Mark Ingram signing with Texans

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens
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Running back Mark Ingram‘s set to continue his NFL career in Houston.

According to multiple reports, Ingram has agreed to a contract with the Texans. It is a one-year deal worth up to $3 million.

Ingram was released by the Ravens after their playoff loss to the Bills in January. He fell out of the team’s lineup over the back end of the 2020 season with just 22 carries in the final eight weeks and he did not play at all in the postseason.

Ingram had 72 carries for 299 yards and two touchdowns over the entire year.

David Johnson recently took a pay cut to remain on the roster in Houston, so Ingram will be looking at a complementary role in their backfield. Buddy Howell, Scottie Phillips, and Dontrell Hilliard are also on the roster.

23 responses to “Mark Ingram signing with Texans

  1. Always liked Ingram. He doesn’t have much left in the tank but he was never a burner anyway.

  2. Well we know who Baltimore’s lead back is, so there was no room for Ingram on the team.

    Maybe Big Truss would be willing to let someone play QB?

  3. After the way the Texans have been trashed by the media, Ingram must have had zero options to go elsewhere. Maybe he can be part of the culture re-build? Good luck to him. He’s had a great college and NFL career.

  4. This team has been a punching bag for everybody all off season. But they’re going to win more games some people’s favorite teams.

  5. This just puts to rest all the nonsense of “how will the Texans attract free agents”. Any free agent that wants to earn a paycheck will play for even the most dis-functional franchise. At the end of the day, most NFL players chase money first, and rings or whatever glory second.

  6. When he was on the Saints, he had the best “Want-To” in the NFL…
    in the redzone, if you saw the haystack moving to the goal line, you knew it was Ingram

  7. Remember the Texans just hired an offensive coach from the Ravens, David Culley to be their head coach. Ingram isn’t chasing cash and it’s not that Houston isn’t wreck. He has a coach he knows and trusts, that is why he choose them.

  8. Not a great signing – they could have waited to see who else was available and not sure he couldn’t have been picked up for the veteran minimum at some later date – guessing their new, ex-Raven head coach saw him as a fit

  9. Big signing, washed up RB with nothing left in the tank for 3 million bucks. That’s a big difference maker right there.

    You know, some teams draft RBs in the middle rounds and have them produce for pennies on the dollar, and save their money for more important positions. Just saying.

  10. Ingram runs hard. He is one year removed from a 1000 yard season. He was productive last season until he was phased out. Great work ethic, great locker room presence. Has a nose for the goal line. Contract is incentive based… what’s not to like about this signing?

  11. His best years may be behind him but this is a great signing. You’re not gonna find a better Teammate than Mark & that’s what this team needs.

  12. People talking about disrespect on the Texans after they paid 2.5 million for a 31+ backup that lost his job as the Ravens 3rd string RB. Wow, it does not take much to impress some people.

  13. Ingram may not have much left in the tank but he’s a team player, leader and all around stand up guy. Not a bad move from an organization that has made many bad moves over the last few years. He will be good for that locker room and they obviously need that at this point.

  14. supercharger says:
    March 11, 2021 at 4:35 pm
    This team has been a punching bag for everybody all off season. But they’re going to win more games some people’s favorite teams
    Win more games then whose team, the Jets or Jags? Those were the only two worse teams in the league. The Jets have multiple first round picks and a ton of cap space. The Jags have a ton of cap space and the top pick in the draft. The Texans have no first round pick and don’t have a great amount of cap space to grab big free agents, plus Watson’s cap hit jumps in 2022, so they have to account for that with anyone they sign to a multi year contract. It’s more than likely that The Texans win 4 games again.

  15. For a terrible organization they seem to have no problem signing guys or getting them to restructure. Hmmm, maybe they’re not what is being portrayed.

  16. Ingram is a high character person who will help establish a better culture. With or without Watson.

  17. Ingram still has some left in the tank and he knows it. He can still be a good goal line/red zone back. He does like to hawk td’s. With that being said, I’m afraid the Texans are staring at a three win season.

  18. Mr. Ingram played for several years in New Orleans and perhaps still has a home there and plans to remain in that area after he retires. New Orleans is a 5 hour drive from Houston and just a bit over one hour by aircraft. That might have figured into this signing.

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