Jamaal Williams thanks Green Bay as he says goodbye

Denver Broncos v Green Bay Packers
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Packers running back Jamaal Williams is leaving Green Bay.

That became obvious when the Packers re-signed running back Aaron Jones, and Williams said his goodbyes on Instagram today.

Thank you Green Bay for accepting me and letting me grow into the Man I am today and still thriving to be,” Williams wrote. “I have nothing but RESPECT and LOVE for everyone who works in the Packers facility from Players, Coaches, all the employees that work in Lambeau, and the fans!! I’m going to miss It all, cherish all my memories, and keep striving for Greatness. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead and excited to grind for what I want but nothing but love GB it’s been real.”

In four seasons as a Packer, Williams had 500 carries for 1,985 yards and 10 touchdowns, plus 122 catches for 961 yards and eight touchdowns.

14 responses to “Jamaal Williams thanks Green Bay as he says goodbye

  1. Doesn’t pass block and can’t catch out of the backfield. Nothing of value will be lost.

  2. Whoever he signs with will be treated to some hilarious dance moves on the field before the game.

  3. he’s not spectacular but he’s a solid number two and an excellent change of pace guy. underrated receiver out of the backfield too. he will make some delivery happy with his solid play…….

  4. Jamaal Williams was a solid contributor and a hard worker in GB for 4 seasons.
    Very good in pass protection, reliable receiver and a good, hard rusher.

    Never spectacular, but very dependable in an offense that requested a lot from him.
    4.0 yards per carry, 7.9 yards per reception and 622 touches without a single fumble. Ever.

    A team would do very well if they’d want to pair him in tandem with another back.
    His infectious enthusiasm from the locker room to the sideline and on the field will be missed in Packerland.
    Keep on dancing, Jamaal. 😉

  5. One of the most loved backups in GBP history. All class. Probably my first choice of Packers to sit down with over lunch. He’ll be missed for sure.

  6. I would’ve preferred to keep him paired with Dillon, pick up another RB in the fifth or sixth round, and let Jones go. Jones is good but he fumbled twice during the NFCCG, losing both in the same manner each time. That doesn’t spell winner to me. That spells also-ran. It’s a team effort. Rodgers cannot do it alone. Jones had a golden opportunity to step up. He stepped down. No thanks.

  7. Hey Jamaal, totally loved ya in GB. First class dude with a first class personality! Gonna miss your smiles and dance. Best of luck in your future!

  8. I know it’s not a popular opinion but as a life long packers fan I secretly hoped AJ would be given the lead role this year. With Williams as the always reliable spell back. I like Aaron Jones and appreciate every thing he’s done but,could have kept linsley and williams for that price tag.

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