David Culley suggests Texans may be willing to trade Deshaun Watson

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Officially, the Texans’ stance toward disgruntled quarterback Deshaun Watson is that they’re keeping him, not trading him. But that stance is starting to soften.

That’s the word from Jim Trotter of NFL Media, who interviewed Texans head coach David Culley for a podcast that will be posted later today. Trotter wrote on Twitter that based on the conversation they had for the podcast, “I firmly believe Deshaun Watson will be traded.”

Culley didn’t say Watson will be traded, but Culley’s choice of words hinted that Watson may not be a Texan much longer. Culley referred to Watson being on the roster “right now” and indicated that the Texans don’t want a franchise quarterback who doesn’t want to be there, saying, “We want guys who are all in.”

Watson is one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL, and if the Texans are willing to trade him, they could get a huge bounty of players and draft picks. Culley’s comments suggest the team may be coming around to the idea that the way to rebuild is to grant Watson’s wish and trade him.

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  1. The longer they drag their feet the less they can get in return. Many teams will move on and not hold up their draft/FA plans on he hope HOU will finally accept the inevitable.

  2. Trade him to the Jets, for the #2 and #23 first round picks and next years later first round pick from the Seahawks.
    Just don’t expect more, like Quinnen Williams and Mims and a #2.

    The Dolphins would also be interested, throwing in Tua.

  3. So he is just now realizing what the rest of the football world has been saying for weeks?

  4. If I was a gm (*I assure you I’m not, but I did stay at a holiday Inn express*) I would go no more than 2 1’s, and a 3, and a ,4 , maybe a mid tier player. No more than that. I get he’s talented, if you have a ready made team by all means. But see the rams, and see the seahawks. Note that they are over the cap, it is hard to sustain when you don’t have Young cheap talent.

  5. Also note Kirk cousins, and his worth. I’d be afraid of a qb who puts up huge numbers but his team wins 4 games. Heck, even 8 games

  6. it could also mean “right now” as in they’re looking to suspend him for conduct detrimental and recoup some cash monies from him.

  7. I think a deal with the Jets is very possible. Texans send Watson for Sam Darnold and the 4 first-round picks the Jets to have for this and next year’s draft.

  8. I wonder if Dak’s contract won’t spur even more interest in Watson. That $32 million he’s set to make in 2023 and 24 is looking a lot more team friendly today than it was before Dak’s deal.

  9. Jack Easterby, errr Texans are looking for a smart, tough, dependable QB who fits their culture but doesn’t need to be a good game day player, which fits the mold of a lot of their players.

  10. I’ll say it again: unless the Jets or Dolphins are willing to trade their top 3 draft picks (not a given by any means), this will be an all-out bidding war. Especially if he is not traded before the draft.

    Also, don’t assume Houston wants Tua or Darnold. They’d likely want to draft their own QB or trade for a proven one, which those two aren’t.

  11. He wants out of Houston because of Easterby and the Patriots way. Quite unlikely but wouldn’t it be funny if he was traded to New England lol

  12. Smart executives will recognize the trap here. Watson just went 4-12 with a bad team, so if a bad team signs him, and also gives up a lot of draft capital in the process, what do they think is going to change for the better?

    So a better prospect may be a team ready to win now, but how many of those teams need a QB with a huge contract who will cost them draft picks? All the good teams already have good QBs or can’t afford to upgrade at this cost.

  13. Sad but feels like an inevitability. Now it’s just about getting the best package we can. Likely that will involve the Jets or Dolphins, with the 2nd and 3rd picks being a starting point. Depending on how the team feels about Tua and Darnold, those guys may be thrown into the deal as well.

    It’s sad how far we have dropped following Bob Mcnair’s passing. Cal Mcnair has proven to be inept at running a franchise, and has managed to bumble his way into this situation. It started with siding with Bill O’Brien over our GM Brian Gaine (whom I liked and thought was doing a good job). Once Gaine was gone, they tried unsuccessfully to hire Caserio at the time before giving BOB coaching and GM duties. It has just been a collection of embarrassments. I can only hope that the new regime with Caserio and Culley can begin to right the ship.

  14. If Watson wants out so bad then trade him to the Jets for Williams, Darnold, #2, #23, & #34 picks this year and the Jets 1st & second round picks next year for Watson, Mercilus and be done with it already!

  15. I guess I haven’t seen enough of his games. He doesn’t seem like a superstar talent to me. Not worth three firsts and your best player.

  16. Welcome to the new NBA. Spoiled, entitled millionaires constantly whining! But that’s cool, continue to be a sports fan!

  17. If the Texans do trade Watson, I can’t wait to see what/who they get for him. I love this time of year almost as much as the actual season.

  18. Maybe a deal with the Jets could be possible if Texans send Watson & Tunsill for this year first picks, Sam Darnold, Mekhi Becton, and Quinnen Williams to the Jets.

  19. I can’t believe people think Watson is worth 4 first round picks. I wouldn’t even give up 1 for him.

  20. I don’t think the Jets are going to go for him. They’ve got an open shot at a pro-ready QB in the draft (and a few years of rookie contract ahead), a ton of draft picks to build up the roster with, and the cap space to sign free agents shed by the reduced cap crunch.

    That’s pretty much a dream setup for a new coach. I don’t see them throwing all of that away for the sake of a QB who will cost them all of those other opportunities.

  21. Don’t see Houston trading him to a AFC team, maybe the Falcons, 49ers, or Eagles.
    Could have 5 QB’s drafted in the first 15 picks.

  22. Watson isnt even worth a 1. hes expensive a cant win in the playoffs. Rather take a shot with someone knew.

  23. Again, he has zero leverage. He just signed a huge new deal last season. He isnt going anywhere. The End

  24. sorry but ‘franchise quarterbacks’ do not have win-loss records barely above .500

  25. Why wouldn’t they be? He’s a cry-baby and a malcontent even though he just signed that monster contract. He’d be an addition by subtraction. He’s just an average QB anyway. Better to dump that contract off on another team and start over.

  26. For the posters claiming Houston should ask for 4 1st round picks…..lay off the sauce. Not even the Jets are that foolish.

  27. Seems Trotter is trying to read between each line and parse every single word to come to some conclusion other than what was stated. If he’s correct, than maybe it’s good for Watson that his contract hasn’t kicked in yet and the Texans can find a taker.

  28. I just don’t see how a team could give up that many pick’s then probably have to sign him to a mega huge contract and then be left with no cap space to build around him. Makes no sense to me. The only way to get a QB in this NFL is to ether draft one and build up around him before his rookie contract runs out or pick one up in free agency. Any team trading for Watson has rocks in their heads.

  29. Why do so many think the Jets are willing to give up so much for him? If I were the Jets, I’d offer the #2 pick and Darnold and no more.

  30. Alot of people still think Houston gets the final word on where Watson goes! THE ball is in Watson’s court. He goes where he wants to go or The Texans have a what was it 162 million dollar Quarterback paper weight. Watson has the final word. Houston is going to have to take what they can get for where he wants to go or face having a franchise Qb that never wants to play.

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