Jerry Jones: I’ve overpaid for most special things in my life

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Quarterback Dak Prescott signed a four-year, $160 million deal with the Cowboys this week to end years of speculation about whether the two sides would ever find agreement on a long-term contract.

The process included playing out one year on a franchise tag and the result was met by those who think the Cowboys wound up paying too much to secure Prescott’s rights for years to come. If they did overpay, the guy spending the money said he’s fine with it.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that “if anyone has ever taken advantage of me financially, I’m proud it’s the one next to me” in reference to Prescott. He also noted that people said similar things when he bought the Cowboys and that’s worked out pretty well for him.

“The truth is most anything that I’ve ever been involved in that ended up being special, I overpaid for, every time, to the end,” Jones said. “Anytime I’ve tried to get a bargain, I got just that, it was a bargain in a lot of ways and not up to standard.”

Jones said that there’s still money left for the team to make other moves to build around Prescott and the on-field results of that effort will do a lot to determine the final reckoning on the Cowboys’ decision to go all in with their quarterback.

64 responses to “Jerry Jones: I’ve overpaid for most special things in my life

  1. Rinse and repeat in three years. Kicking the salary cap can down the road but Jerry wants to win now.

  2. Well, the issue is here that your overpaying is going to force you to attempt to underpay for many other special things that you may not be able to keep or get with what you can cay pay them

  3. It’s one thing to give Dak $40 million a year to keep him happy; it’s another thing to tell everyone he’s overpaid at $40 million a year….

  4. At least Mr. Jones is honest, he has made lots of mistakes. Results of everything post Jimmy Johnson show the effects thereof. Can’t say he didn’t tell you so, Cowboys fans.

  5. So, Jerry, you are confirming that you did in fact overpay for what you are getting in Prescott.

  6. You have to say one thing about Jerry Jones, he loves his players as if they were his kids.

  7. Thats a self-degrading statement right there about how he values people (Dak) and things (stadium) around him.

  8. He’s not wrong. Cars, houses etc some things you just don’t go cheap with.

  9. Maybe Jones can overpay for a competent GM to make football decisions. That would be the best money he ever spent.

  10. The more time goes on, the more it’s clear that Jimmy Johnson had more to do with the Super Bowls than Jerry did.

  11. What a clown. Overpaying doesn’t result in a solid championship caliber team. Geesh

  12. The salary cap should increase a lot in the next four years, and Jerry will take advantage of that when he’s structuring contracts. I’ve always said Jerry won’t be embarrassed by having the highest paid QB. He’ll wear it like a badge of honor. It’s nice to be in position to afford luxury, and when it comes to your QB, you don’t get frugal.

  13. If I was Jerry, I would have taken a hard look at Washington’s Defensive line and made the decision to sell the team.

  14. He overpaid for Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, Mike McCarthy and now Dak “Borderline Top Ten Coming off a Demolished Ankle” Prescott.

  15. Over paying for special things? I’d love to hear some of those stories over a couple of beers.

  16. Perfect answer! The only ones complaining are the same guys driving $40k cars, wearing clothes from Walmart and the Gap, and working for other people. Why die living by someone else’s standards?

  17. Eagles fan here… Prescott is not worth top tier QA money. I’d place him mid-second tier, but good for him I guess. Not a clutch QB when needed the most. Also, the cap normally goes up yearly, so it won’t be as bad down the road. As for Jones overpaying, he did make an outstanding investment when he purchased the team. Perhaps he should have invested in Jimmy Johnson long term as well. The Eagles poorly invested in Wentz and this could be the same. Eagles Fly Eagles Fly

  18. It’s ok to overpay in life if you really want something…unless there’s a salary cap involved.

  19. The $10-15 million you overpaid for him is why 2 or 3 quality contributors will be out looking for a job in the ‘New NFL Salary Cap’ age of 2021.

  20. The problem is that he *hasn’t* overpaid for special things. He’s overpaid for *mediocre* things.

    It would be one thing if he paid a ton for proven winners. KC laid out a fortune for a guy who just won them a Super Bowl. Jones overpays for guys who just waste everyone’s time.

    After all this time, he still hasn’t learned that you don’t pay a player to get them to be better. You pay them because they’ve already done something so great you can’t live without it.

    Imagine thinking you can’t live without Elliott or Prescott.

  21. Yacht, artwork, stadium, wife, entitled kids, players….I don’t see a pattern.

  22. Funny thing is no other NFL was going to risk paying him that kind
    of money. We are not talking about a mid 20 year old Tom Brady here.

  23. unckleruckus says:
    March 11, 2021 at 9:20 am
    Perfect answer! The only ones complaining are the same guys driving $40k cars, wearing clothes from Walmart and the Gap, and working for other people. Why die living by someone else’s standards?
    The next time you are looking at a $40,000 luxury car, offer the salesman $80,000. By the way, all NFL players are “working for other people.”

  24. Except in this instance Jerry it’s a zero sum game due to a salary cap. So overpaying Dak means less money for the other 52 guys it takes to win a Superbowl.

    How many times do we have to explain this?

  25. There will be a point very soon where NFL teams realize that having a cheap QB(s) and investing their money in the rest of the team will flip the script on being a contender and possibly winning an SB.

  26. Any money left for the rest of the team? Jerry, Dak is good, but not 160 million good. Not even close…and who knows how that ankle will hold up? This is the most insane transaction this offseason so far, in my opinion. Get ready for the salary dumps.

  27. Well it is his money and he’s right about it he did overpay for something not very special.

  28. Zeke got paid and STILL hasn’t lived up to that contract. I expect this contract to go about the same way.

  29. Jerry Jones, re-writing the art of the deal, just say yes! Just say OK, give it to them and you have a deal, no problem…

  30. Jerry Jones is like an inexperience Fantasy Football player. They don’t know how to draft, but are enamored by a quarterback, so they take a QB in the first or second round, and then wonder why they come in last at the end of the season.

  31. Not a billionaire, so I’m not as smart as him, but I don’t understand. If you were enamored with the QB, wanted to build around him and were good with overpaying, why didn’t you give him $35-38M per year last year? (I know his agent really didn’t want to get the deal done as he was leaving CAA for a new firm and he wanted to take the new deal with him, but that’s another topic for another time.) You still overpay, you still feel good about overpaying, you just overpay less…or does it only feel good if you REALLY overpay?? The fact is JJ/Stephen lose in EVERY ONE of these negotiations. He overpaid Zeke, Dak, Jaylon and paid very top of the market for Tank and Zak Martin. Where is he winning anything in any of these deals? I’m not even seeing win/win. The Player is getting everything they want.

  32. I’ve heard that I’m overpaying for my car insurance, but at least that isn’t keeping me from being able to afford heat and hot water, which I may also be overpaying for.

    With a salary cap, if you overpay anyone, you have less money to pay everyone else.

  33. I’m waiting for the owner or GM who goes into the locker room for the last team meeting of the year and tells the team, “many of you won’t be here next year, and some of you are going to have to take a pay cut”. Then he points to the QB and says, “the reason for that is that guy wanted so much money to stay”.

  34. What you haven’t over paid for recently is a winning record. You also haven’t overpaid for any success since you stopped paying Jimmy Johnson. Sure Switzer won with Jimmy’s player but from there Jerry you have driving the franchise to it’s current place as lead clown at the carnival.

  35. But Jerry you have to understand that DAK is not special. He is an 8-8 QB on a team with a talented offense.

  36. Maybe you can’t win a Super Bowl paying Dak 40 million. Can you win one paying Andy Dalton 5 million? Mitch Trubiskey? Jameis Winston?

    I don’t think anyone is going to pay Baker Mayfield 40 million are they? Can they put a Super Bowl winning team around him if someone pays him say $25 million or less?

    The idea of paying a not-great QB something reasonable and building around him has a definite appeal in this era of skyrocketing QB salaries.

    But who fits the bill and how much do you pay him?

  37. When Jerry Jones buys a Toyota Camry he pays $50K because for him, a Camry is “special.”

  38. It seems like as soon as a guy gets paid, his production goes down. It’s happened with a lot of players. It will probably happen with Dak and his surgically repaired ankle. Jerry Jones is crazy to give him that kind of money.

  39. Again I say; the NFL has brought this situation upon themselves with the rule changes over the last decade or so. NBA teams are dependent upon that one superstar (ie: Michael Jordan). Now the NFL is being held hostage by the few quarterbacks that can play the game at a decent level. $40 Million a year for Prescott is exhibit A. All the other players on the Cowboys team will be squeezed financially, as will all of the other players in the NFL. The NFL will eventually have to fix the Quarterback situation just like they had to fix the 1st round player contracts.

  40. Translation: “It may appear at this time I am overpaying, but it will all payoff in the future.”
    Now the pressure is on Dak.

  41. I guess this means for his next contract he’ll give Dak $100M per year.

    If he wants to know why this team isn’t going anywhere over the next four years he should look in the mirror.

  42. Jerrah was raised in Arkansas. He thinks a Camry is something you take pictures with.

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