Joe Judge stresses process, Dave Gettleman thinks Giants are almost there

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants
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Are the Giants contenders this year, or are they a rebuilding team with plenty of work to do? That may depend on whether you ask the G.M. or the head coach.

General Manager Dave Gettleman, who is 70 years old and heading into his fourth year on the job, sounds less patient than head coach Joe Judge, who is 39 years old and heading into his second year on the job. Tom Rock of Newsday noted that when Gettleman and Judge talked to the media this week, Judge took the long view while Gettleman sounded pressured to win now.

“I’m always a long-term-picture guy,” Judge said.

But Gettleman stated, “I think we’re just about there.”

It makes sense that they would both feel that way. Another season out of the playoffs for the Giants could easily cost Gettleman his job, and at his age it will almost certainly be his last G.M. job. But Judge seems to have the support of Giants ownership, to the extent that he could survive another bad season, and Judge likely has decades more coaching in his future.

10 responses to “Joe Judge stresses process, Dave Gettleman thinks Giants are almost there

  1. Judge is for real. Who knows if he’ll ever make the playoffs with this Giants squad, but he will be a good coach for many years.

  2. Of course the coach wants to take things slow… when teams get in a hurry they end up with a revolving door at the coach position

  3. The Giants are almost there, all they need is an elite QB and six or seven hall of fame players.

  4. not sure why gettlemen thinks they are even in position to win now..he needs to listen to coach…oh and get some friggin receivers for danny and another cb wouldn’t hurt either…and re sign tomlinson

  5. Of course he’s going to say they are almost there. Everyone has been fired except for Gettleman. If they aren’t almost there, he’s getting fired this year.

    He’s getting fired this year.

  6. It seems ridiculous to suggest that they’re almost there, but not if you look at their most recent Super Bowl wins. They weren’t the top seeds in any of those years.
    In 2008 when they beat the undefeated Patriots, they became the first NFC wildcard team to win a title, and in 2012 they set the record for the worst winning percentage of any Super Bowl Champion. That year they only qualified for the playoffs in final week of the season!
    So stranger things have happened in the franchise’s history. At minimum they need to make the playoffs and given the division they’re in, not exactly a difficult task…

  7. Watched them play my Bucs, almost beat us. Well coached, good play calling and game plan, just a few players off.

  8. GMen not as close as represented by their game against the Bucs. The Bucs hadn’t come together yet, and were infinitely better come Super Bowl.

    Never-the-less, I hope both Judge & Gettleman succeed in making them a contender this year!

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