NFL, NFLPA have discussed mandatory vaccinations, but a rule is unlikely

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COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and every NFL player should get one, but it’s unlikely that they’ll be required.

Peter King writes in today’s Football Morning in America that the league and the players’ union are discussing whether to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for players, but it appears unlikely the union will agree to such a rule.

Unfortunately, there are people in every walk of life who resist vaccines, and the NFL is no different. Some players won’t want to get the vaccine, and the NFL doesn’t think forcing the vaccine on those players is going to work.

Still, if most players get vaccinated, and if most of America gets vaccinated, it’s highly likely that the 2021 season will be much less affected by COVID-19 than the 2020 season was. There will likely still be some COVID-19 testing and tracing protocols, and some individual players may test positive and miss games. But the situation appears to be improving, for America and for the NFL.

2 responses to “NFL, NFLPA have discussed mandatory vaccinations, but a rule is unlikely

  1. The vaccines are absolutely effective, but “safe” is not 100% known- hence the EUA. As a EUA, it is very difficulties not impossible to mandate there use to employees.

    Even the US military, that is normally only to happy to jab every new recruit and soldier with everything known to man, have made the Covid vaccine optional due to it only having an EUA.

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