David Culley: “We are very committed to Deshaun [Watson] as our quarterback”

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
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Mixed signals are coming from one of the most mixed-up teams in pro sports.

Texans coach David Culley gave Jim Trotter of NFL Media the impression that the team is willing to trade quarterback Deshaun Watson. During a Thursday press conference, however, Culley reiterated the team’s position that Watson is going nowhere.

“We are very committed to Deshaun as our quarterback,” Culley said. He reiterated that position at least once during the press conference.

Culley also said that there’s no contingency plan if/when Watson goes, because Watson is the quarterback. Culley likewise said, as to the notion that Watson wants out, it’s “not a matter of me trying to change anybody’s mind.”

Although Culley declined to comment on his conversation(s) with Waston, Culley said this when pressed on Watson wanting out: “I don’t know about him not wanting to be a Houston Texan.” Culley separately said that Watson is committed to being a Texan. (When pressed to explain that, Culley said several things but not, “He told me so.”)

So, basically, something doesn’t add up. Which is no surprise, given that over the past couple of years, nothing about the Texans has added up.

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  1. At least they referred to him by name this time. Last press conference they would only refer to him as “the player”

  2. Hmmn, what should we believe, a reporter’s impression of what the coach said, or what the coach is actually saying? Hmmn.

  3. You-know-what flows downhill.
    A month or so ago I referred to the Texans owner as the NFL’s Donald Sterling.
    You refused to post it.
    Second thoughts ?

  4. Playing hardball on this might actually be one of the few smart things they’ve done lately. If someone wants to trade for Watson, that team better be ready to send a huge trade offer. Or, if Deshaun really has the stones to sit out all season and forfeit all that money, then make him prove it.

    Why should they just concede that their young franchise QB has to be dealt now because he’s not happy, 6 months after signing a huge extension?

  5. You must of misunderstood what he meant – this is what he was really thinking:

    “We are committed to Deshaun…..and the QB position.”

  6. You what else doesn’t add up? A team winning a Super Bowl with Watson’s current contract. On his rookie contract the Texans were a winning team. They had to ship Hopkins out to pay Watson and would have cut Watt if he didn’t ask for his release. Any team that gives up a lot to acquire Watson would be making an enormous mistake because he simply is not good enough at his current salary.

  7. In other words they are an absolutely clueless organization with zero leadership. Good luck with that. Sorry Texan fans. Gonna be a rough couple seasons.

  8. You might want to marry Miss America, but she doesn’t want to marry you. Don’t embarress yourself.

  9. What’s the big deal with trading? Define what you want in return and find a trade partner and move on. Teams will send a boat load of draft picks so why not?

  10. Watson is a very good quarterback but where is the market to bring him on to a team that is good but could be great with well positioned first round draft choices. Even the Jets want to build with the draft. The Texans will not be enticed to trade Watson without receiving many first round picks. However the media goes on and on with the same false narrative that the Miami Dolphins will give up their great draft picks for one player. Really!

  11. Culley separately said that Watson is committed to being a Texan.


    He absolutely is, by virtue of that contract he signed not even a year ago

  12. “I David Culley being of sound mind, recant my previous statement that it is inevitable that we are trading DeShaun Watson. Per the memo that I received in my inbox after having made that statement.”

  13. DW is under contract, just got a $27 million check, which I doubt he’s willing to give back, why would they trade him. Texans only have to pay him $10 million this year, and if he sits out he owes them $20 million this year. Just from a salary cap stand point there’s no reason for the Texans to trade him until next year.

  14. The ideal scenario is for the Texans to keep Watson, draft a quarterback early and let them compete for the starting job.

  15. In other more important news Watson hasn’t won anything, but is now acting like he’s a multiple Superbowl winner unhappy that he isn’t being paid, or treated like one. Call me back when you’ve won something DeShaun. You know like anything..TD title? Yards leader? Completions percentage? Most consecutive passes without an interception? Anything at all

  16. No, what it is is the media once again conflicting reports in order to garner headlines and click bait. One person says one thing and immediately the media “interprets” it to mean another. Nothing new about that.

  17. Yawn……………….Lots of sound and fury signifying nothing….

  18. This is code for: “we haven’t got a deal close to anything we would even remotely consider taking another team up on”.

  19. Honest David Cully:

    Yes, obviously we’re going to trade him, but our official stance for now is to continue to pretend we aren’t, to make teams that want him drive up their offers until they reach desperation just before the draft, which is when we plan to accept the best offer on the table. However, it appears that I let my guard down during this interview enough that the interviewer was able to ascertain our true plans, so I’m currently in damage control mode and saying what I need to re-affirm our “not trading him” ruse.

    Also, even though I’ve been the head coach of this team less than six weeks, I regret accepting the offer, and fear it may ruin my long-term career prospects.

  20. He’s still on the roster. If he chooses not to play, that’s his decision. There’s absolutely no reason for the team to pretend they don’t want him. There’s also no reason for them to eat the cap penalty associated with trading him unless they get an offer they can’t refuse.

  21. Nothing wrong with Culley saying they want guys who are all in.

    Watson signed a huge contract and is essentially now saying to heck with his fellow players and coaches over personnel matters that have nothing to do with him.

    That’s not a team guy, and all-in guy. That’s a “only in if everything is going my way all the time” guy.

  22. i do not know the owner of the Texans. However a committed owner can wait out a player if they want to. They will still own the team if they go 0-16. ask the Browns.

    Now coaches and gms-thats something else. But a committed owner-who knows,

  23. I hope the Texans sit on him for at least a year if not more. He took their 27 million, so either play or sit. I used to be a Watson fan but it seems to be there is ether something mentally wrong with him, or he’s just a bad guy.

  24. He signed a contract…make him honor it. If he wants to sit at home…then so be it.

  25. Deshaun Watson is a top 5 quarterback, but trades with guys like him almost NEVER happen. The number of draft picks and money a team will have to give up to get him will guarantee that the team will not be able to afford a supporting cast.

    If Watson does want to be traded, he’s going to have to allow his contract to be modified…as in less money. I don’t see that happening.

    THis is a lose-lose for Watson and Houston.

  26. So we have competing & contradictory articles here on Watson. On one hand we got the writer hearing what he wants to hear and coming to his own conclusion. If the writer is correct in his assumption then the head coach here is being completely delusional and in denial.

  27. I think the actual quote was “No matter what team he plays for, he’ll also be our quarterback.”

  28. Don’t know how this will end but I feel for Texan fans here. Has to be incredibly frustrating to watch if you’re emotionally invested in the team as a fan.

  29. Call his bluff and let him sit the whole season and fine him for not showing up to required stuff. He will come around, money talks. He’s under contract.

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