Orlando Brown says “ongoing conversations” with six teams about a trade

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Orlando Brown wants to play left tackle and he knows that his chances of doing so with the Ravens are nil as long as Ronnie Stanley is healthy, so he asked for a trade last month to a team that will put him in that spot on a full-time basis.

The Ravens say they’ll do what’s best for the team and they have granted Brown and his agents permission to talk to teams about a deal. Brown told Mike Garafolo of NFL Media that there are “ongoing conversations” with six teams about a deal and that a new contract — Brown is heading into the final year of his rookie deal — would be part of the package.

Brown played left tackle before going to Baltimore and said his father Orlando, who also played for the Ravens, told him not to “settle for playing right tackle.” As a result, Brown said his desire is “a lot more emotional or spiritual” than simply about football matters.

“It’s a situation where Baltimore knows my plan isn’t to play right tackle,” Brown said. “I feel more comfortable on the left side. That’s where I had played my whole life. I’m a better left tackle than right tackle. . . . It’s been my goal to be a starting left tackle in this league. To be presented with the opportunity realistically, it’s hard for me to turn something like that down.”

Any deal Brown and his agents are able to work out will have to pass muster with the Ravens, so there’s still some pieces to fall into place. Garafolo reports all parties believe something will come together, however, and that may lead to Brown going on the move sooner rather than later.

13 responses to “Orlando Brown says “ongoing conversations” with six teams about a trade

  1. I’ll give Baltimore the second we get for Darnold for this guy to protect Zach Wilson 🙂

  2. I am a big fan of Orlando Brown Jr. He is a Beast! With that said, Zeus Jr. is under contract for one more year. The Ravens know he is done in Baltimore, but still have him under contract for one more season. They can wait till next year, let him walk in free agency and collect a 3rd round comp pick in 2023, or trade him now and get a first round pick. Anything less than that does not make any sense for the Ravens. He is one of the premier left tackles in the game. Still young and healthy. A trade to an NFC team would be win-win for both parties.

  3. He’s going to KC. They just cut their tackles and Andy has a history (Jason Peters trade) of valuing OL.

  4. The Vikings just cut their left tackle! Of course, they cut him because they are over the cap, so….

  5. Whatever happens Ravens are either going to convert their 2018 3rd round pick into something much higher or they keep a pro bowl tackle to match their other pro bowl tackle. The Ravens 2018 draft is looking like a really good one. 3 Pro bowlers, an MVP, a couple starters, and a couple solid backups. Their mistakes, as usual, were at WR. Neither on the team anymore.

  6. If the report is true that six teams are negotiating to trade and sign Brown then the Ravens are in a great spot to get maximum value. Nothing like a bidding war. Worst case he stays and plays RT for another season before going FA and we get a 3rd Rd Comp

  7. The Ravens should pay him like he’s a pro bowl left tackle, and figure out a way to keep him. There’s a gold jacket waiting for him on the right side. That would make papa happy.

  8. I gotta say, this whole “It’s what my Dad wanted” and thus an emotional must-have seems a little unprofessional to me, and also a little lame. Why not just be your own man and say this is what you really want? Seems kind of like an ungrateful manipulation. I truly doubt anyone is going to give up a #1 for him, but I guess we’ll see. If so, take it and run.

  9. Well, his father made most of his $$$ by suing the NFL. Every cent he got was deserved.

  10. This would be a shrewd move for the Ravens but any team trading for him better realize he’s going to want to be the highest paid OL in the league.

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