. Per the source, the cap will at most be $183 million.

It could have been a lot worse. As the NFL Players Association explained in an email to all players, a copy of which PFT has obtained, the players received their full and complete pay in 2020, with not a penny placed in escrow (unlike other sports leagues). Also, the union explained to players that, without the CBA finalized last year by the league and the NFLPA or the negotiation in July that allow the season to proceed, the salary cap would have been “tens of millions” below $180 million.

The union also anticipates that normal growth to the cap will resume in 2021, as the new TV deals kick in and as stadiums (as expected) begin to fill with money-paying fans.

That’s good news for everyone — league, players, media, and fans. And it’s another sign that, gradually but inevitably, normalcy will return.

14 responses to “Salary cap likely to be no more than $183 million

  1. Lots of veteran players will be getting pink slips this year. If they want to continue their careers, it will be at a lot less money.

  2. You’re going to see a lot of 1 year deals and players going to teams that you wouldn’t expect them to go (i.e. perennial bottom-feeders).

  3. I saw another commentator suggest franchise tags be lower accordingly. This is a fair argument if was tied to a percentage of the cap. A better argument is they should borrow from future years this year.

  4. The NFL salary is miserable compared to the NBA or Major League Baseball. Plus, contracts aren’t always guaranteed. Shameful!

  5. I bet there won’t even be a season in 2020..

    I always make fun of these people and my comments get erased.

  6. It’s hard for me to believe that the most lucrative league in the world can’t weather this storm.

  7. Players didn’t want escrow or a flat cap. Lots of players gonna need to take a deal with low cap hit year 1 and roster bonus year 2 teams can restructure and back loaded

  8. This could be a blessing for players. Take a cheap 1 year deal, play well, and make bank when the cap gets back to normal.

  9. Dak and Cooper account for $60 mil($1/3) of that $183 mil, handcuffing the Boys for years

  10. We have already seen that the Teams are on top of this – Just layoff the vetereans who make the league. No sweat to the owners!

  11. jkossrt says:
    March 9, 2021 at 8:06 pm
    It’s hard for me to believe that the most lucrative league in the world can’t weather this storm.
    I think they were the only league to have a full season in 2020 and are about to sign the most lucrative TV deal in the history of human-kind. Yeah…they’re doing awful.

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