Cowboys believe they “have already taken a major step with Dan Quinn”

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The Doomsday Defense took on a new meaning last season in Dallas as the Cowboys Defense ranked as one of the worst — if not the worst — in team history. The Cowboys allowed a franchise-record 473 points, topping the team-record 436 in 2010.

The 6,183 total yards allowed and 2,541 rushing yards allowed both were the second-most in team history.

The Cowboys fired defensive coordinator Mike Nolan after one season and hired former Falcons head coach Dan Quinn.

“We’ve already taken a major step with Dan Quinn,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said Wednesday. “I think he’s going to be very special. When we did our diligence, figuring it out with coach [Mike] McCarthy and Jerry [Jones] and myself, what he would be like as a defensive coordinator, it was nothing but rave reviews. His players want to lay it on the line for him. They want to play hard for him.

“I think we’ve got a lot of great players on defense, whether it’s DeMarcus Lawrence, whether it’s Leighton Vander Esch or Jaylon Smith, whether it’s a Randy Gregory, who is up-and-coming. Young guys like (Neville) Gallimore and Trysten Hill. There’s a lot to work with there, and I think he’s going to get it out of them. I think he’s going to put a system in where they can play hard and fast and confident in what they’re doing. And then if we go do our work in the offseason in terms of improving it, I think we’re going to check that box.”

Quinn’s defenses in Seattle ranked first in the NFL in points and yards in 2013 and 2014, his first two seasons as an NFL defensive coordinator. He has had only one top-10 defense since with the Falcons ranking ninth in yards and eighth in points in 2017 while Quinn was head coach.

“Quinn, in my view, has some great skins on the wall,” Jerry Jones said. “He’s got great experience. He is people-skilled. When you’re around him, you’ll see that. He’s certainly a dedicated football coach, and he’s covered a lot of ground. We have a lot of tape, so to speak, if you were talking about a player. We’ve got really a lot of information to look at to decide how he fits us. He was absolutely perfect for us in this situation to come in here. He’ll be extraordinarily influential in how we put together our personnel on defense. I think he’s got that kind of credibility.”

Quinn has his work cut out for him this season, but as Stephen Jones pointed out, he does have a few players in place to build around.

19 responses to “Cowboys believe they “have already taken a major step with Dan Quinn”

  1. Yeah…Why don’t you play some games first. You aren’t going to win anything in March.

  2. I thought Dan Quinn was the difference with Seattle’s defense. The Seattle defense hasn’t been as good after he left. I very sure the Cowboys defense will play much better under Dan Quinn. Let’s face it, it can’t be worse than it was under Mike Nolan. Quinn will take advantage of the strengths the Cowboys already have.

  3. For a team which only has only had one 10-game win season in four years, they sure get a lot of press.

  4. If things don’t go Well Dan Quinn can try and fire all his subordinate coaches and blame them, like he did in 2018, when he fired the OC, DC, and ST coaches.
    “We needed some changes”. They just forgot to add the HC and GM to the list.

  5. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid. It’s a 4-12 defense. Good thing you have over $100M tied up on the offense.

  6. Lawrence isn’t a bad player even if he’s nowhere near worth 20 million. I actually like Diggs and Awuziee as prospective corners and one can hope Vanderesch and Smith have a 2nd life. But even if all that pans out they are still 3 or 4 players shy of being a good defense let alone a great defense

  7. Blah, blah, blah! The same story every offseason. It is astounding that a team can be so bad for so long and continue to print money. Lifelong fan because I was raised rooting for the cowboys but they are a perfect example of most successful isn’t always the hardest working. They are still living off their glory years.

  8. Quinn is also the. Former coach of Atlanta. ay back when they blew a 28-3 lead in The Superbowl to Tom Brady and the patriots. But don’t worry cowboy fans. With Dak and his fat wallet the cowboys will be watching either from the stands or TV.

  9. Quinn was coach of the Falcons for 5 years and they had a bad to awful D in 4 of those 5 years. He’s not a miracle worker.

  10. Quinn is a great guy. He has great slogans. The Falcons’ players loved him. Unfortunately, the defense was even worse when he took on the DC role as head coach. It’s amazing how certain guys’ schticks fool everyone at first in every city they show up in.

  11. I still cannot fathom why they hired Mike Nolan in the first place. His defense didn’t fit their personnel, he was out of touch with the modern game, and he couldn’t relate to the players.

  12. I think Quinn is a huge upgrade at D Coordinator but he doesn’t have a lot of talent there to work with. With Daks contract, not too much money left for the defense.

  13. That statement is true, just about any DC hire other than Joe Barry would be a huge step over Nolan. The Cowboy’s D will be better, but it is doubtful it will be significantly better.

  14. You hire the Jones family to run your oil business. You do NOT hire them to run your football team.

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