David Culley suggests Texans may be willing to trade Deshaun Watson

Officially, the Texans’ stance toward disgruntled quarterback Deshaun Watson is that they’re keeping him, not trading him. But that stance is starting to soften.

That’s the word from Jim Trotter of NFL Media, who interviewed Texans head coach David Culley for a podcast that will be posted later today. Trotter wrote on Twitter that based on the conversation they had for the podcast, “I firmly believe Deshaun Watson will be traded.”

Culley didn’t say Watson will be traded, but Culley’s choice of words hinted that Watson may not be a Texan much longer. Culley referred to Watson being on the roster “right now” and indicated that the Texans don’t want a franchise quarterback who doesn’t want to be there, saying, “We want guys who are all in.”

Watson is one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL, and if the Texans are willing to trade him, they could get a huge bounty of players and draft picks. Culley’s comments suggest the team may be coming around to the idea that the way to rebuild is to grant Watson’s wish and trade him.