Dak Prescott says he’s healthy and will be ready “when it matters”

NFL: OCT 11 Giants at Cowboys
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Dak Prescott needed immediate surgery after a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle Oct. 11. He needed a follow-up surgery in December.

The Cowboys quarterback showed up at a news conference after signing his four-year, $160 million deal wearing two shoes and walking without a limp.

“I thought about jogging and jumping up on the stage, but I don’t know if y’all are ready for that,” Prescott said Wednesday. “But I’m healthy. I obviously haven’t talked to you guys. Thank you for the support. Thank Cowboy Nation. Everyone out there that was praying for me, sending their condolences, that’s a feeling that I’ll never be able to put into words to be in that hospital bed and not knowing really what’s going to happen, sitting there just coming out of surgery. But getting all the support from family, from coaches, from former coaches, from teammates and Cowboys Nation and even a lot of you, I’m just so thankful for that.

“But I’m healthy. As I said, I control what I control. I followed the doctor’s orders the whole time, put in my own work ethic to it and you saw me walking out here. I’ve been on that field back there. I’m healthy. I’m getting close. But I’ll be ready when it matters.”

Prescott’s initial prognosis was four to six months. It is unclear how the second surgery affected the timeline, and Prescott did not elaborate when asked when he would be 100 percent.

“When I first got hurt, the one thing I said I wasn’t going to do was put a time point on it, because of so many different variables and things that can come up,” Prescott said. “As I say, I’m ready and I’m getting close. I feel good. You saw me walk out here. I can do a lot of things that I obviously couldn’t do weeks ago and even days ago that I’m doing today. So it’s hard to say that I’ll ready in this time or that time, but I’ll be ready when it matters, and I’ll be more than healthy and better than I was before.”

Prescott was leading the league in passing yards when his season ended. He finished his fifth season with 1,856 yards, nine touchdowns and four interceptions in five games.

13 responses to “Dak Prescott says he’s healthy and will be ready “when it matters”

  1. His 5-13 record against winning teams the last three years undermines the notion that he is ready when it matters.

  2. Go Dak, Go! Show em you deserve every nickel of your fat dollar contract!

  3. They’re paying you a lot of money. You better be ready when they want you to be ready.

  4. Well that settles it then – Winning NFL Games do not matter unless he is paid 3x more then what he is worth. Over paid QB means = No SuperBowl for your Team

  5. Got money that says he wont make a difference behind a weak and often injured oline and a horrible defense!!!

  6. Dak’s getting paid like he has a ring already. QB’s without a ring who have gotten paid like that (I’m talking top 3 QB money at the time of signing), I don’t think any of them won a SB. Being in a worst division of all time(maybe, perhaps)is great for getting easy wins and getting into post (or maybe not) but when he has to face a winning team, Dak is mediocre at best.

  7. I’m happy that he was able to get healthy and get his money, not his fault for cashing in.

    That being said, he better be ready for 40m a year. No more excuses now, stat padding vs the East won’t work anymore.

  8. Despite getting paid and being ready to go, Dak wont be a Patrick Mahones, but will remain a higher paid version of Tony Romo or Danny White with good stats but zero championships. Last year before his injury he was unable to win (1 fluke victory), why is the expectation different moving forward?

    According to Spotrac, Dallas now has the league’s second-highest-paid quarterback, tied-for-second-highest-paid running back (Elliott), fourth-highest-paid wide receiver (Amari Cooper), three of the league’s 40 highest-paid offensive linemen (Zack Martin, Tyron Smith and La’el Collins) and one of the NFL’s six highest-paid defensive players (DeMarcus Lawrence).

    Dak’s contract and him being ready simply means yet another year of Jerry Jones patented formula of training camp SB winner, followed by a season of mediocrity.

  9. Hey Dak your taking up 25% of the cap…..at what point do quarterbacks become smart and not egotistic. Any smart man takes way less to have a great oline in front of them running game, and defense. Oikos and other sponsors will pay the tab…..don’t get it.

  10. Ya I am sure you will be ready….to have to put up 30+ points a game because your defense is garbage

  11. As a life long DALLAS COWBOYS fan I hope Prescott’s $$$ will return the “Boys” to a good solid 8-8 season.

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