Jarrad Davis could go fast in free agency

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He was a first-round pick in 2017, but he hasn’t fully lived up to that billing. As his first shot at free agency arrives, Lions linebacker Jarrad Davis could end up being a guy who gets more attention than expected on the open market.

As we hearing it, it won’t be a massive, eyebrow-raising deal. But it could happen fairly quickly. It ultimately could be a one-year contract in the range of $7 million or so. And it will give Davis a chance to show what he can do in a defense that better showcases his abilities.

That’s the word currently making the rounds — the Lions didn’t use him properly. If/when someone does, Davis could significantly enhance his earning potential.

It likely will take a year or so for Davis to establish himself. Part of the challenge will be landing in a place where Davis can shine. If that happens, he could end up being a much bigger name in free agency a year from now, when the cap will be higher and more teams will be ready to spend.

8 responses to “Jarrad Davis could go fast in free agency

  1. He’s a very hard worker and is a good blitzer but he is very weak at read and react. He hits hard. In the Tampa Bay rout last year, he was described as “looking like a dog chasing a car” by the team’s radio announcer. I’d like to see him in Detroit one more year to see if he can play better under different coaching.

  2. The Lions didn’t use a talented player properly? Imagine my shock. Personally, I hope he comes back. Campbell has been talking him up every chance he’s gotten, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. He’s an outside pass rushing LB. The Lions stupidly tried using him as a coverage/run stopping MLB. He’s fast and can hit but he over ran plays all the time. Not even the genius Matt Patricia noticed he was playing out of position. Some 3-4 team will get a steal.

  4. Said on more than one occasion that they should have used him as a pass rusher in some form, but they insisted on playing him MLB, exposing his biggest weakness, his coverage skills, which are non existent.

  5. Miscast as in inside backer by Bob Know Nothing Quinn who should’ve been an edge rushing nightmare for the NFC Norris division’s opposing O-lineman.

    But again, it’s Detroit, a franchise that would’ve screwed up Tom Brady had they drafted him. smh

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