Report: Eagles looking for third- or fourth-round pick for Zach Ertz

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The Eagles are set to trade quarterback Carson Wentz when the new league year gets underway this week, but there’s no deal in place for tight end Zach Ertz at this point.

Reports that a trade involving Ertz might be close bubbled up a week ago because multiple teams had been calling about a deal for the veteran. Nothing has happened, however, and the Eagles’ asking price might be the reason for the inaction.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the Eagles are looking for a pick in the third- or fourth-round in exchange for Ertz. Pelissero adds that Ertz is “increasingly impatient” about getting something done and that the Eagles maintain they will not release him.

Ertz is due to make $8.5 million in 2021 and it is the final year of his current contract. He had 36 catches for 355 yards and a touchdown while missing five games with an ankle injury in 2020.

23 responses to “Report: Eagles looking for third- or fourth-round pick for Zach Ertz

  1. The Eagles will be forced to cut him so why would a team give up a 3rd or 4th?
    He didn’t have that good a year either, is old, and will make 8.5MM.
    Good luck getting much.

  2. Ertz is 30. Stop pretending he’s 35. He was hurt last year. If he’s healthy, he’s still a top 5 Te.

  3. I think the tight end position is an overlooked position sometimes. Especially in today’s game. Look at the last 5 champions. 2016-gronk. 2017-ertz. 2018-gronk. 2019-kelce. 2020-gronk. I know gronk wasn’t a game breaker last season, other than the super bowl, but the 4 champions before that all had dominating tight ends that were a major part in those titles. I like what ertz did for my eagles during his career, but I’m excited to see what goedert can do now. I think he has top 5 TE potential.

  4. They are asking for too much for just a Only one year rental. That is, unless he agreed in principle to a longer contract extension as part of trade.

  5. 3rd round pick isn’t asking alot for Ertz. My question is did Roseman turn down a 3rd rounder at the trade deadline before putting him on IR?

  6. He is a top 5 pass catching TE, and for a 3rd or 4th, it would be a bargain


    He is 30, he isnt a great blocker, and he is wanting paid.

  7. Remember when he quickly went public about wanting a new contract and then followed it up with his worst season? That was awesome.

    I sympathize that Howhiff Roseman is your GM but Ertz hurt his current contract sitch and his team last year. Two Howhiffs don’t make a right.

  8. The Eagles are ~$18M over the cap. I don’t think the asking price is all that bad but that $8.5M salary might be a concern. If they can’t trade him I think they’ll cut him. That might be the best thing for Ertz because he can then sign with whomever he want but probably not for $8.5M.

  9. A lot of teams don’t use a pass catching TE. He could be good on a lot of teams but in this covid year he probably isn’t worth the draft pick or his price tag. Kyle Rudolph is probably the TE to get because he has turned into a good blocker but wants to be fed the ball.

  10. Never doubt the Eagles’ ability to find a sucker. This is their super power.

  11. The 2020 game film is the reason the asking price is too high.

    Watch though: we’ll all sit here saying he has no value and that the Eagles have no leverage, then Howie will manage to unload him for *something* (say, a fifth?), and THEN…everyone will say Howie got fleeced.

    That’s how it works here in the city of brotherly lurve.

  12. Seems like a stretch but a team with a young QB that would benefit from a veteran pass catcher might take the bait.

  13. Despite the sky is falling nonsense we hear from reporters, insiders and fans the Eagles cap space does NOT require them to cut Ertz. The Eagles will get a 3rd or 4th rounder for Ertz or he’ll be playing for them in 2021

  14. Ertz probably can’t wait to get out of town as fast as possible. To where? Anywhere….

  15. They are over the cap…why would someone give a draft pick and agree to pay $8.5M. Pipe dreams Eagles!

  16. The Eagles don’t have to cut or trade him and they really don’t save that much- only 4 million. He is entering the last year of his contract and he had a bad year last year. So nobody wants to give him a new contract just yet, including the Eagles. And the rest of the league doesn’t want to give up assets when they’re not sure he can play at the same level. The Eagles love Zach Ertz and want to do what’s best for him, but what’s best for them is to have him play for the Eagles next year. If they get a trade package that works for both of them, that could change.

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