Bears haven’t ruled out a Mitchell Trubisky return, yet

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Four years ago in the draft, the Bears made a move to address the most important position on the team. Although Mitch Trubisky didn’t become what two of the quarterbacks taken after him became, the Bears have not yet ruled out continuing the relationship for a fifth season.

Contrary to an ESPN report that the Bears plan to let Trubisky leave via free agency, a source with direct knowledge of the situation tells PFT that a Trubisky return has not been ruled out. Likewise, Trubisky has not been informed that the Bears won’t attempt to bring him back.

Trubisky will be able to sign with anyone he wants on Wednesday, and his agent officially can start negotiating with other teams on Monday at noon ET. If he stays in Chicago, he’d have a good chance to start. If he leaves, it’s unclear what his status would be.

Some teams may see him as a backup at best, and the contractual offers would surely reflect that mindset, if that’s the case. Other teams may view him as a fallback if their Plan A (or B or C) falls through.

The Bears quite possibly view Trubisky as an insurance policy at the position, if other options don’t pan out. They’re still believed to be interested in trying to trade for quarterback Russell Wilson, although that won’t be easy to pull off.

Trubisky won the starting job entering the 2020 season. Abruptly benched later that month, he re-inherited the job after an injury to Nick Foles and held onto it for the balance of the season, helping the Bears to an unlikely playoff berth. Along the way, the Chicago offense adjusted to Trubisky, and in so doing improved.

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  1. One thing I can guarantee. The Bears, and every other NFL team for that matter, will indeed have a QB this coming season. The fact that they haven’t ruled him out means nothing.

  2. Trade Foles to Philly, sign Trubisky and Jameis to one year deals and ride the hot hand. Do NOT mortgage the future for Russ.

  3. I think Trubisky will attract quite a bit of attention in free agency. More than people think.

  4. The bears should consider signing the guy that mitch backed up in college. He would be an upgrade over mitch and likely would cost less.

  5. Boring Trubisky is out of chances, Get Jamis Winston and bring exciting football to Chicago. TD’s and interceptions are exciting not field goals.

  6. This is like when you’re dating someone and you both know it’s not really working but you also know neither of you are gonna find anyone better so you stick with it.

  7. At this point I’d rather just bring him back and clean house next year if it doesn’t work out. At least then it’s less likely that Pace mortgages the future and leaves the next GM with no draft picks

  8. I have a hard time imagining Trubisky being sufficiently motivated to play for the Bears again for anything other than a paycheck. The young man should move on with his career & life.

  9. I love how everyone things Trubisky improved. He had a decent run against a few of the worst teams in the NFL and then lost to the packers like normal. I hope the Bears keep him though. Chicago keeps setting themselves back by giving up to much for players weather moving up in the draft or making a trade for another teams star. Same thing will happen if they give they give a ton for Russel Wilson.

  10. Trubisky could be a better than average QB with a play caller that worked to his strengths and minimized weaknesses. The current staff can’t bring themselves to do that consistently.

  11. Unless you have the number one pick in this draft, Mitchell Trubisky is as good as any QB you could acquire. People just don’t give away good QB’s, and you end up gambling and over-paying for mediocre QB’s. But even if the Bears end up drafting a QB, I’d wait until he beats out Trubisky before handing him the job. Trubisky is at a good point in his career to make a big leap. This kid won a lot of NFL games early in his career. It’s not easy to win NFL games. The talent is there, and it’s not just talent alone. The kid has actually put a bunch of wins in the books.

  12. The guy just doesn’t get it, the game has not slowed down for him and he can’t read a defense.

  13. Trubisky is the best option for the Bears to have any sort of success this season. He knows the offense. He should only grow with another year of experience under his belt.

    The Bears should absolutely draft a developmental QB as well and make it an open competition.

    There is no way they should trade for Wilson or Watson. The cost/benefit ratio is not favorable.

  14. Trubisky isn’t great, and he isn’t terrible. He’s okay. He needs a system designed for him and a good O-line and running game. Like a lot of QBs who aren’t in the top 10 or 12 but could start. Don’t overpay.

  15. I don’t see why not. Foles is not the answer, and remember – Trubisky’s not had a losing season yet! The coaching staff at last realise they have to use his skill sets better, get Montgomery involved more and made better use of the TE’s. Get the O line fixed, and we have the beginnings of a really nice little offense. Keeping it real? Da Bears cannot afford Wilson or Watson. Give Mitch a ‘prove it’. What’s the alternative??

  16. A contract that is heavily incentive driven would go a long way in getting the best performance out of Mitch. Also not calling obvious screen plays or running our 180 lb running back (Cohen) right up the middle may improve our offensive outcomes.
    Bring Trubisky back!!!

  17. mdt53vb says:
    March 14, 2021 at 1:09 pm
    The bears should consider signing the guy that mitch backed up in college. He would be an upgrade over mitch and likely would cost less.
    Pretty sure there are better options than Marquise Williams. Like anyone who’s ever made an NFL roster before…

  18. Trubisky wins a lot of games. Isn’t that the purpose of playing the game? Bring him back and don’t let Nagy run the offense.

  19. Anyone that thinks Trubisky is anything but average or worse is fooling themselves. But then Bears fans have been doing that at the QB position since Sid. Kid just isn’t very good. Neither is Foles.

  20. Fun facts about Trubisky: he’s put up a winning record as a starting QB for three straight seasons, 25-13 over that stretch in the regular season, on a team that’s gone 3-7 when other people have played QB. So, the Bears win twice as many games as they lose with Trubisky in there, and LOSE twice as many games as they win when he’s out. The guy must be doing something right … and, he’s still young. Some QB’s take a little time to hit peak performance.

  21. Am I the only one who was impressed with the Bears scoring 30 plus points for four consecutive games with Trubisky as the QB and Bill Lazor was the acting offensive coordinator? After which Nagy took over the offensive play calling and it was back to the offense having a tough time to score points. The bottom line is that Nagy is the problem and not Trubisky. I don’t see any available QB that I would prefer over Trubisky!

  22. Sink or swim this year with Trubisky. If he swims, great. If not, then time for a tear-down starting with the coaching staff and front office. Nagy would do well to get an actual OC in there and let him run the offensive show. Trubisky is an excellent game manager – protects the ball pretty well (no pick-sixes in career). Thing is, you can’t rely on a game manager to provide electricity when the team is down a couple of TD’s heading into the fourth quarter.

  23. I just have to hope the Bears don’t mortgage their future for Russel Wilson. They need to keep Trubisky until they can find someone else. Wilson will not cure the inablity for Ryan Pace to draft. He needs to go back to where he came from…..New Orleans…and stay there.

  24. packerfanwi1028 says:
    March 14, 2021 at 6:06 pm
    Sure hope they re-sign him,


    Exactly. After all he’s pretty much taken his team as far as Rodgers the last three seasons right?

  25. He’s actually pretty good but he needs to be coached up in the right hands. They dont have that in Chi town. They need to blow up the coaches and the worst GM in football who traded up for Mitchell.

  26. mdt53vb says:
    March 14, 2021 at 1:09 pm
    The bears should consider signing the guy that mitch backed up in college. He would be an upgrade over mitch and likely would cost less.
    Mitch backed up Marquise Williams. You know, the player that went was not drafted and then didn’t even make a final roster as a walk-on. He wasn’t even signed to a practice squad. He was junk in the CFL, AAF and XFL. I’m sure your alternate if Williams cannot be had would be to make an offer to Ryan Leaf.

  27. Mitch is not as bad as he has at times demonstrated with poor play. Once the Bears adapted to his strengths and simplified the reads AKA offensive “genius” Matt Nagy surrendered play calling, Mitch improved dramatically. I wish Nagy would stay out of the play calling whether Mitch comes back or not..

  28. Trubisky split with the Lions, Foles beat Atlanta for him, He beat the Jags, Texans, and Giants. Wow, he also beat one real team in the Vikings!

    What a winner! 2020 Strength of Victory = 23-57 or .288 I see why so many people are flexing for him.

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