Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow is on pace to do everything we were hoping he’d do

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
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Bengals coach Zac Taylor sounded optimistic in updating the status of quarterback Joe Burrow, whose rookie year was cut short by a serious knee injury.

Taylor said Burrow’s knee rehab is going according to schedule, echoing comments earlier in the week from Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin.

“I know that he’s on pace to do all the things that we were hoping he’d do,” Taylor said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Taylor acknowledged that keeping Burrow healthy will require improvement on the offensive line.

“If we’re going to go where we need to go as an offense, then we need five pieces in place that can play together, develop that chemistry with one another,” Taylor said. “That’s an area we have to solidify this offseason.”

Burrow had his reconstructive knee surgery 14 weeks ago and is rehabbing in Cincinnati. The Bengals haven’t put a timeline on his return, but it appears that he should be ready for Week One.

8 responses to “Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow is on pace to do everything we were hoping he’d do

  1. Burrow is another example of how not to get a talented rookie on the field. As rookies they try too hard and over-exert while compensating for their lack of experience, all while train-surfing at 90 MPH. It rarely works or they get injured. It happens way more often than not. People ridicule the Packers for drafting and sitting Love, but it’s been shown to be a winning formula. We’ll see……..someday.

  2. Here’s hoping Burrow’s recovery goes well. Was there anyone who didn’t see an injury coming for him, though? Kid took a beating. Bengals – protect him better and get it out of his head that he should be OK with taking any hits. Get rid of the ball, slide, go out of bounds, whatever.

    NFL defenders are ridiculous physical specimens and will hurt you much more than college players ever could.

  3. I firmly believe the Bengals will overspend and invest in OL this year. The new position coach will make a difference. That being said, the defense will be Pop Warner caliber and many games will be lost by scores like 42-38.

  4. O-line will be addressed. It will look remarkably different from last season.

    Can’t fix both sides of the ball in one offseason though. Score those points quick and make them plentiful my man!

  5. They’re hoping he’ll be able to run for his life to make up for that atrocious offensive line.

  6. That’s great news. The Bengals finally got a top QB. The future is very bright. Just about every QB gets a knee injury at one time or another, regardless of their OLine. Just go down the list of QBs. Rookies. Second year guys. Third. Fourth, etc. Burrow still had a good year. Even if he wasn’t on the field, he was getting the mental reps, and as Tom Brady keeps reminding us, it’s more mental than physical. Just need a couple studs on defense, and the Bengals will be in contention in a couple years.

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