NFL sets 2021 salary cap at $182.5 million

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At long last, the NFL has set its salary cap for 2021.

The league informed teams on Wednesday that the number will be $182.5 million. PFT reported earlier Wednesday morning that figure was “almost definitely” going to be the case.

The $182.5 million cap represents a $15.7 million decrease from the 2020 salary cap of 198.2 million. The reduction stems from losses due to the pandemic.

The 2021 cap could have been reduced by tens of millions more without the NFLPA and league finalizing a new CBA and negotiating an agreement in July to have the season.

But with new TV deals on the horizon and anticipated fans in stadiums in 2021, the salary cap should be on track to increase again for 2022.

For now, teams will have to be in compliance with the $182.5 million cap by Wednesday, March 17, at 4:00 p.m. ET.

16 responses to “NFL sets 2021 salary cap at $182.5 million

  1. If I’m a free agent this year, I sign a one year deal, or a low first year payment with large increases in year two or three. If what has been reported, the new tv deals are going to increase significantly, so the money will be there after this year.

  2. Should be some very good players on the market for cheap next week. So Brett Veach its time to rebuild that Chiefs decimated O-line….

  3. Yikes. There are going to be a lot of veterans who have to settle for less than they thought entering free agency.

  4. The process of Cap Carryover needs full examination and explanation. Seemingly, Some teams have huge numbers from not paying players at the full cap limit in previous years. What other ways can a team create carryover cap? Are there limits?

    The league should consider allowing teams to trade “carryover cap” for draft picks or players. Much like carbon footprint exchanges in business. It would allow that money to be dispersed to the players. Win/win.

  5. so this set the saints at 47 mill over lol can’t wait to see mickey work this one

  6. I don’t know how anyone can be loyal to any team when these guys are all about the money!!

  7. Lots of teams are going to get rid of good players to get below the cap…. This is going to be interesting

  8. How much pulled forward by owners to make it to $182.5? (I.e., any additional reductions in future years vs formula)?

  9. I would still love to get an honest answer from Roseman and Lurie why they decided to “go for it” last year knowing that the Eagles were going to absolutely get killed by the cap being lowered.

    I thought they would be division champs (because of the horrible division) but in no way were they favored to go deep in the playoffs even then.

  10. Billionaires crying self-inflicted poverty to limit salaries to Millionaires. Meanwhile season tickets and beer prices will go up… smh

  11. This actually amuses me. The billionaire owners could have sucked it up for one year, but we all knew they never would. Instead, many teams are over the cap, and many players will be dumped and left high and dry. Oh well. I love the NFL, but I do not for a second think the owners and the players care about anything except the almighty dollar.

  12. Teams will just push cap hits down the road when the TV contracts kick in and the cap jumps by 40%. This may be an excuse for some teams to cut payroll, but it shouldn’t be the bloodletting everyone anticipates.

  13. Olyhawkguy says:
    March 10, 2021 at 11:19 am
    Billionaires crying self-inflicted poverty to limit salaries to Millionaires. Meanwhile season tickets and beer prices will go up… smh


    This is tantamount to complaining about how a team’s schedule is unfair. Do you realize there is a set formula agreed to by the owners and players’ association for calculating this stuff?

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