Bears gain $23 million in cap space with reworked deals for Khalil Mack, others

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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The Bears are whittling away as they seek to get underneath the salary cap and accommodate the $18 million franchise tag for receiver Allen Robinson.

The NFLPA lists the Bears as $22.4 million over the 2021 salary cap. That doesn’t include the expected release of right tackle Bobby Massie.

It also doesn’t include the $23 million the Bears gained with reworked deals for linebacker Khalil Mack, safety Eddie Jackson and offensive lineman Cody Whitehair, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. The Bears plan to convert base salary into signing bonus money for the players.

Mack, who previously had his contract restructured in 2019, was scheduled to have a team-high salary cap hit of $26.646 million.

The restructure will create ridiculous cap hits for Mack in 2022 and 2023. He already was scheduled to count $27.15 million and $25.5 million against the cap in those two years.

His contract is scheduled to expire after the 2024 season.

The restructure likely takes Mack out of any potential trade scenarios.

This marks the first restructure of Jackson’s five-year, $58.4 million deal and the first of Whitehair’s five-year, $51.3 million contract. Jackson was scheduled to count $11.45 million against the cap in 2021 and Whitehair $9.6 million.

18 responses to “Bears gain $23 million in cap space with reworked deals for Khalil Mack, others

  1. If I were an owner, I wouldn’t let my GM mortgage away the future. I realize the cap will increase with time, but a GM has enough money to put together a good team. If you end up firing your GM, the new guy comes in with his hands tied.

  2. Please do not mortgage the future in both draft choices and cap space for a QB. Get a couple of road grader linemen and play smash mouth running football. Give Jamis Winston a shot……at least football in Chicago would be exciting.

  3. How can you be this bad at moneys and still have a job? Almost half of their cap is on these guys? For reals?

  4. The Bears will suffer for years if they trade for Wilson. What they will have to give up in draft picks will be brutal. In the meantime, there is no effort to replace their two inept offensive tackles. If Ryan Pace was truly smart he would retain Trubisky as QB and draft an offensive tackle in the first two rounds of the draft. The cost for Wilson will prevent the Bears from signing any decent FA. The bottom line is that being a Bears fan sucks due to their front office decisions and HC Nagy.

  5. At the same time, offensive tackles don’t win football games. They don’t put fans in the stands (covid time excepted), they don’t get tv deals, and they don’t get other FAs wanting to come to the team. It’s QB or go home. Nothing else matters. Dallas sucks. But they have a QB. Houston sucks. Year before last tampa sucked. Nothing matters but the QB

  6. The whole point of the salary cap was to create a “competitive balance” and to protect certain teams from spending themselves stupid. I don’t think it’s worked out the way people originally planned.

  7. Pace making room to for a string of bad decisions, the next GM will end up cutting.

  8. I think the next move is clear. Give Seattle rounds 1-3 for the next 3 years, hand the keys to the franchise to DangeRuss then let him select the players, coordinate the offense and call the plays on game day. He will be happy as long as the Bears win 12-13 a year with deep playoff runs and he leads the league in passing. It’s really all he’s asking for in Seattle that they are unwilling to accommodate. Bears got this!

  9. All the things you guys say about the Bears might be true but yet they still made the playoffs. If they could at least split with the packers they might be dangerous. I remember last season a lot of people were ready to fire the staff and I said that doesn’t make sense. They got into the playoffs. I dont think that they are that far away.

  10. The Bears are the new Lions of the NFC north. Inept, laughable and perpetually headed backwards.

  11. I don’t care which team you are, backing into the playoffs is never the goal. Also, the Bears still suck.

  12. Holy crap that Mack cap hit is gonna be big in 2022 or 2023. And the TV contract revenue increase won’t bump up the cap till the 2023 league year. Pace seems to be making moves to preserve his job more than benefit the Bears long-term. A GM should mortgage the future when the team window is realistically open, not to open it a crack in the first place.

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