Cam Newton: I refuse to let them sleep on me in 2021

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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton is heading back for his second season in New England, and he thinks this one will be better.

Newton had one of the worst seasons of his career, and the Patriots had their worst season in two decades, in 2020. But Newton posted a video on Instagram hyping up his aspirations for this season.

“I refuse to let them, but I refuse to let them slip or sleep on me in 2021 — 2021′s savage,” Newton said.

There are good reasons to think Newton and the Patriots can be better in 2021. Newton will now have a full year in the Patriots’ offense, unlike last year, when he signed late in the offseason and the NFL’s offseason program was significantly curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Patriots are also in great cap shape and should be able to add talent on offense, and they’re getting back some players who opted out in 2020.

The Patriots did not make a significant investment in Newton and there’s no guarantee that he’s even going to be their starter. But it’s certainly possible he could have the kind of season that would vindicate his admonition not to sleep on him.

28 responses to “Cam Newton: I refuse to let them sleep on me in 2021

  1. I believe if they give him some receiving help he can have a voice back year, but he doesn’t have an arm after the shoulder injury.

  2. Let’s see here, in 2020 Cam had 9 games where he didn’t pass for a single touchdown, was benched multiple times, threw for under 3000 yards, and other than against the Ravens and Cardinals lost every single meaningful game. There’s a reason people sleep on Cam Newton, it’s because he’s terrible.

  3. The only reason Cam even got a deal is because Pats are too cheap to go after big name QBs like Wilson or Watson.

  4. It’s been about 3 years since Cam has had a good season. I don’t think anyone is sleeping on him.

    His best attribute has always been his running ability, not his passing. It’s been 5 years since he even cracked 3,500 yards passing and he can’t run people over any more.

  5. Cam and the Patriots were circling the drain last year. This year they’ll go down the drain and out to sea.

  6. I can’t believe a shrewd organization like NE still believes this guy can add anything but a peculiar fashion sense. He’s had a free pass since Von Miller ran him over in the SB.

  7. I guess the real question is …. Have we seen this Cam before and has Cam even seen this Cam before?

  8. Just shut up already. You got a camp invite and a raise and didn’t deserve it.

    God, I hate McDaniels.

  9. I refuse to let them, but I refuse to let them slip or sleep on me in 2021 — 2021′s savage,
    Is this supposed to make some sort of sense?

  10. Not really a bad option. The draft is the desired long term upgrade, not another veteran. Cam was the consummate professional for the Patriots. First in, last out out of the facility. Never trashed teammates or coaches. Highly respected in locker room. A rookie could learn the game well from him.

  11. Stop all of the Cam Newton (hate)! This guy was coming off an injury and came back strong, until he contracted Covid; as it slowed his progress. A late signing, no offseason or training camp preparation and putrid offensive weapons around him. Under those circumstances, he exceeded expectations.. Still, a better option than more than half the QB’s in the league.

  12. Re-signing Cam isn’t the disaster that some fans are making it out to be. He literally had nothing to work with last year. If they can get a quality playmaker or 2, he’ll be much better in the upcoming season.

    But he won’t make them a real contender. The Patriots have had a true franchise QB for 30 years…the years ahead will be a new experience for much of that fanbase. It’s hard to find a great QB.

  13. I am from Missouri, so show me Cam. Bill just did that to make others think he is not wanting a QB hoping the one he actually wants falls into a spot he can grab him. Don’t be surprised if they take Jones out of Alabama. Bill and Nick are tight, don’t fool yourself on that one.

  14. People don’t like Cam because he is “flashy!” Simple as that.. Would take Cam over the following QB’s last year – Haskins/Smith, Trubisky, Darnold, Dalton, Drew Lock, Tua, Mike Glennon, Goff, Matt Ryan, Stafford, Daniel Jones, Cousins, Wentz/Hurts, Bridgewater.

  15. touchback6 says:
    March 13, 2021 at 9:46 am
    Just shut up already. You got a camp invite and a raise and didn’t deserve it.

    God, I hate McDaniels.


    But when mcdaniels turned down the Indy job you loved him. You loved him to become the next head coach. What happened? And FYI this was bills decision. He makes the decisions.

  16. Cam can’t even see through all this. Billicheat will not spend money on a QB. Billicheat had no problem benching Cam and Cam still thinks he is important in NE.

  17. Belichick is nostalgic, loves heritage and football history. The 1978 Patriots totaled 3,165 yards on the ground, a record that stood for 41 YEARS! (until the Ravens ground out 3,296 yards in 19′.) I will not be surprised to see this record get reset again, this season, by this Patriots team.

  18. Sleep on you? We’ve been napping for years! You’re the only one who doesn’t see it.

  19. You can’t even throw an accurate 10yd hitch or pass to a rb in the flat. No amount of camp will change that.

  20. With free agency starting next week, how were the Patriots to attract any FA without a quarterback in place? Cam’s for now is that guy but at 3.5 million guaranteed, he expendable.

  21. Not thrilled with the Newton signing, but I think there’s another shoe to drop. They had to have something in place NOW. Even if Garoppolo were to become available, it won’t be until SF finds an upgrade. Probably near the draft. Mariota has an incentive laden contract. ADalton could be out there. A million things could happen.

  22. If you watch any football at all you can tell his arm is junk, its over, the over weight women has sung,

  23. Cam Newton is not unlike most QB’s. Most QB’s play a lot better when they’re not under enormous pressure, and the pressure happens when your team falls behind. Cam’s best season in Carolina just so happened to also be the same year the Panthers had their most dominant defense. You’re constantly in good field position, and 17 points will win most games. When you have a bad defense, 28 points doesn’t get you a win. That’s a huge difference. However, most people believe the best way to help a QB is by getting him some help on offense, and that just isn’t supported by history. When the opposing team knows you have to throw, you can have a good OLine and superior WR’s, but the defense can stop you. When you have a lead, or the score is tied, your offense dictates what they want to do, and the opposing defense is guessing. Ask any HOF QB which they prefer.

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