Brandon Scherff signs his franchise tender

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A second player has signed the franchise tag tender used on him earlier this week.

Friday’s transaction report brings word that Washington Football Team guard Brandon Scherff has signed his tender. Panthers tackle Taylor Moton became the first player to sign his tender on Thursday.

Scherff was tagged last season, which means that the salary of the tag is a 20 percent raise over last year’s total. That leaves Scherff in line to make a guaranteed salary of just over $18.03 million if he plays out the year under its terms.

Washington and Scherff could still reach agreement on a long-term deal. They have until July 15 to work on such an agreement.

In addition to Moton and Scherff, seven other tags were doled out this week. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott got one of them, but he will play under the terms of his four-year, $160 million contract extension.

13 responses to “Brandon Scherff signs his franchise tender

  1. If I’m tendered, I sign immediately. I’m going to insist I get that tendered amount in any contract going forward. That’s the only way to ensure going forward, that teams respect the tag process.

  2. Nobody is messing around about signing whatever offer they get in front of their face. if they can grab a pen fast enough they’re going to sign.
    With the lower salary cap and all the players flooding the market, guys are being smart to grab it while it’s there.

  3. Signing the tag makes sense with free agency coming soon, WFT could have signed a guard and simultaneously rescinded his tag

  4. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    March 12, 2021 at 7:51 pm
    Can’t believe they are paying a guard, QB money
    Uh, guards are among the protectors of the QB. The QB can’t do it alone.

  5. Sounds funny to say this, but 18 mil isn’t what it used to be. Top QBs make a lot more than that now.

  6. Just ask Russell Wilson if he wished Seattle spent more on offensive line. $18 Million isn’t QB money anymore, Dak just got $40 million per year.

  7. Ron’s made some poor decisions since he’s arrived and I gave him a pass because I thought his cancer treatment might be an explanation, but he over ruled the other decisions makers on this second tag and he doesn’t get anymore passes. Scherff has no incentive to sign a long term deal and I doubt he will and don’t blame.

  8. I don’t think over paying for a hard working homegrown talent is the biggest of sins…

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