Multiple playoff teams will pursue Patrick Peterson, purely as a cornerback

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
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The fifth overall pick in the 2011 draft, cornerback Patrick Peterson is preparing for his first shot at free agency. While his destination is unclear, one fact is — Peterson will remain a cornerback.

Some corners shift to safety later in their careers, and Peterson has said he’d be willing to make that move. For now, though, there’s more than enough interest in Peterson as a cornerback.

Multiple playoffs teams are expected to make a run at Peterson, who’ll leave the Cardinals after 10 seasons. The real question becomes the sliding scale between maximum earnings and opportunity to compete for a championship.

Peterson was coached at one point by Bruce Arians in Arizona. The Bucs, however, currently have a very good young secondary. Former Cardinals and LSU teammate Tyrann Mathieu also could be lobbying for Peterson to join the Chiefs.

6 responses to “Multiple playoff teams will pursue Patrick Peterson, purely as a cornerback

  1. The Cardinals need multiple CB’s, and will likely pick one up in free agency and high in the draft. They are also in win now mode, with a young franchise QB on his rookie salary. They have the money to sign PP21, and he knows their system. That should tell you all you need to know. Some team is going to overpay, and it won’t be the organization that knows him best.

  2. Pat is incredible. Wondering why Cards are letting him walk. Mike B does not do that without strong reasoning. Only thing I can come up with is his 4 game ban fir PHD’s and if he thinks he’s still ising
    Either way Cards will miss him.

  3. Not sure KC has the capital for it with other glaring needs, but watching him with Mathieu would be amazing

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