Report: Tom Brady extension creates $19 million in 2021 cap space

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The Buccaneers are robbing Peter to pay Paul, but they’re still paying Tommy.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady‘s contract extension creates $19 million in 2021 cap space.

This implies that Brady dropped his $25 million in 2021 compensation to the minimum salary of $1.075 million, converting the balance to a signing bonus. With a four-year extension (the final three years are voidable), the $23.925 million signing bonus gets divided into five total years. For this year, the cap number becomes $4.785 million (20 percent of the signing bonus) plus $1.075 million.

That results in a total cap savings of $19.14 million.

This also means Brady isn’t getting more money for 2021. His terms for 2022 aren’t known. It is known, however, that $4.785 million of his 2021 cap charge will apply in 2022. It also means that the three phony years will trigger, eventually, a cap charge of $14.355 million.

Still, with the cap dropping this year, it makes sense to push that money into future years, when the cap will be up — and relatively speaking the cap dollars will mean less.

9 responses to “Report: Tom Brady extension creates $19 million in 2021 cap space

  1. dakota, this is how you win championships, not by making your team allocate 30% of the salary cap on you.

  2. A guy who never asks “Why isn’t there more talent around me?”

    Strange how that works.

  3. Kicking the can down the road is a no brainer for the Bucs right now. Who cares if they’re in cap hell and going 4-12 for a few years? They have a chance to go for 2 more rings now, take it.

  4. Pats fan here. Loving it! Not only excited to see how far Brady goes but also really appreciating his attitude. He is no doubt making good money, but he is also investing in those around him. I have no doubt the Bucs will spend as much as they can on their players to try and bring more championships home. So, more revenue for his teammates, a better quality team, and more chance of success for the Bucs. It is much easier for me to root for a person like Brady than a QB who pushes for every dime/advantage they can personally get (often at the expense of their teammates).

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